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The wait for the second season of the Belgian noir mystery-thriller drama is just about over. Formidable!

Public Enemy
Public Enemy (Ennemi Public): Angelo Bison as Guy Béranger — Photo courtesy of Sundance Now

Back in January, I wondered if any of these Euro TV shows would return to the US with their second or subsequent seasons. The answer for Public Enemy (Ennemi public), whose first season was one of my favorite new series of 2017, is a definite “yes.”

Here’s a recap:

Set in the Belgian Ardennes, Season 1 revolves around Guy Béranger (Angelo Bison, Resistance), a convicted serial killer of children whose arrival in the small town of Vielsart outrages its residents, including local businessman Patrick Stassart (Philippe Jeusette, Two Days, Once Night). With the exception of the compassionate Brother Lucas (Clément Manuel, The Churchmen), the monks at the abbey, into whose care Béranger was paroled, begrudgingly accept their new religious novitiate. Also responsible for Béranger’s safety is Chloé Muller (Stéphanie Blanchoud, I Am a Soldier), an investigator who initially isn’t aware of a connection she has to Béranger. When a young girl goes missing and is later found dead, everyone accuses Béranger, and mob justice follows. (Further details are in this article.)

Season 2 picks up two years after the events in that heart-pounding Season 1 finale. (So if you haven’t watched it yet, go do that, then come back here, because certain arcs continue in the new season.)

The parents of Jasmine, who has been missing for two years, ask Chloé to find their young daughter, so she comes out of retirement to investigate. When Chloé discovers this disappearance is linked to that of her own sister, she enlists the help of the only person she knows can assist her: Guy Béranger, who wants something in return for his help.

Meanwhile, Brother Lucas is hesitant to resume Béranger’s novitiate training, while Lucas’ blood brother Patrick, now a pariah amongst the townspeople, is trying to put his life back together.

Jean-Jacques Rausin (Death by Death) returns as Michaël Charlier, Vielsart’s chief officer, as does Daniel Hanssens (Captain Marleau) as Brother Joseph, the prior of the abbey.

Shown in French with English subtitles, Public Enemy: Season 2 premieres in the US tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29, on Sundance Now and the Sundance Now channel on Amazon. New episodes arrive on Wednesdays through July 31.


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Public Enemy: Season 2 of Hit Belgian Mystery Series Set to Premiere in the US
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