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Hulu has set the US premiere date for its French Original Movie A Place to Fight For, a romantic thriller written and directed by Romain Cogitore.

A Place to Fight For
A Place to Fight For — Photo courtesy of Hulu

A Place to Fight For (Une zone à défendre), the first French Disney+ Original Film, follows Greg (François Civil, Call My Agent!, The Stronghold), a promising young officer with France’s Internal Security Agency, who is given a false identity and sent to infiltrate and dismantle a ZAD or “zone to defend” (zone à défendre). It is in this zone that he meets Myriam (Lyna Khoudri, Les sauvages, Papicha), a young environmental activist and so-called ZADist who is fighting against the construction of a dam, and the two fall in love. However, at the completion of his mission, Greg leaves the zone and Myriam and returns to his life.

When Greg is sent back to the zone for another mission, he finds Myriam and discovers that she has had a baby. His son. Torn between his professional ambition and the promise of a new life with Myriam and their child, Greg must choose one over the other, knowing that his choice could change everything. But he has to act quickly, as time is running out; soon everything will disappear…

A Place to Fight For, a Hulu Original Movie in the US, premieres in the US on Friday, July 7, exclusively on Hulu. Globally the title is a Disney+ Original Film, which also premieres on July 7, exclusively on Disney+.

The cast includes Nathalie Richard (Irma Vep), Bellamine Abdelmalek (Marianne), Anne Alvaro (Captain Marleau), and Félix Bossuet (Balthazar), amongst others.


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A Place to Fight For: Hulu Sets US Premiere Date for French Romantic Thriller