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MHz Choice announced today its slate for September 2021, which includes new and returning mystery and crime dramas, more weekly French movies, and a documentary.

MHz Choice Sept 2021
MHz Choice in Sept 2021: Vanessa Incontrada as Maria Guerra in Captain Maria, photo by Fabrizio Di Diulio | Mike Müller as Luc Conrad in The Undertaker: Season 6, photo by SRF/Sava Hlavacek | Issaka Sawodogo as Moutari Wara in Wara, photo by Etienne Chognard | All photos courtesy of MHz Choice

The full list of titles on the MHz Choice September 2021 schedule is as follows:


Captain Maria (Il Capitano Maria) (Italy)

Vanessa Incontrada (Don Matteo) stars in this mystery series as Carabinieri captain Maria Guerra, who returns to her hometown in Puglia to recharge her career, raise her kids, and find her husband’s killer. The cast includes Andrea Bosca (3 Caminos), Carmine Buschini (The War Is Over), and Francesco Colella (ZeroZeroZero).

Captain Maria
Captain Maria: Vanessa Incontrada as Maria Guerra — Photo by Fabrizio Di Diulio, courtesy of MHz Choice

Fire in the Sky (Revontulien armoilla) (Finland)

This documentary on the most Nordic of natural phenomena — the Northern Lights (aka the Aurora Borealis) — reveals how researchers have gained new insight into the impact of the Northern Lights on infrastructure and animal behavior, and explains why solar storms can be a danger to humanity.

Movie of the Week: Young Mothers in the ’70s (Elles… Les filles du Plessis) (France)

Set during the “Me Decade,” this historical drama sees a notorious home for teenage mothers on the outskirts of Paris rocked from the inside by a social revolution. The lead cast includes Sandrine Bonnaire (Monsieur Hire) and Blandine Bellavoir (Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games).

Wara (France-Senegal)

Hailed as “the African Borgen” and nominated for Best International Panorama Series at Series Mania 2020, this eight-part miniseries centers on Moutari Wara (Issaka Sawodogo, The Missing), a law professor who, after years in exile, is allowed to return to his home country, but on one condition: that he doesn’t get involved in politics. But when local elections are organized early, Aïcha (France Nancy Goulian, Shuga), one of his law students, pushes him to get involved against corruption and cronyism. Together they want to change the world, but their relationship is beset by generational conflict.

Movie of the Week: Doctor Blanche’s Clinic (La clinique du docteur Blanche) (France)

Set in mid-19th century France, this historical drama centers on two doctors with very different methods, as they compete in the brand-new field of psychiatry. The main cast includes Stanley Weber (Borgia), Lionnel Astier (No Second Chance), and Philippe Laudenbach (Chefs),

Gigantes: Season 2 (Spain)

In the second and final season of this gripping Godfather-esque crime drama, the women take the lead as the Guerrero men are on the run — battling rivals, the police, and each other as they try to stay on top of Madrid’s criminal underworld. The cast includes Daniel Grao (Cathedral of the Sea), Isak Férriz (Below Zero), Nene (The Legacy of the Bones), Yolanda Torosio (Dreamland), Sofía Oria (Caronte), Elisabet Gelabert (Elite), and Xenia Tostado (The Cook of Castamar). (Video is from Season 1)

Movie of the Week: Last Dance (La fin de l’été) (France)

In this heartwarming coming-of-age drama, two teen brothers spend their summer vacation with their grandparents in the country, learning in the process about love and the fragility of life. The cast includes Bernard Le Coq (Perfect Crimes), Christiane Millet (Speakerine), Talid Ariss (Les Chamois), and Maël Rouin Berrandou (My Brothers and I).

The Undertaker: Season 6 (Der Bestatter) (Switzerland)

This fan-favorite mystery series (shown in Swiss German) is returning with its sixth season. In it Mike Müller (Rascals on the Road) stars as ex-cop-turned-undertaker Luc Conrad, who investigates strange deaths in a small Swiss canton.

The Undertaker Season 6
The Undertaker: Mike Müller as Luc Conrad — Photo by SRF/Sava Hlavacek, courtesy of MHz Choice

Movie of the Week: Marie and Madeleine (Marie et Madeleine) (France)

Set in Nazi-occupied France, this comedy sees the madam of a brothel seeking refuge for herself and her girls — in a convent! The cast includes Michèle Bernier (Murder in Orleans), Carole Richert (House of Rocheville), Sandy Lobry (Captain Marleau), Élodie Fontan (Clem), and Sara Giraudeau (The Bureau).

All of the above titles will screen in the US and Canada on the MHz Choice website and via the streamer’s apps and digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon Channels.


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On MHz Choice in September 2021: Captain Maria, Wara, New Gigantes & Undertaker + More