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Euro TV

When it comes to native-language European TV programs that screen in the US and UK, there are more shows in some languages than in others. Shows in Danish, French, Italian, and Swedish lead the pack, although those in Spanish (exclusive of titles from Latin American countries) are gaining ground, especially on US streaming services.

So whether you have fluency in or an ear for a particular language, want to increase your ability to understand another, or simply feel like exploring terrific European television programs through watching them on telly, via streaming, or on DVD, our handy-dandy guide to Euro TV shows by language should help.

Note that all of the shows listed on the following pages are shown in their native languages with English subtitles unless otherwise specified. Links to program news and reviews on this blog are also provided, where applicable. And for viewers who would like to read the books from which certain Euro TV series are based, authors are noted as well.


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