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Swoon if you must (I have already), because Mikael Persbrandt stars in the Swedish thriller, Medicine Man, which makes its US debut as part of MHz Network’s premiere week.

Medicine Man (Medicinmannen): Mikael Persbrandt. Courtesy of MHz Networks
Medicine Man (Medicinmannen): Mikael Persbrandt. Courtesy of MHz Networks

In the eight-part Medicine Man (Medicinmannen), the multiple award-winning Mikael Persbrandt (Beck, Everlasting Moments, Jadotville) leads the Euro TV star-studded cast as Martin Holst, the CEO of pharmaceutical company Holst Medical.

Animal Liberation Brigade activists are seemingly behind the break-in at one of Holst Medical’s facilities. However, in addition to freeing animals, destroying a lot of expensive equipment, and generally making a mess of the place, the perpetrators also get into a locked storage area and make off with a large metal canister.

Holst Medical’s head of security, Lennart Rask (Reine Brynolfsson, Kitchen Stories), delivers the very bad news to Martin: The stolen canister contains pallumite, a primary substance used to make the company’s new antidepressant medication, Zylomin. Not only that, small quantities have been taken from other canisters as well, which points to a mole in cahoots with a competitor.

Martin’s order disallowing anyone to access the pallumite without specific permission from him does not sit well at all with Alex Holst (Lennart Hjulström, Beck), the lab chief who happens to be Martin’s uncle.

But there is fabulous news for Martin, too. The results from Phase 2 of the Zylomin drug trial are “amazing,” so Martin fast-tracks Phase 3 and decides to announce this (in order to secure funding for it) at the medical symposium that evening. His assistant Zina Zahedi (Alexandra Rapaport, The Sandhamn Murders) is now miffed that she has to scramble to handle all the details for the announcement with next-to-no notice.

Meanwhile, criminals John Poulsen (Bjarne Henriksen, The Killing) and Allan Olsson (Simon Norrthon, Real Humans), just back in Sweden from Singapore, are planning something sinister with the illegal firearms they buy from Suzi (Sofia Ledarp, Verdict: Revised). And the plot thickens when they receive a photo by email…

Back at the Holst homestead, Martin’s wife Anna (Nina Gunke, The Fjällbacka Murders) and stepdaughter Tintin (Karin Hagås, Linné and His Apostles) are peeved that they have to drop their plans to accommodate Martin. The former must quickly get changed to accompany her hubby to the symposium, while the latter must cancel plans to go out and instead stay at home to babysit brother Jonas (Albert Gruziel).

Martin’s speech at the symposium is well received, and journalist Malin Leander (Tova Magnusson-Norling, The Bridge) wants to interview him, while Helmut Lanzinger (Philip Zandén, Anno 1790) of competitor Baumann-Fleischer wants to invest in Holst Medical.

With Jonas playing games on his spanking brand new 50,000-kronor computer, Tintin secretly hangs out with her boyfriend Björn (David Boati, Orion)… until the power is cut, she is threatened by an intruder, and her frantic call to Martin goes to voicemail.

Then the phone line goes dead.

Martin checks his voicemail.

And he and Anna race to get home.

Too late.

Jonas has been kidnapped.

Episode 1 of Medicine Man, shown in Swedish with English subtitles, premieres tomorrow, 29 April 2015, at 9 PM ET, on MHz Worldview and MHz Worldview Live.

The entirety of Medicine Man will be available on MHz Choice, MHz’s new subscription video-on-demand service, beginning 3 May 2015.

Read more about MHz Choice here.


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Medicine Man: Mikael Persbrandt Drama/Thriller Debuts in the US
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