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Fantastisk. Impressionnant. Utmärkt.

That’s how I and plenty of other fans describe much of Euro TV. Great. Awesome. Excellent. Because it is.

Linda JewWhile I’ve read a number of Nordic Noir novels and seen many a foreign film over the years, I don’t recall having watched much, if any, non-English-language TV series from Europe until 2011. That’s the year I moved and discovered the broadcast channel MHz Worldview.

I had hit the Euro TV mother lode and binged dramas from Sweden and France and Italy (oh my!) during MHz’s “international mystery” broadcasts every night. Streaming them for hours on end came when MHz Choice launched. And since Netflix began adding more than a Euro TV title here and there to its offerings, and Walter Presents brought dozens more programs to the US, well, let’s just say I don’t get a lot of sleep sometimes.

Today there are hundreds of original-language, English-subtitled shows from countries on the Continent available in the US and UK, and even more are coming — giving fans on both sides of the pond an even greater abundance of Euro TV programs to lose ourselves in.

Because there are so many, and because curious minds want to know, this blog exists to be the guide to Euro TV — filled with resource pages for shows by language and where they’re available, as well as articles about new and returning series.

Now go find yourself some fabulous Euro TV to watch. 🙂


Linda Jew
Founder, The Euro TV Place

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