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Euro TV fans, rejoice! MHz Choice, the subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) service for foreign-language Euro TV in the US, went live at noon today!

MHz Choice
MHz Choice, courtesy of MHz Networks

As I write, I am streaming the very first episode of Beck, one of my favorite Euro TV shows ever, from MHz Choice.

If you’re a Euro TV fan in the US, and you’ve signed up for a subscription to MHz Choice, then you can do the same, whether your preference is for Beck or any of the other 70 mysteries, crime dramas, spy thrillers, comedies, dramas, and documentaries now available for streaming 24/7 on the SVoD service.

MHz ChoiceThe relaunch of MHz Choice couldn’t have come at a better time, as more and more viewers in the States are discovering some of the best programs on the planet. Namely, foreign-language titles from across the globe, including Nordic noir mysteries and crime dramas that have been all the rage since shows like The Killing, The Bridge, and Wallander began screening in the US and gripping viewers from the get-go.

Now here we are, several years later, with MHz Networks being the sole SVoD service on this side of the Atlantic dedicated to offering new and exclusive foreign-language programming. (The UK will have its own foreign-drama streaming service when Walter Presents debuts in January 2016.)

Most of the programs on MHz Choice are in various foreign languages with English subtitles, including these titles that are yours for the streaming right now:


  • East West 101 — crime drama



  • Look of a Killer (Tappajan Näköinen Mies)Look of a Killer (Tappajan Näköinen Mies) — crime thriller
  • Private Eye Vares (Vares – yksityisetsivä) — mystery




  • Detective De Luca DVDBorsellino — period crime drama
  • A Case of Conscience (Un caso di coscienza) — drama
  • Cesare Mori — period drama
  • Detective De Luca (Il Commissario De Luca) — mystery
  • Detective Montalbano (Il Commissario Montalbano) — mystery
  • Don Matteo — mystery
  • Donna Detective — mystery
  • Fog and Crimes (Nebbie e delitti) — mystery
  • Giovanni Falcone — period crime drama
  • The Homicide Squad (La omicidi) — crime drama
  • Inspector Manara (Il Commissario Manara) — mystery
  • Inspector Nardone (Il Commissario Nardone) — mystery
  • Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries (Io e mio figlio: nuove storie per il Commissario Vivaldi) — mystery
  • The Vanishing of Pato (La scomparsa di Pato) — period mystery
  • The Young Montalbano (Il giovane Montalbano) — mystery




  • Fat Friends — comedy/drama

Yugoslavia (Former Republic of)

  • Tito and Me (Tito i ja) — drama

And there are plenty more new Euro TV programs on the way, as MHz Choice will be premiering new shows every two weeks on Tuesdays. Most, if not all, of the new shows will be exclusive to MHz Choice, and unavailable on the likes of Netflix and Hulu.

Moving forward, titles with multiple episodes will be available for two to four weeks after the last episode has screened; those with just one episode will be available for six weeks after they premiere.

For Euro TV fans who want to continue watching the nightly block of MHz International Mysteries via broadcast, a limited number of titles will air in rotation, including older programs (notable exception: Detective Montalbano, which is exclusive to MHz Choice) and shows for which MHz doesn’t have streaming rights. Select “sneak-peek first episodes” of new shows on MHz Choice will also be rotated on and off the broadcast schedule. What is going away completely: the free, live web-streaming of shows on MHz Worldview, effective 31 October 2015.

To get in on all the Euro TV goodies of MHz Choice, visit the website and sign up for the free 30-day trial. Once the trial period is over, the subscription will cost $7.99 per month.


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MHz Choice Is Now Live, Streaming Foreign-Language Euro TV in the US
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