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Stateside Euro TV fans, rejoice! The second season of Dicte has finally arrived on this side of the fjords and it’s available for your binge-watching pleasure at Netflix starting today.

Iben Hjejle as Dicte
Dicte – Iben Hjejle as Dicte Svendsen – Photo by Per Arnesen © Miso Film

We’ve waited more than a year for Season 2 of Dicte, but hey, that’s less than the roughly two years it took for the crime drama’s first season to get to the US from Denmark.

And now that the second season is here, I have already set aside 7.5 hours for the five new stories told over ten 45-minute episodes, so expect a review in the next few days. (It’s unlikely that I’ll watch them all in one sitting, but then again, you never know.)

If you’re unfamiliar with Dicte, the series is based on the crime novels by Danish journalist and bestselling author Elsebeth Egholm, and stars 2014 Robert Festival Best Actress nominee Iben Hjejle (Dag, Klovn) as Dicte Svendsen, a divorced single mother and crime reporter for Dagbladet, a local newspaper in Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city.

In Season 1, Dicte returns home to Aarhus from Copenhagen with her daughter, Rose (Emilie Kruse), after her marriage to the philandering Torsten (Best Supporting Actor nominee Lars Ranthe, The Hunt, Adam’s Apples) ended in divorce. It is through her work at Dagbladet that she meets and begins working alongside police investigator John Wagner (Best Actor nominee Lars Brygmann, Unit One, Lulu & Leon) and news photographer and future boyfriend Bo Skytte (Best Supporting Actor nominee Dar Salim, Borgen, Game of Thrones).

Dicte: Dar Salim & Iben Hjejle
Dicte: (L-R) Dar Salim as Bo Skytte, Iben Hjejle as Dicte Svendsen – Photo © Miso Film

Season 2 opens with “Dreams and Diamonds” (“Drømme og Diamanter“), in which Dicte’s estranged father reaches out to her after many years, but their would-be reunion is tragically cut short before it even starts. Meanwhile, the body of a murdered young woman is discovered at a hotel, and Dicte and Bo meet Rose’s new boyfriend.

In “Passion and Chains” (“Lidenskab og Lænker“), Dicte and Wagner investigate the killing of an S&M dominatrix. On the personal front, the relationship between Dicte and Bo heats up while she must deal with Rose’s desire to move out. Then there’s the new relationship between Torsten and Dicte’s best friend, Anne (Lærke Winther, Bankerot, Those Who Kill), who’ve started dating.

“Presence and Absence” (“Nærvær og Fravær“) finds Dicte and Wagner searching for a 12-year-old girl who goes missing from a party, and Bo moving in with Dicte. In “Goals and Means” (“Mål og Midler“), a local football player is killed and Dicte is threatened after writing an exposé about match-fixing, which might involve Rose’s boyfriend.

And in “Law and Duty” (“Ret og Pligt“), Dicte desperately tries to help Wagner clear his name after he is imprisoned for two murders (in a story arc that begins in this season’s first episode), including that of his secret lover, Grace (Tanya Moodie, Sherlock, Prime Suspect), while also trying to make peace with both her daughter and estranged mother.

Produced by Miso Film, Dicte will also screen in the UK on Walter Presents.

Filming started in October on the third season of Dicte, which costars Søren Malling (Borgen, The Killing) and Stine Stengade (Flame and Citron, The Spider).


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Dicte: Netflix US Now Streaming Season 2 of Hit Danish Crime Drama
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