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Whether you’re a Netflix newbie or you’ve been a subscriber since their DVD-rental-only days, having their streaming service just got a whole lot better.


Digital downloads of TV shows and films for offline viewing. They’re not just for Amazon Prime subscribers anymore. Not since Netflix launched its download option for many, but nowhere near all, of its titles.

While the majority of Netflix’s Euro TV shows are available for download in the US, viewer favorites such as Danish crime drama Dicte and Danish dramedy Rita, as well as Case, the new Icelandic mystery/thriller that’s taken Euro TV fans by storm, aren’t among them. At least not yet (if ever).

Still, some is better than none when it comes to watching Euro TV shows without needing an internet or mobile data connection. Ditto that for Euro films, of which there are many more available for download than the 20 listed below.

It’s a start. And Netflix says more titles will be made available for download.

So here are 40 downloadable Euro TV and film titles — enough for you to watch leisurely or on a binge on your mobile device for weeks.

Euro TV Series Downloadable from Netflix

  1. 30 Degrees in February (30 grader i februari) — Swedish
  2. 1992 — Italian
  3. Deep (En immersion) — French
  4. The Boarding School (El Internado) — Spanish
  5. Gentlemen and Gangsters — Swedish
  6. Heartless — Danish
  7. The Heavy Water War (Kampen om tungtvannet) — Norwegian
  8. I Am the Ambassador — Danish series shown in English
  9. The Lava Field (Hraunið) — Icelandic
  10. Marseille — French
  11. NEW! Merlí — Spanish
  12. NSU: German History X (Mitten in Deutschland: NSU) — German
  13. Occupied (Okkupert) — Norwegian
  14. Old Money (Altes Geld) — German
  15. The Returned (Les revenants) — French
  16. Spiral (Engrenages) — French
  17. A Very Secret Service (Au service de la France) — French
  18. Velvet — Spain
  19. Wallander — Swedish (currently only Season 3 is downloadable)
  20. Witnesses (Les témoins) — French

If you’re also a fan of shows from the UK, Canada, and Down Under, check out “100 British, Australian, New Zealander, and Canadian TV Shows You Can Download from Netflix.”

Euro Films Downloadable from Netflix

  1. The Keeper of Lost Causes (Kvinden i buret) — Denmark (Film 1 of the Department Q trilogy)
  2. The Absent One (Fasandræberne) — Denmark (Film 2)
  3. A Conspiracy of Faith (Flaskepost fra P) — Denmark (Film 3)
  4. After the Wedding (Efter brylluppet) — Denmark
  5. Amélie — French
  6. Cinema Paradiso — Italy
  7. The Clearstream Affair (L’enquête) — French
  8. Force Majeure (Turist) — Sweden
  9. Headhunters (Hodejegerne) — Norway
  10. A Hijacking (Kapringen) — Denmark
  11. The Hunt (Jagten) — Denmark
  12. The Last King (Birkebeinerne) — Norway
  13. Look Who’s Back (Er ist wieder da) — Germany
  14. Palm Trees in the Snow (Palmeras en la nieve) — Spain
  15. Phoenix — Germany
  16. Pure (Till det som är vackert) — Sweden
  17. Spy Time (Anacleto: Agente secreto) — Spain
  18. Summer of ’92 (Sommeren ’92) — Denmark
  19. Trollhunter (Trolljegeren) — Norway
  20. The Wave (Bølgen) — Norway

As noted above, there are many more Euro films available for download, so fire up the Netflix Android or Netflix iOS app on your Android (4.4.2 or later) or iOS (8.0 or later) device and check the “Available for Download” section from the main menu.


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20 Euro TV Shows & 20 Euro Films You Can Download from Netflix Right Now
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