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Tatort: Streets of Berlin is the latest series in the long-running Tatort crime drama franchise that will be available to viewers in the US and Canada.

Tatort: Streets of Berlin
Tatort: Streets of Berlin: Mark Waschke as Robert Karow, Meret Becker as Nina Rubin — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Excluding the series set in West Berlin during the Cold War era, Tatort: Streets of Berlin is the fifth crime drama in the Tatort franchise to be set in the German capital.

Tatort: Streets of Berlin introduces us to the detective duo of Nina Rubin (Meret Becker, Babylon Berlin) and Robert Karow (Mark Waschke, Dark). Nina is married with two children, loves to dance the night away at clubs in the city, and is a tough but compassionate and understanding cop. Robert is single, has an inherent mistrust of others (and an iffy reputation within the police), and can develop a theory about what’s going on in a situation with seemingly very little to go on.

In the series opener “The Mule,” it’s Karow’s first day on the homicide squad, and his first couple of hours in this new assignment are a doozy: The crime scene is an empty apartment with a bathroom covered in blood. The odd thing is, there’s no corpse. After noticing a few clues, Karow uses inductive reasoning to determine that there was more than one victim and that they had come from somewhere other than Germany.

Elsewhere in Berlin on this fine morning, Rubin is racing around the flat, scrambling to get breakfast on the table for her two sons after having just gotten home from a night of clubbing (and a bit more than dancing). Her husband, Viktor, is not pleased. At all. Then he leaves. With his suitcase.

Nina has the same question as Robert at the crime scene, and gets the same answer. “No corpse.” What she and Robert also get is the statement from the owner of the apartment. He had rented it for a few days to a Turkish man who was there with two Caucasian girls.

While all of this is going on, teenager Jo is crying on the streets of Berlin, her clothes soaked in blood. She has called her brother, Ronny, and is waiting for him to come help her. He is locked up in a state home for young offenders and has just three weeks left before he gets released, but with his sister desperate for his help, he has no choice but to break out and go to her. Little does Ronny know that there are criminals hunting for Jo, and both siblings will be in mortal danger should they be found.

Meanwhile, Nina is trying to salvage her marriage and her relationship with her sons, and Robert seems a bit preoccupied, thinking about the murder of his former partner. This is on Nina’s mind, too, so she does some of her own digging and discovers things that even Robert doesn’t know.

Then comes the call. A corpse has been found. Well, sort of. Then there’s another call. And Jo and Ronny find themselves running for their lives. Will Rubin and Karow get to them in time to help save them?

The series costars Louie Betton (Leipzig Homicide) and Jonas Hämmerle (The Weissensee Saga) as Nina’s sons, Kaleb and Tolja; Aleksandar Tesla (SOKO Stuttgart) as her husband Victor; Carolyn Genzkow (Frühling) as homicide intern Anna Feil; Tim Kalkhof (Money Murder Zurich) as forensics assistant Mark Steinke; and Maryam Zaree (4 Blocks) as police pathologist Dr. Nasrin Reza.

The episode “The Mule” features Emma Bading (Detective Ellen Lucas) as Johanna, Theo Trebs (A Coffee in Berlin) as Ronny, Kida Khodr Ramadan (4 Blocks) as Mehmet Erdem, and Robert Gallinowski (Dogs of Berlin) as Berger.

Tatort: Streets of Berlin premieres in the US and Canada today, Tuesday, August 17, exclusively on MHz Choice and its apps and digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon Channels.


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Tatort: Streets of Berlin: German Crime Drama Debuts in US & Canada