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Netflix has added two new titles to its ever-growing list of Network Original Series from Europe, and the streaming and production giant is promising to announce even more this year.


“The world’s leading internet television network” currently has more than 100 million members in 190+ countries. One way Netflix aims to keep those figures growing is to invest in locally-produced content, and the Euro TV series described below are just two of at least a half dozen new Netflix Original Series the company is bringing from script to screen.

Dogs of Berlin

Dogs of Berlin, the second German Global Netflix Original Series after Dark (which is slated to premiere later this year), tells the story of two contrasting Berlin police detectives who are obligated to team up in a battle against the capital city’s underworld and thereby forced to confront their own weaknesses and criminal activities. Ultimately, they must decide which side of the law they are actually on.

Produced by Syrreal Entertainment (Tatort), this modern, edgy drama will be written and directed by the multiple award-winning Christian Alvart (Antibodies, Pandorum, Case 39), who also serves as showrunner. Said Alvart about the new series:

“To develop a 10-episode show that combines innovative storytelling with complex and unique characters is very exciting for me as an author and director. I wanted to tell the story of these Dogs for quite some time and am very much looking forward to finally bringing them to life… “

Dogs of Berlin will be written, produced, and shot entirely in Germany, and will launch in 2018 exclusively to Netflix members globally.


Netflix is following up Marseille, its first French Global Original Series (whose Season 2 is currently in production), with a second one: Osmosis. Set in Paris in the near future, Osmosis is a sci-fi drama filled with romance and mystery about technology’s final frontier: love.

The story centers on the intersection of love and technology by way of the new dating app, Osmosis, which turns the concept of absolute soulmate into a reality. Rather than sifting through analyses of profile data and questionnaire answers, the Osmosis app decodes true love by digging deep into a user’s brain data to find his or her perfect match with 100% accuracy.

Sounds kind of creepy, but that’s kind of the point, as Osmosis the series asks, is there a price to pay for letting an algorithm decide whom you love, for allowing technology to access the innermost recesses of your mind and the best-kept secrets of your heart in exchange for undying, ageless love? (Also sounds like what could be a storyline from Netflix’s Black Mirror, non?)

The series’ showrunner is Audrey Fouché (The Returned, Borgia), and Aude Albano and Claude Chelli are producing Osmosis for Capa Drama (Versailles, Braquo). Said Fouché about her first project as showrunner:

“In this eight episode series, the future I have imagined holds a mirror to present day mixing an eternal question – ‘what is love?’ – with ultra-technological answers, sometimes incredibly seducing, sometimes extremely dangerous.”

Based on an idea originally produced by Telfrance (Newen Group) & Arte France, Osmosis will be shot entirely in France; production is expected to start in 2018.

And there are even more Netflix Original Euro TV series coming our way. According to Erik Barmack, Vice President of International Originals at Netflix, “This [Osmosis] will also be one of at least six new European original series to be announced before the end of 2017, with the promise of more French content that we are thrilled to be working on.”

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New Netflix Original Series from Germany and France for Euro TV Enthusiasts
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