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Here are some news tidbits and updates about new Netflix Original series coming to the streaming giant both sooner and later.



Flag of FranceFROM FRANCE

Netflix has in its pipeline three new French Original series, including:

Family Business (working title) — This half-hour comedy series is about “friends, family and weed.” It follows a young man who recruits his best friends to help save his family’s business by transforming their butcher shop into France’s first coffee shop.

Marianne — In this psychological horror series, Emma, an acerbic young author, discovers the terrifying characters she writes in her bestselling series of horror novels might also be living in the real world.

As-yet-untitled series — This modern, coming-of-age vampire tale set in Paris is adapted from Thierry Jonquet‘s novel, Vampires. When a young, rebellious teenage girl is faced with becoming a vampire, her overly protective mother engages her estranged siblings in a race to find a cure.

Netflix has also acquired four new French films and documentaries, including:

Banlieusards — 15-year-old Noumouké, the youngest of three brothers from a suburb of Paris, must choose which of his two brothers’ footsteps he wants to follow.

La grande classe — Two best friends from a small town, now uber-Parisians, decide to return to their hometown for a high school reunion with a secret agenda: to take revenge on their former bullies and come to terms with their teenage crush.

Solidarité — To give voice to ordinary heroes, this documentary film follows the destinies of 5 men and women who are symbols of resilience and bearers of hope in humanity.

Paris est une fête (w/t) — Initiated through a crowdfunded campaign that gained viral buzz, this film is a real-time love story shot over three years without any permits and amidst crowds on the streets of Paris, a city scarred by terror attacks and social upheavals.

All of these titles will be available globally in the 190+ countries where Netflix is available.

Flag of NorwayFROM NORWAY

Ragnarok — Netflix’s new Norwegian Original series is a coming-of-age drama both rooted in Norse mythology and extended beyond it in new ways. The six-part series is set in a high school arena and unfolds in the small fictional town of Edda, located in the middle of the vast and enthralling Norwegian countryside.

Ragnarok comes from award-winning writer Adam Price (Borgen, Ride Upon the Storm) and will be shot in Norway and Denmark. Production on Ragnarok begins in 2019, with the series launching globally in 2020.

Flag of SpainFROM SPAIN

High Seas (Alta mar) — Production has started on this eight-episode mystery-crime drama series from the producers of Cable Girls and Cocaine Coast. In the 1940s, a magnificent transatlantic ship is full of passengers traveling from Europe to South America in search of a better future. They include sisters  Eva (Alejandra Onieva, El secreto de Puente Viejo) and Carolina (Ivana Baquero, The Shannara Chronicles), as different as they are inseparable, and handsome officer Nicolás Sala (Jon Kortajarena, Quantico), a man that fate has put in the wrong place.

Another is a passenger whose name does not appear on the manifest, someone the other passengers don’t remember. This person is murdered amidst the many intrigues and lies hidden behind the doors of the ship’s cabins. It’s a mystery, and only one thing is clear and certain: the murderer will not be able to leave the ship.

Featuring José Sacristán (Velvet), Eloy Azorín (Apaches), Felix Gomez (Carlos, Rey Emperador), and Tamar Novas (The Zone), High Seas will release globally in 2019.

Alma — Netflix’s latest Spanish original series is a young adult supernatural drama written by Sergio G. Sánchez (The Orphanage). After surviving a bus crash that kills most of her classmates, Alma awakes with no memories of the incident or her past. Her parents seem like strangers and her home is a place filled with secrets and mystery. She gets the growing suspicion that everyone around her is lying and trying to turn her into someone else. Trapped in a world that doesn’t feel her own, Alma must unravel the events that led to the accident before her true identity vanishes forever.

Alma goes into production in 2019 and launches globally in 2020.

In addition, Netflix has confirmed a second season for Elite, the Spanish mystery-crime thriller that recently premiered.


The Hookup Plan (Plan Coeur)

Previously announced under the title Génération Q, this romantic comedy series revolves around the misguided attempt by a group of friends to help their amie Elsa (Zita Hanrot, Chefs) rebuild her confidence and renew her faith in dating, relationships, and finding love.

Costarring Sabrina Ouazani (Inch’Allah) as Charlotte, Joséphine Draï (France KBEK) as Emilie, and Marc Ruchmann (The Chalet) as Jules, The Hookup Plan launches globally on Friday, December 7.

Other recent news about Netflix Originals include the company’s five new German projects, the premiere date and trailer for German crime drama Dogs of Berlin, and an update about Turkish adventure series The Protector, whose teaser is below.



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