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Netflix announced today that production has started on Transatlantic, the first project under Anna Winger and Airlift Productions’ creative partnership with Netflix.

Anna Winger
Anna Winger — Photo courtesy of Netflix

Created by Anna Winger (Deutschland 83/86/89) and Daniel Hendler, Transatlantic has started production in Marseille and is expected to be released globally on Netflix in 2023.

The English-, German-, and French-language series features an international cast that includes Gillian Jacobs (Community), Lucas Englander (Parlement), Cory Michael Smith (Gotham), Gregory Montel (Call My Agent!), Ralph Amoussou (Missions), Deleila Piasko (Money Murder Zurich), Amit Rahav (Unorthodox), and Corey Stoll (Billions).

Transatlantic is inspired by Julie Orringer’s historical fiction novel The Flight Portfolio, which is based on the true story of Harvard-educated journalist Varian Fry.

Marseille, 1940-1941. World War II is raging, and Fry and other like-minded New Yorkers in the French port city form the Emergency Rescue Committee — risking their lives to help more than 2000 refugees escape occupied France, including many artists on the Nazis’ most-wanted list. This international gang of young superheroes and their famous charges occupy a villa at the edge of the city, where the threat of mortal danger gives way to unexpected collaborations and intense love affairs.

A production of Airlift Productions, the series is produced by Airlift’s Anna Winger and Camille McCurry, with Winger serving as showrunner, and Stéphanie Chuat (My Little Sister) and Véronique Reymond (The Little Bedroom) serving as lead directors.

Stay tuned for updates.


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Transatlantic: Netflix Announces Production Start, Cast of German-French Historical Drama
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