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The Xfinity Watchathon Week is back. So if you’re an Xfinity TV customer, read on to find out which Euro TV series on HBO you can (binge) watch for free.

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Now in its seventh year, the Xfinity Watchathon Week allows Xfinity TV customers to access loads of content — much of it requiring subscriptions the other 51 weeks of the year — without having to pay a penny.

For the subset of Xfinity TV customers who are Euro TV fans, the 2019 Watchathon, which runs April 8-14, is a way to watch some, all, or as much as possible of HBO’s original-language series from Europe. Here are the six that are available:

Golden Life on HBOGolden Life (Aranyélet) (Hungary)

Based on the Finnish series Easy Living (Helppo elämä), this drama follows the Miklósi family as they navigate life’s ups and downs in a suburb of Budapest. In Season 1, patriarch and criminal Attila (Szabolcs Thuróczy, Budapest Noir) wants to go straight, but a proper job isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Meanwhile, his cunning wife Janka (Eszter Ónodi, Houdini) has plans of her own, their son Mark (Renátó Olasz, X – The eXploited) follows in Attila’s footsteps, and daughter Mira (Laura Döbrösi, The Last Kingdom) rebels against them.

Head Over Heels on HBOHead Over Heels (Az po usi) (Czech Republic)

Set in Prague, this romantic comedy series looks at modern love in all its complexity by following the interconnected stories of single, married, and otherwise attached women and men — from online dating and marital infidelity, to being blind to a suitor’s interest and discovering the pleasure of sex with someone of the same sex.

My Brilliant Friend on HBOMy Brilliant Friend (L’amica geniale) (Italy)

One of my favorite Euro TV premieres of 2018, this excellent coming-of-age period drama is adapted from the first book in Elena Ferrante‘s “Neopolitan Novels.” The story follows the decades-long and often tempestuous friendship between Elena and Lila, with Season 1 spanning the period from their primary school days to young adulthood. (I can’t wait for Season 2!)

The Pact on HBOThe Pact (Pakt) (Poland)

Based on the award-winning Norwegian series Mammon, this thriller stars Marcin Dorocinski (Spies of Warsaw) as journalist Piotr Grodecki, who exposes fraud in the multinational company where his brother works and gets himself enmeshed in a scandal involving politics and big business.

Wasteland on HBOWasteland (Pustina) (Czech Republic)

This Czech noir mystery follows Hana Sikorová (Zuzana Stivínová, Genius), the mayor of a small, remote mining village where once peaceful neighbors have become bitter enemies because of a new coal mine — and from where her 14-year-old daughter disappears. As Hana searches for her, she begins to doubt and suspect everyone, and residents begin showing their true colors.

When Shall We Kiss on HBOWhen Shall We Kiss (Társas játék) (Hungary)

As with the Czech series Head Over Heels (see above), this romcom is produced by HBO Europe and based on the Israeli drama series Matay Nitnashek, only here the setting is Budapest.

For viewers without access to Xfinity TV, you can watch all of the above Euro TV series at HBO on Amazon.

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Xfinity Watchathon 2019: Catch Up on These Euro TV Series on HBO for Free
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