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Netflix has dropped the trailer for the new Spanish action-crime thriller series The Longest Night, and it looks to be an intense, adrenaline-pumping show. Check it out!

The Longest Night
The Longest Night: (L-R) Adolfo Fernández as Dr. Espada, Alberto Ammann as Hugo, Xavier Deive as Bastos, Luis Callejo as Simón Lago — Photo credit: Carla Oset / Netflix © 2021

The action in crime thriller The Longest Night (La noche más larga) takes place on one night, December 24th. It happens in one place, the Monte Baruca psychiatric prison.

It is on Christmas eve that a group of armed men surrounds the prison and cuts off communications with the outside. Their objective: capture inmate Simón Lago (Luis Callejo, In from the Cold, Locked Up), a dangerous serial killer. If the guards hand him over, the assault will be over in mere minutes. But Hugo (Alberto Ammann, Narcos, Apaches), the prison warden, refuses to give in to their demand and prepares to resist the attack.

The Longest Night, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, July 8, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

The cast of the six-episode drama includes Fran Berenguer (Toy Boy), Maria Caballero (The Girl in the Mirror), Adolfo Fernández (Cable Girls), Bárbara Goenaga (You Cannot Hide), César Mateo (Welcome to Eden), José Luis García Pérez (In from the Cold), Roman Rymar (Money Heist), and David Solans (Merlí), amongst others.


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The Longest Night: Netflix Drops Trailer for New Action-Crime Thriller Series from Spain