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Netflix announced today the global premiere date for The Girl in the Mirror, a new Spanish supernatural mystery series. Check out the announcement video.

The Girl in the Mirror (Alma)
The Girl in the Mirror (Alma): Mireia Oriol
as Alma — Photo Credit: Lander Larrañaga / Netflix © 2020

First announced back in 2018, then interrupted by the global pandemic, The Girl in the Mirror, aka Alma, a young adult supernatural drama from Spain, will arrive soon on our screens.

The Girl in the Mirror, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, August 19, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

The ten-episode drama follows Alma (Mireia Oriol, The Hockey Girls), one of the few survivors of a bus accident in which nearly all of her classmates die. When she awakens in a hospital, she has no memory of the incident — or of her past.

Her home is full of memories that are not hers, and both amnesia and trauma cause her to experience night terrors and visions that she cannot grasp. With the help of her parents and friends, all unknown to her, Alma attempts to uncover the mystery surrounding the accident while concurrently struggling to recover her life and her identity.

Costars include Marta Belaustegui (Heirs to the Land), Josean Bengoetxea (The Innocent), Maria Caballero (The Longest Night), Elena Irureta (Patria), Pol Monen (Unauthorized Living), Javier Morgade (Some Has to Die), Claudia Roset (The Minions of Midas), Mario Tardón (The Embassy), Kandido Uranga (Intimacy), and Álex Villazán (Caronte), amongst others.


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The Girl in the Mirror: Netflix Announces Premiere Date for Spanish Supernatural Mystery Series