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Today Netflix opened its first European production hub in Tres Cantos, Madrid, and as part of the celebration announced two new Spanish Original series.

Netflix Spain family
Netflix Spain — Photo by Irene Gomez / Netflix

The opening of Netflix’s new production hub in Madrid comes four years after the international internet entertainment company launched its streaming service in Spain.

Since then, Netflix has invested heavily in Spanish-language shows — local stories created by local talent and produced locally — including worldwide hits La casa de papel, Las chicas del cable, and Elite.

Two new Spanish Original series — El inocente and Los favoritos de Midas — are being added to the Netflix 2019 and 2020 slates, which include Elite: Season 2, Paquita Salas: Season 3, La casa de papel: Part 3, and Las chicas del cable: Season 4, as well as new series Alta mar, Criminal, El vecino, Hache, and Días de Navidad, plus the films Elisa y Marcela, A pesar de todo, ¿A quién te llevarías a una isla desierta?, Diecisiete, Klaus, and Hogar.

El inocente is an adaptation of Harlan Coben‘s best-selling novel The Innocent. In the eight-part thriller, Mateo innocently interceded in a fight and ended up becoming a murderer on one fateful night nine years ago. Now he’s an ex-convict who takes nothing for granted. His wife, Olivia, is pregnant, and the couple are about to get the house of their dreams. But then a shocking and inexplicable call from Olivia’s cell phone destroys Mateo’s life for the second time…

A production of Sospecha y Think Studio, El inocente is created by Oriol Paulo (Night and Day) and written by Jordi Vallejo (Night and Day), Oriol Paulo, and Guillem Clúa (La Riera). The Executive Producers are Harlan Coben, Oriol Paulo, Belén Atienza, Sandra Hermida, Eneko Lizarraga, and Jesús de la Vega, with Laura Rubirola as the Associate Producer.

Los favoritos de Midas is an adaptation of Jack London‘s short story The Minions of Midas, published in 1901. In the six-part drama, Victor, a rich businessman, is being blackmailed by a mysterious organization that threatens to kill a random person on a specified date. What’s more, they will continue to kill other victims until they get their desired ransom from him.

A production of Nostromo Pictures, Los favoritos de Midas is created and written by Mateo Gil (The Sea Inside) and Miguel Barros (Endless Night), and directed by Mateo Gil. It stars multiple-award winner Luis Tosar (Retribution). The Executive Producers are Nuria Valls, Adrian Guerra, and Miguel Angel Faura.

Netflix also shared today the teaser poster of Alta mar (High Seas), a mystery series set in the 1940s that will launch globally this spring. (You can add it to your queue now.)


Stay tuned for updates.

Netflix Spain family picture (left to right, top to bottom): Cristina Lopez Ferraz, Darío Madrona, Sandra Hermida, Tomás Cimadevilla, Carlos Montero, Jorge Torregrosa, Beatriz Bodegas, Nuria Valls, Maria Lopez Castaño, Ramón Salazar, Nacho Vigalondo, Pilar Blasco, Jota Linares, Gema R Neira, Inés de León. Siguiente linea Belén Atienza, Daniel Sanchez Arévalo, Alex Pina, Sergio Sánchez, Adrián Guerra, (Francisco Ramos), Reed Hastings, Mariano Barroso, Teresa Fernández Valdés, Verónica Fernández, Mateo Gil, Pau Freixas, Elisabet Benavent



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Netflix Launches Production Hub in Madrid & Announces Two New Spanish Original Series