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Check out the teaser for the new season of Into the Night, the Belgian sci-fi thriller headed back to Netflix next month.

Into the Night
Into the Night — Photo courtesy of Netflix

For folks who might not have watched this heart-pounding thriller yet, Season 1 of Into the Night, based on the best-selling novel The Old Axolotl by Polish author Jacek Dukaj, saw the passengers and crew of an international flight out of Brussels attempt to outrun the sun — because the sun is now killing everything in its path. So they must fly west and remain in the safety of the dark of night — and band together for all their sakes — in order to survive.

In Season 2, the motley multinational and multilingual group has finally found refuge from the sun in an old Soviet military bunker in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, their respite is cut short when an accident ruins part of their food supply. Suddenly forced back out above ground, they must travel to the Global Seed Vault in Norway in a desperate attempt to secure their survival. But they are not the only ones with that idea…

In the name of the greater good, our group will have to split up, play nice with the hosting military crew, and make sacrifices in a race against time…

The international cast includes Pauline Etienne (Public Enemy), Laurent Capelluto (Black Spot), Mehmet Kurtulus (Cenk Batu), Babetida Sadjo (Moloch), Jan Bijvoet (Fenix), Ksawery Szlenkier (Jack Strong), Vincent Londez (Lupin), Regina Bikkinina (Glukhar 2. Prodolzhenie), Alba Gaïa Bellugi (Three Times Manon), and Nabil Mallat (Professor T).

Into the Night: Season 2, a Netflix Original series, premieres Wednesday, September 8, exclusively on Netflix.


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Into the Night: Season 2 of Netflix’s Belgian Thriller Gets Release Date & Teaser