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Black Island, a new thriller from Germany, is set to hit Netflix this coming week.

Black Island
Black Island: Alice Dwyer as Helena Jung, Philip Froissant as Jonas Hansen — Photo courtesy of Netflix

In Black Island (Schwarze Insel), high school graduate Jonas (Philip Froissant, The Empress) goes to live with his grandfather on a North Sea island after the tragic death of his parents. It is a time of departure, a time of the first great love.

The arrival of the new, young German teacher, Helena (Alice Dwyer, Homicide Unit Istanbul), turns Jonas’s life completely upside down. While recognizing and encouraging his writing talent, she is also using his emerging trust to build an intimate relationship with him. However, Jonas has no idea that Helena actually is putting in motion a deadly plan…

A production of Odeon Fiction (Deadwind), the film costars Hanns Zischler (Babylon Berlin) and Mercedes Müller (Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood). It is directed by Miguel Alexandre (The Inspector and the Sea) and written by Miguel Alexandre and Lisa Carline Hofer (Spy City). The producers are Ann-Kathrin Eicher (Spy City), Mischa Hofmann (Deadwind), and Britta Meyermann (Deadwind).

Black Island, a Netflix Film, premieres globally on Wednesday, August 18, exclusively on Netflix. You can set a reminder for it now.


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Black Island: German Thriller Set for Global Netflix Premiere
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