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The warmer weather of June brings 14 hot Euro TV titles to the US — some new, some returning, including new episodes of Montalbano!

June 2019 Euro TV premieres

To see the complete list of Euro TV shows available in the US and UK, see the Euro TV Shows by Language section. Viewers in the US can check the ongoing updates of titles released throughout each month on the Euro TV Viewing Guide page.

All programs listed here are shown in their original language with English subtitles, except where noted. The trailers below, which may or may not have English subtitles, might not be suitable for all audiences; viewer discretion is advised.


Murder in…: Season 4 (Meurtres à… / Crimes à…) (France)

This popular mystery-crime drama anthology series returns with nine episodes set in different picturesque regions of France, including Auvergne, Burgundy, L’Ile de Re, La Rochelle, Lake Geneva, Orleans, Pyla, Rocamadour, and Saint-Malo.

Murder In…: Season 4 premieres in the US on Tuesday, June 4, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon.

Nele Neuhaus Mysteries (Germany)

Based on the best-selling “Bodenstein-Kirchhoff” crime novels by German author Nele Neuhaus, this series stars Tim Bergmann (Commissario Guido Brunetti) and Felicitas Woll (Berlin, Berlin) as Oliver von Bodenstein and Pia Kirchhoff — detectives who investigate crimes in the mystical, fairytale setting of Germany’s Taunus mountains.

Nele Neuhaus Mysteries
Nele Neuhaus Mysteries: Tim Bergmann as Oliver von Bodenstein and Felicitas Woll as Pia Kirchhoff — Image courtesy of MHz Choice

Nele Neuhaus Mysteries premieres in the US on Tuesday, June 11, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon.

The Alcàsser Murders (El caso Alcàsser) (Spain)

Executive produced by Ramón Campos (High Seas, Cocaine Coast, Velvet) and directed by León Seminiani (El caso Asunta, The Refugees), this five-part true-crime docuseries delivers an analytical examination of the investigation into the 1992 murders of three teen-aged girls from Alcàsser, Spain — a case that profoundly affected the nation.

On November 13, 1992, Miriam García and Desirée Hernández, both 14 years old, and their 15-year-old friend Toñi Gómez, disappeared while hitchhiking to a party in a neighboring town. Seventy-five days later, on January 27, 1993, their bodies were found. Autopsies revealed the girls were brutally raped and tortured before they were savagely murdered. The police pursued two suspects despite the DNA evidence; Miguel Ricart, who has always maintained his innocence, served 21 years of his 170-year jail sentence, while Antonio Anglés escaped capture.

To this day, the case remains unsolved, and everything related to it — from the police investigation and the court trial, to the media coverage — is still controversial.

The Alcàsser Murders
The Alcàsser Murders (El caso Alcàsser): León Siminiani (left) and Ramón Campos (right) — Photo courtesy of Netflix

The Alcàsser Murders, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, June 14, exclusively on Netflix. (You can add it to your queue now.)

Charité at War (Charité) (Germany)

The second season of period drama Charité takes place during World War II, between 1943 and 1945, roughly a half century after the events in Season 1.

Set in and around the famed Charité hospital in Berlin, the new season finds more military and civilian patients being admitted due to war-related injuries, staff members clashing due to their criticism of or allegiance to the Nazi regime, and some of the country’s euthanasia programs being carried out at the Charité.

The completely new cast includes Mala Emde (Crime.de), Ulrich Noethen (Deutschland 83), Jannik Schümann (Shades of Guilt), Artjom Gilz (Milk & Honey), Jacob Matschenz (Babylon Berlin), and Lukas Miko (Altes Geld).

Charité at War, a Netflix Original series, premieres in the US on Friday, June 14, exclusively on Netflix. (You can add it to your queue now.)

Unit 42 (Unité 42) (Belgium)

Flic et geek” — as in Samuel Leroy (Patrick Ridremont, The Forest), a widowed cop tapped to lead a special cyber crimes unit, and Billie Vebber (Constance Gay, Spiral), a former hacker and recent police academy graduate with whom Sam teams up to hunt down tech-savvy criminals who are terrorizing Belgium.

In the series opener, they and fellow unit members Bob Franck (Tom Audenaert, The Break) and Nassim Khaoulani (The Bureau) must stop a serial killer before another young woman is murdered in front of her computer screen.

Unit 42, a Netflix Original series, premieres in the US on Friday, June 14, exclusively on Netflix. (You can add it to your queue now.)

Das Boot: Season 1 (Germany)

This TV sequel to the 1981 Oscar®-nominated film Das Boot, adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name, opens in the fall of 1942, nine months after the ending of the film.

In occupied France, Nazi submarine U-612 is now ready for its maiden voyage, preparing to head into the increasingly brutal warfare with its young crewmen, including the new captain, Klaus Hoffmann (Rick Okon, Homicide Unit Istanbul). As the 40 young men take on their first mission, they struggle with the cramped and claustrophobic conditions of life underwater. Their personalities are pushed to the limit as tensions rise and loyalties begin to shatter.

Meanwhile, at the port of La Rochelle, the world of Simone Strasser (Vicky Krieps, The Girl in the Spider’s Web) spirals out of control as she is engulfed in a dangerous liaison and forbidden love, torn between her loyalty for Germany and the Resistance, and causing her to question everything.

Costars include Robert Stadlober (Line of Separation), Leonard Scheicher (The Silent Revolution), Rainer Bock (1864), August Wittgenstein (Deadwind), Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones), Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men), James D’Arcy (Agent Carter), Thierry Frémont (Transfers), Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), and Franz Dinda (Babylon Berlin).

The eight-episode Das Boot: Season 1 premieres in its entirety in the US on Monday, June 17, exclusively on Hulu.

Detective Montalbano: The Other End of the Line (L’altro capo del filo) (Italy)

Christmas comes early, cos Montalbano is back in June!

In Episode 33 of this crazy-popular mystery drama based on the crime novels by Andrea Camilleri, the Vigata police are exhausted from working nights to assist immigrants arriving in Sicily by boat. Just as they get a break, they must investigate the savage murder of a tailor whom Salvo (Luca Zingaretti, Paolo Borsellino: The 57 Days ) recently hired to make a suit. The woman, found slaughtered in her own shop, appears to have been well-liked by her staff and the community, and her death leaves Montalbano reeling.

Detective Montalbano: Luca Zingaretti as Detective Salvo Montalbano — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice</span

Montalbano wouldn’t be Montalbano without its series regulars, so they’re back, too, including Cesare Bocci (The Family) as Mimi Augello, Peppino Mazzotta (Mafia Undercover) as Giuseppe Fazio, and Angelo Russo (Il capo dei capi) as Catarella, as well as Giovanni Guardiano (Romanzo Criminale) as Jacomuzzi and Sonia Bergamasco (Tutti pazzi per amore) as Livia Burlando.

Detective Montalbano: The Other End of the Line premieres in the US on Tuesday, June 18, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon.

Living A Lie: Season 1 (Byw Celwydd) (Wales)

Like Borgen set in a fictional Welsh parliament in Cardiff Bay, this series blends personal drama and political intrigue as it follows the lives of and conflicts between politicians, consultants, and journalists.

The eight-episode drama stars Catherine Ayers (Keeping Faith) as Angharad Wynne, Chief Political Editor of Wales News; Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch) as Harri James, special adviser to the leader of the Nationalist Party; and Mark Lewis Jones (Stella) as Democratic Assembly member Dylan Williams.

Living A Lie: Season 1 premieres in the US on Tuesday, June 18, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon.

Ad Vitam (France)

César Awards winner Yvan Attal (Love Without Pity) leads the cast of this sci-fi drama, in which humans can live forever thanks to advances in medical technology. But death still exists, as evidenced by the bodies of seven teens who took their own lives. Investigating the mysterious mass suicide is Darius Asram (Attal), a 120-year-old cop who enlists the help of Christa (Garance Marillier, Pompéi), a rebellious 24-year-old, to uncover the truth behind what happened.

Ad Vitam, a Netflix Original series, premieres in the US on Friday, June 21, exclusively on Netflix. (You can add it to your queue now.)

Dark: Season 2 (Germany)

In the new season of this hugely popular supernatural drama, Jonas (Louis Hofmann, You Are Wanted) is trapped in the future and desperately tries to return to 2020. Meanwhile, his friends Martha (Lisa Vicari, Tatort), Magnus (Moritz Jahn, Kommissarin Heller), and Franziska (Gina Stiebitz, Circle of Life) are trying to uncover how Bartosz (Paul Lux, Cologne P.D.) is involved in the mysterious incidents occurring in their small hometown of Winden.

More and more people are drawn into the events orchestrated by an obscure figure who seemingly controls everything that is connected throughout different time zones. And as the date for the apocalyptic Last Cycle approaches, Winden’s families discover they play a critical role in the fate of their world.

Dark: Season 2 premieres globally on Friday, June 21, exclusively on Netflix.

Detective Montalbano: A Diary from 1943 (Un diario del ’43) (Italy)

In Episode 34, a long-hidden diary opens a window to tragic events from the Allies’ occupation of Sicily during World War II. While Montalbano tries to decipher the diary’s references, a 90-year-old local businessman is murdered in his home. It’s up to Montalbano to figure out if there’s any connection between the diary, the recent murder, and another 90-year-old who’s come home to Vigata from America.

Detective Montalbano: Luca Zingaretti as Detective Salvo Montalbano — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice</span

Detective Montalbano: A Diary from 1943 premieres in the US on Tuesday, June 25, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon.

Fiertés (Pride) (France)

This miniseries follows Victor (Samuel Theis, A French Village) in three years of his life. In 1981 he’s a 17-year-old student who comes to own his homosexuality after meeting and spending time with Serge (Stanislas Nordey, A French Village), an activist for LGBT causes who’s 20 years his senior.

By 1999 Victor has reconciled with his heretofore homophobic father, Charles (Frédéric Pierrot, The Returned), and is living happily with Serge when he realizes his desire to have a child. And in 2013, Victor and Serge’s adopted son, Diego (Julien Lopez, Osmosis), has outbursts of anger from attacks he endures on account of his two fathers — something Victor doesn’t seem to grasp but does condemn.

Fiertés premieres in the US on Tuesday, June 25, at 11:50 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.

Money Murder Zurich (Der Zürich-Krimi) (Germany)

Set in Switzerland, this popular crime drama stars Christian Kohlund (Mountain Medic) as Thomas Borchert, a business attorney specializing in financial matters such as embezzlement, money laundering, and offshore banking. When Thomas is summarily fired from his job in Frankfurt — accused of accepting big-money bribes in a scandal in South America — he returns to his hometown of Zurich.

Now the disgraced and unlicensed Borchert is working to clear his name and to find out who framed him, all while being on the lam from German authorities. In the meantime, he hangs the shingle for his own law practice in a trailer on his family’s property, and gets assistance from Dominique Kuster (Ina Paule Klink, Wilsberg), the idealistic daughter of an old friend.

Money Murder Zurich
Money Murder Zurich (Der Zürich-Krimi): Christian Kohlund as Thomas Borchert — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Costarring Robert Hunger-Bühler (The Heavy Water War) and Felix Kramer (Dogs of Berlin), Money Murder Zurich premieres in the US on Tuesday, June 25, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon.

Wilsberg: Season 2 (Germany)

Leonard Lansink (Ein starkes Team) returns as Georg Wilsberg, a antiquarian book dealer in Münster who works on the side as a private detective, in 15 more episodes of this popular crime drama based on the “Wilsberg” novels by Jürgen Kehrer (who makes cameo appearances in various episodes).

The new season finds Wilsberg discovering a dead body during a mansion renovation, being accused of kidnapping along with Alex (Ina Paule Klink, Heldt), and experiencing his own version of Rear Window, amongst other storylines.

(The video below is from Season 1)

Costarring Roland Jankowsky (Nikola) and Rita Russek (Tatort), Wilsberg: Season 2 premieres in the US on Tuesday, June 25, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon.

Paquita Salas: Season 3 (Spain)

When we last saw Paquita Salas (Brays Efe, The Year of the Plague), she was packing it in and closing up shop after numerous attempts to gain new clients for her failing talent agency business. The new season finds her launching a more modest agency and learning about social media. (Here we go.) Paquita also experiences a life-changing evening with actress Macarena García (The Ministry of Time), while a reinvented Magüi (Belén Cuesta, Locked Up) takes control of her life.

The six new episodes (up from the five of the previous two seasons) feature returning cast members Lidia San José (Luis Miguel: La Serie), Álex de Lucas (Bajo el mismo techo), Yolanda Ramos (Welcome to the Family), and Anna Castillo (El ministerio del tiempo), as well as Terelu Campos (Canguros) from the Season 2 finale.

Paquita Salas: Season 3, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, June 28, exclusively on Netflix.


The Oslo Killing (Norway-US, in English)

This six-part true-crime docuseries examines an unsolved crime that spans four decades and crosses Norway, Spain, Argentina, and the United States: that of the April 1974 murder of Anni Nielsen Iranzo, who was found beaten and strangled with a rope in her home in Oslo, Norway, while two months pregnant.

The police initially focused their investigation on male suspects, and their prime suspect was Anni’s husband, a Spanish diplomat with shady connections. However, Anni’s four-year-old daughter Maria, the only witness to the murder, said she saw a woman straddling her mother’s body. This led the police to Minna Treadwell Thompson, a wealthy American woman who was having an affair with Anni’s husband. Despite the international warrant for her arrest, the Norwegian police have never been able to extradite Treadwell Thompson.

The series follows Maria’s emotional journey to reveal the truth and to find justice for her mother once and for all. It tells the never-before-told story about Anni’s violent murder and how it stirred up international relations between three countries.

The Oslo Killing premieres in the US on Tuesday, June 4, exclusively on Sundance Now and the Sundance Now channel on Amazon.


New Scandinavian Cooking: Season 9 (Norway, in English)

Award-winning TV host and food writer Andreas Viestad (Kitchen of Light: The New Scandinavian Cooking) returns for a new season of culinary adventures in this popular cooking and travel series. Shot on location across Norway and Denmark, the show’s first nine episodes feature Andreas cooking up delectable dishes with locally-sourced ingredients, including berries, king crab, freshly-caught fish and mussels, wild duck, dried goat ribs, and baked pigeon — all against the scenic backdrop of the natural wonders of Scandinavia.

New Scandinavian Cooking Season 9
New Scandinavian Cooking Season 9: Andreas Viestad making pancakes in Ringerike in Eastern Norway — Photo courtesy of American Public Television

The bonus tenth episode introduces viewers to a new member of the cast: Norwegian chef Ida Gran-Jansen, who is known for making delicate pastries. But in this episode, Ida visits the rich fishing grounds on the west coast of Norway, where she meets local fishermen and prepares a fish soup packed with flavors from Øygarden.

New Scandinavian Cooking: Season 9 is confirmed for airing on the public TV stations and regional networks listed below on or after June 1. Check your local listings or contact the station that serves your area for broadcast dates and times. To request the program, contact your station’s Viewer Services department or American Public Television.


Tony’s Revenge (Les beaux mecs) (France)

Simon Abkarian (Kaboul Kitchen) stars in this crime drama as “Mad Tony” Roucas, who escapes from prison in 2010 with Kenz (Soufiane Guerrab, Braquo), a young North African delinquent. They had nothing in common as cellmates, and their differences are even more pronounced on the outside. But Tony needs Kenz’s help if he’s going to get revenge on the gangsters and crooked cops who put him in prison to begin with.

Tony’s Revenge begins streaming on the PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon on Friday, June 21.


Les engagés: Season 2 (Woke) (France)

The second season of this multiple award-winning contemporary drama finds Hicham Alaoui (Mehdi Meskar, Le secret d’Elise) leaving home without warning in order to explore his sexual identity. He goes to Lyon, where he looks for Thibaut Giaccherini (Eric Pucheu, Meurtres à Étretat), a vocal activist who advocates for LGBT rights and the only self-identifying gay man that Hicham knows.

Les engagés: Season 2 begins airing Sunday, June 2, at 10:15 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.

Deception (La face) (France)

Adapted from a novel by Pierre Boulle (The Planet of the Apes, The Bridge on the River Kwai), this thriller stars Bruno Solo (The Accident, Blood on the Docks) as Paul Berthier, one of the most ambitious and ruthless public prosecutors in France. He stops at nothing until justice is served and criminals are behind bars.

The death of a young girl is investigated as a murder, and the main suspect is Guillaume Vauban (Victor Pontecorvo, Spiral), a young rascal who’s the heir to a multimillion euro communications empire. Berthies is assigned to the case, and herein lies the irony: He watched the accidental drowning of the girl but did nothing to help.

Deception Bruno Solo
Deception (La face): Bruno Solo as Paul Berthier — Photo courtesy of Eurochannel

Costarring Hippolyte Girardot (Marseille) and Julia Faure (The Dark Side), Deception begins airing Thursday, June 20, at 8:30 PM ET / 9 PM PT, on Eurochannel.

Strike Force: Season 4 (Smeris) (Netherlands)

After the rollercoaster of action and emotions in Season 3, the fourth season opens with cops Theo Kamp (Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Riphagen) and Willem Niessen (Dennis van de Ven, The Passion) enjoying a bit of peace in Tilburg. Willem has taken over the leadership of the police force from Marcel (Hans Ligtvoet, Baptiste), and Theo and Maartje (Kiki van Deursen, Lord & Master) are leading a quiet life with their son.

Then a serial killer goes on a murdering spree, and Willem and Theo begin a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with the homicidal maniac — one in which the detective duo will risk both their lives and the lives of their loved ones while they’re on the trail of the killer as well as in the midst of a gang war.

Strike Force S4
Strike Force: Season 4: Dennis van de Ven as Willem Niessen and Jeroen van Koningsbrugge as Theo Kamp — Photo courtesy of Eurochannel

Strike Force: Season 4 begins airing Monday, June 24, at 9 PM ET, on Eurochannel.

J’ai 2 amours (I Love You 2) (France)

Hector (François Vincentelli, Hard), an emergency doctor in Strasbourg, has shared the last five years of his life with his loving partner Jérémie (Olivier Barthélémy, La commune), and the couple are planning to have a child using artificial insemination. However, one day Hector’s first love Louise (Julia Faure, All That Divides Us) returns, and Hector is surprised to realize his feelings for her haven’t diminished. Confused about what to do and unable to choose between the two great loves of his life, Hector begins a secret double relationship.

J’ai 2 amours begins airing Tuesday, June 25, at 11 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.

Gone (Monsieur Max et la rumeur) (France)

Award-winning actor and television presenter Patrick Sébastien (One Chance in Six) stars in this thriller as Max, the beloved butcher in a tranquil French village. He’s been known to hit the bottle in the past, so Max and his wife Caroline (Margot Faure, Plus belle la vie), his junior by 25 years, have a deal: He won’t drink as long as she remains faithful to him.

As it happens, Caroline gives in to lusty temptation on one fateful night, and a violent argument between her and Max ensues. Then Caroline disappears. So begin the rumors that Max has gone mental and butchered his wife to death.

Costarring Danièle Lebrun (Another Woman’s Life) and Nicolas Jouhet (Spiral), Gone begins airing Thursday, June 27, at 8:30 PM ET / 9 PM PT, on Eurochannel.


Header photo credits: Das Boot courtesy of Hulu; Nele Neuhaus Mysteries, Detective Montalbano, and Money Murder Zurich courtesy of MHz Choice; Charité at War (© Julie Vrabelova) and Unit 42 courtesy of Netflix


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