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Mysteries and crime dramas and period dramas, oh my! And there’s more besides in the 15 new and returning Euro TV series and telefilms in September!

September 2018 Euro TV programs
Photo credits: Conviction & Lockout courtesy of Eurochannel; Detectives & Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries courtesy of MHz Choice; Cable Girls by Manuel Fernandez & Cathedral of the Sea by Javier de Agustín Aldeguer — both courtesy of Netflix; Noir Enigma by Etienne Chognard/CCSP, courtesy of TV5Monde USA; and Caïn & Code 37: Sex Crimes — both © Global Series Network, courtesy of Walter Presents

To see the complete list of Euro TV shows available in the US and UK, see the Euro TV Shows by Language section. Viewers in the US can check the ongoing updates of titles released throughout each month on the Euro TV Viewing Guide page.

All programs listed below are shown in their original language with English subtitles, except where noted. Some trailers might not have English subtitles, but you should still be able to get a sense of the story through the combination of the description and visuals.


Cathedral of the Sea (La catedral del mar) (Spain)

Adapted from the international best-selling, multiple-award-winning novel by Ildefonso Falcones, this historical drama is set in 14th-century Barcelona against the backdrop of the Spanish Inquisition and the construction of the grand Santa Maria del Mar church.

The story follows Arnau Estanyol (Aitor Luna, Velvet, Paco’s Men), a serf who flees the abuses of feudal lords and, with his father, finds freedom in Barcelona. Following a series of jobs, Arnau also finds success as a money changer, and his increasing wealth makes enemies of those in the noble class, who plot his downfall by making him a target of the Inquisition.

Directed by multiple-award winner Jordi Frades (Isabel), the eight-part drama features Pablo Derqui (Lifeline), Ginés García Millán (Frágiles), Silvia Abascal (Truman), Tristán Ulloa (Cocaine Coast), Andrea Duro (Velvet Collection), Críspulo Cabezas (Apaches), Josep Maria Pou (Night and Day), and Michelle Jenner (Isabel).

Cathedral of the Sea, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Saturday, September 1, exclusively on Netflix. You can add it to your queue now.

UPDATE: Netflix released Cathedral of the Sea early, so you can stream it now!

Detectives (Détectives) (France)

In Season 1 of this comedic mystery-crime drama series, former DGSE intelligence officer Nora Abadie (Sara Martins, Death in Paradise) agrees to help Maxime Roche (Jean-Luc Bideau, The Churchmen) — the Roche of Roche and Son private detective agency — save the family-run business from being run into the ground by his son, Philippe Roche (Philippe Lefebvre, Killer by the Lake).

The arrangement worked well, despite the increasing attraction and sexual tension between Nora and Philippe, and in Season 2 the company continues to have a good flow of clients that need the private investigators’ services. However, Philippe’s personal life gets a bit messy when Anna (Laure Marsac, Blood of the Vine), his estranged wife, returns to France after two years of no contact with her family.

If you think that’s complicated, just wait. The relationship between Philippe and Nora goes sideways after she reveals a secret she’s been keeping from him and he loses trust in her. Then Nora is fit up for a serious crime and the police and her former employer are in hot pursuit. Will the hurt and resentful Philippe leave Nora to save herself or will he help her by finding the real culprit? On verra…

All of the regular cast members return for Season 2, including Sébastien Libessart (No Second Chance), Daphné Chollet (Femmes de loi), Vincent Escure (La Smala s’en mêle), Natasha Cashman (Chefs), Vanessa David (Workingirls), and Romann Berrux (Outlander).

Detectives: Season 2 premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, September 4, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon US.

Caïn: Season 4 (France)

Bruno Debrandt (Spiral) returns for another season of this popular cop drama as Captain Frédéric “Fred” Caïn, the wheelchair-bound homicide cop with a dark sense of humor and a healthy disregard for police procedures and the law itself when it suits him.

The fourth season opens with Caïn and his partner, Lucie Delambre (Julie Delarme, Hors du temps), investigating a double kidnapping, followed by several episodes that revolve around the murders of young high school and uni students. But the crime that hits Fred the hardest is the attempted assassination that leaves Lucie fighting for her life.

[fvplayer src=”https://72ld18.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Cain_S1_Promo.mp4″ splash=”https://72ld18.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Cain-S3-resized.jpg” width=”600″ height=”338″]

Season 4 costars Frédéric Pellegeay (Contact) in his final season as Commander Jacques Moretti, Smadi Wolfman (Spin) as Dr. Elizabeth Stunia, Mourad Boudaoud (Bonne pomme) as Lieutenant Borel, and Anne Suarez (Black Spot) as Caïn’s ex-wife Gaëlle.

Caïn: Season 4 premieres in the US on Thursday, September 6, exclusively on Walter Presents and the Walter Presents channel on Amazon US.

Cable Girls: Season 3 (Las chicas del cable) (Spain)

The first Netflix Original series from Spain returns with its third season to continue the interconnected stories of four young women from different backgrounds who become telephone operators and friends in late 1920s Madrid and get entangled in webs of lies and intrigue and even murder.

The new season opens in 1930 and finds Lidia (Blanca Suárez, El Barco) fighting passionately for her family after a tragedy, Ángeles (Maggie Civantos, Locked Up) going undercover, Marga (Nadia de Santiago, Love in Difficult Times) revealing a talent for accounting, and Carlota (Ana Fernández, The Protected) finding her voice.

Cable Girls: Season 3, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, September 7, exclusively on Netflix.

Harcelée (Harassed) (France)

Armelle Deutsch (Pigalle, la nuit) stars in this drama telefilm as Karine, a young mother who can’t find a job after three years of maternity leave.

Then she meets Antoine (Thibault de Montalembert, Call My Agent!), the father of her daughter’s best friend and a senior manager in a large company, who offers Karine a job. Delighted to be professionally active again, she throws herself completely into her work, but then things take a turn for the worse when Antoine begins to obsessively harass her, both professionally and personally.

Co-starring Lannick Gautry (Vanished by the Lake), Marie Barrouillet (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets), and Caroline Tillette (Plus belle la vie), Harcelée premieres in the US on Friday, September 7, at 8:30 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.

Six Dreams (Spain)

There seems to be a new trend in sports docu-series these days: ones about international football (soccer) clubs. Following Netflix’s First Team: Juventus and Amazon’s All or Nothing: Manchester City, this new Prime Original series offers an exclusive and unprecedented look into La Liga, the first division of professional football in Spain.

Unlike First Team or All of Nothing, each of which follows one team, Six Dreams follows the stories of six people during the 2017-18 league season: three players (Saúl Ñíguez of Atlético Madrid, Iñaki Williams of Athletic Bilbao, and Andrés Guardado of Real Betis), one coach (Eduardo Berrizo of Athletic Bilbao), one sports director (Quique Carcel of Girona FC), and a club president (Amaia Gorostiza of SD Eibar).

Six Dreams, the first Prime Original series from Spain and in the Spanish language, premieres in the US on Friday, September 7, exclusively on Prime Video.

On My Skin (Sulla mia pelle) (Italy)

This film tells the incredible true story behind the most controversial Italian court cases in recent years. Alessandro Borghi (Suburra: Blood on Rome) stars as Stefano Cucchi, a 31-year-old former heroin addict who is arrested for possession of hashish and cocaine and then beaten so fiercely by the police that he dies in custody a week later.

On My Skin, a Netflix Original film, premieres globally on Wednesday, September 12, exclusively on Netflix. You can add it to your queue now.

Conviction (Femmes de loi) (France)

Natacha Amal (Commissaire Moulin) stars in this crime drama series as public prosecutor Élisabeth Brochène, who teams up with a police lieutenant to solve cases that involve some of France’s most notorious murderers and criminals.

With stories that are ripped from the headlines, the show delves into the psychology of criminals and law enforcement officials while presenting the police investigation and judicial prosecution of cases — like the long-running American series Law & Order. Each episode includes a self-contained story that features a different investigation, with crimes ranging from robberies and kidnappings to drug trafficking.

The series opener on Eurochannel is “Flight Plan” (“La fille de l’air”), which finds Prosecutor Brochene working to dismantle a drug-trafficking network run by a young psychopath nicknamed Alex (Alexandre de Seze, Mafiosa). Assisting her for the first time is Lieutenant Éléna Cortès (Aylin Prandi, El Marginal), a young cop with a painful secret who is as troubled as she is effective.

Conviction (Femmes de loi)
Conviction (Femmes de loi): Noémie Elbaz as Lieutenant Émilie Jeanson and Natacha Amal as Prosecutor Élisabeth Brochène — Photo courtesy of Eurochannel

Aylin Prandi co-stars in the first seven of the 20 episodes that will screen on Eurochannel, and the remainder co-star Noémie Elbaz (Caméra café) as Lieutenant Émilie Jeanson. The series also features Charles Lelaure (Nicolas Le Floch) and Thierry Desroses (C.I.D.).

Conviction premieres in the US on Monday, September 17, at 9 PM ET, on Eurochannel.

Inspector Coliandro: Season 3 (L’ispettore Coliandro) (Italy)

Giampaolo Morelli (Song of Napoli) returns as the handsome and lovable but not-so-swift detective for the third season of Inspector Coliandro — the crime comedy series based on the protagonist in the “Coliandro” novels, short stories, and comics by the show’s creator and writer, Carlo Lucarelli (Detective De Luca).

Set in Bologna, the new season opens with a story that is classic (clueless) Coliandro: He falls for a woman he believes is a local hospital nurse. In reality she’s an international assassin that secret service agents from around the globe are trying to silence. Permanently.

(Video is from Season 2)

Inspector Coliandro: Season 3 premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, September 18, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon US.

Noir Enigma (Black Enigma) (France)

In this made-for-TV thriller movie, a student is shot dead in front of a renowned bakery in Paris. But there is no murder weapon, no suspect, and nothing in the victim’s past or present that offers a clue about the killer’s identity. So Inspector Rousseau (César Awards winner Patrick Chesnais, La lectrice) and Commander Mariella de Luca (Camille Panonacle, The Missionaries) will have to do everything they can to figure out who the culprit is and bring the killer to justice.

Noir Enigma: Andréa Ferréol as Albina Destouches — Photo courtesy of TV5Monde USA

Co-starring César Awards nominees Andréa Ferréol (The Last Metro) and Rufus (Amélie), Noir Enigma premieres in the US on Friday, September 21, at 8:30 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.

Lockout (Fuoco amico: Tf45 – Eroe per amore) (Italy)

Raoul Bova (Under the Tuscan Sun, The Octopus) stars in this eight-part action drama as Captain Enea De Santis, one of the most effective soldiers in the Italian army and the leader of Task Force 45, an elite unit within the Italian Special Forces. While leading a mission in Afghanistan, he meets and quickly becomes intimately involved with local beauty Samira (Megan Montaner, Grand Hotel), who happens to be the daughter of a noted terrorist involved in a recent massacre.

Concurrent with carrying out his official duties for Italy’s peace-keeping operations, Enea also searches for the truth behind his father’s disappearance in the zone. As soon as he starts untangling a conspiracy involving unscrupulous speculators, pharmaceutical companies, terrorists, and corrupt Italian Secret Service agents, he must fight to stay alive while also defending innocent lives.

Co-starring Andrea Sartoretti (Romanzo Criminale), Romina Mondello (The Octopus), Giorgia Sinicorni (Inspector Coliandro), Davide Paganini (Nero Wolfe), and Luca Lionello (Anti-Mafia Squad), Lockout premieres in the US on Tuesday, September 25, at 7 PM ET/ 7:30 PM PT, on Eurochannel.

Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries: Season 2 (France)

This suspenseful mystery-crime thriller series returns with new feature-length episodes based on the novels Remember Me, The Cradle Will Fall, and The Lost Years by American author Mary Higgins Clark, aka is the Queen of Suspense and the all-time best-selling fiction author in France.

“Remember Me” (“Souviens-toi”) — Following the acciental death of their son five years earlier, Émilie (Émilie Dequenne, The Missing) and Marc Auclair (Patrick Mille, Le viol) move to a beachfront home with their newborn daughter to start life anew. Soon after they arrive, Émilie meets Vincent Rivière (Benjamin Bellecour, Kabul Kitchen), hears his story, and decides to defend him against the charge of murdering his wife.

Meanwhile, there are strange occurrences in the house, and Émilie hears sounds, including the voice of her dead son. Even though she learns the house has a macabre history, Émilie’s loved ones are still concerned about her mental health, especially Marc, who’s considering having her committed to a psychiatric hospital. Either Émilie is sinking into madness or she’s the victim of a sinister plot…

The Cradle Will Fall (La clinique du docteur H) — Cathy (Elodie Frenck, Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games), a magistrate in a small town, is in a car accident after meeting her lover, Eric (Thomas Jouannet, Contact). While hospitalized at a clinic, a groggy, drugged-up Cathy thinks she sees a man putting a woman’s body in the trunk of a car. Cathy later learns that Eric’s wife has been found dead and he’s the prime suspect in her murder.

The situation gets more complicated as Serge (Nicolas Marié, The Forest), Cathy’s husband, is the examining judge on the homicide case, and his finding out about his wife’s affair will doom Eric. To help save her lover, Cathy conducts her own investigation and discovers unsettling things about both Eric and Dr. H. (Aurélien Recoing, The Returned), who is hiding a secret connected to the case.

The Lost Years (Les années perdues) — Upon returning home to Provence after living in Singapore, Marie Launey (Sarah Adler, Jellyfish) learns from her older sister, Juliette (Julie-Anne Roth, Remember), that their mother Catherine’s (Anne Alvaro, Spiral) Alzheimer’s has progressed. Worse news follows: Marie’s father is found stabbed to death in the family home, with Catherine holding the weapon near his lifeless body.

Captain Santini (Jean-Jérôme Esposito, Caïn) sees this as an open-and-shut murder case, but Marie believes her mother is innocent and launches her own investigation to prove it. The thing is, there are more questions than answers. Did Marie’s father, an art restorer, stumble upon a counterfeit racket? Did the curator know the painting The Deposition of Christ at his museum is a worthless copy? And who is this Uncle Daniel (Didier Sandre, Nicolas Le Floch) that Catherine seems to be confusing with her late husband? As Marie digs deeper, she puts her life in danger.

Mary Higgins Clark: Season 2 premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, September 25, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon US.

Norsemen: Season 2 (Vikingane) (Norway)

The winner of the 2017 Gullruten Award (Norway’s version of the Emmy®) for Best Comedy Series, this parody comedy-drama series’ second season is set in 791, a year after the events in Season 1. The narrative continues to follow the everyday life of the Vikings from the village of Norheim, as well as the constant threat from Jarl Varg (Jon Øigarden, Mammon). Love is flourishing and new friendships are formed among the Norheim Vikings, who have been benefiting from wealth and power after they found the sea road to the west. However, they are still challenged by power struggles, dirty games, deaths, and jealousy.

(Video is from Season 1)

The series stars Kåre Conradi (Shetland), Nils Jørgen Kaalstad (Lilyhammer), Silje Torp (Dag), Trond Fausa (The Innocents), Marian Saastad Ottesen (Lilyhammer), Mikkel Bratt Silset (Valkyrien), Christian Skolmen (Struggle for Life), and Ingar Helge Gimle (Acquitted).

Norsemen: Season 2, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Wednesday, September 26, exclusively on Netflix.

Code 37: Sex Crimes: Season 3 (Code 37) (Belgium)

Veerle Baetens (Tabula Rasa, The Team, Beyond the Walls) is back as Hannah Maes, the badass chief inspector of the Ghent police department’s vice squad, for the third and final season of this bingeable Belgian crime drama.

Season 3 opens with a two-part story (a rework of the 2011 Code 37 feature film) in which Hannah and her team — veteran cop Charles (Marc Lauwrys, Tom & Harry), alpha male cop Bob (Michael Pas, Cordon), and tech guru Kevin (Gilles De Schrijver, The Missing) — discover a prostitution ring of college students while investigating the assault of a famous author.

Amid the rape and rape-related suicide and murder cases, Hana has more to bear than usual, including the deaths of a colleague and a family member.

[fvplayer src=”https://72ld18.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/CODE-37_-SEX-CRIMES-PRESS-TRAILER.mp4″ splash=”https://72ld18.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Code-37-Sex-Crimes-S2.jpg” width=”640″ height=”360″]

Regular cast members returning for the final season include Geert Van Rampelberg (Salamander) as Hannah’s neighbor Koen Verberk, Carry Goossens (Professor T.) as her father Robert, and Ben Segers (Café Majestic) as her boss Mark Vermaelen. Joining the cast are Mieke De Groote (Hotel Beau Séjour), Herman Gilis (Framed), and Kristof Verhassel (The Score).

Code 37: Sex Crimes: Season 3 premieres in the US on Thursday, September 27, exclusively on Walter Presents and the Walter Presents channel on Amazon US.

L’épreuve d’amour (The Love Test) (France)

Cannes Film Festival winner Marie-Josée Croze (The Barbarian Invasions) and Fred Testot (La Mante) star in this made-for-TV drama movie as Marielle and Paul Monteil, a couple who’ve been married for almost twenty years. One day she has a shock when she finds him wearing one of her dresses.

Paul is secretly ashamed of his male body, and Marielle has never caught on to his suffering. Yet in the midst of being dazed and confused, she realizes her love for him goes beyond his appearance. However, emotions erupt all around when Paul tries to commit suicide.

L’épreuve d’amour premieres in the US on Friday, September 28, at 8:30 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.


Un village français (A French Village) (France)

The seventh and final season of this acclaimed drama — about the German occupation of France during World War II and its effects on the inhabitants of the small (fictional) village of Villeneuve — alternates between 1945 and 1975 and features scenes set in 1953 and 2003.

While Daniel (Robin Renucci, Chefs) does what he believes is best for Hortense (Audrey Fleurot, Spiral), who seems to be slipping into madness, an accident and a strike at the sawmill inflames tensions between villagers in December 1945. In the later years we witness the vivid memories, bitter resentments, and devastating effects of the occupation on survivors, as well as their questions about the past, which have lingered for decades.

Un village français: Robin Renucci as Daniel Larcher and Audrey Fleurot as Hortense Larcher — Photo courtesy of TV5Monde USA

Featuring Thierry Godard (Spiral), Marie Kremer (Caïn), Emmanuelle Bach (Spin), and François Loriquet (Paris), Un village français begins airing Wednesday, September 12, at 11 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.

The Octopus: Complete Series (La piovra) (Italy)

A global phenomenon and arguably the most popular popular Italian television series in the world, this acclaimed Mafia drama that ran ten seasons between 1984 and 2001 is a classic. Michele Placido (The Last Godfather) starred in the first four seasons as Corrado Cattani, the Chief Inspector of the police in Sicily, who discovers just how far and wide the Mafia’s tentacles extend into every echelon of society.

The Octopus (La piovra)
The Octopus (La piovra): Michele Placido as Commissario Corrado Cattani — Image courtesy of MHz Choice

The Octopus: Complete Series begins streaming in the US on Tuesday, September 18, exclusively on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon US.


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