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As the second season of The Legacy completes its run in the UK and Euro TV fans the world over await the third season of The Bridge, Carsten Bjørnlund and Sofia Helin are busy at work on the new sci-fi film Fang Rung (w/t).

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Danish actor Carsten Bjørnlund (The Legacy, Rita) and Swedish actress Sofia Helin (The Bridge, Arn: The Knight Templar) lead the cast of Fang Rung, the first feature film from award-winning documentary filmmaker Max Kestner (Dreams in Copenhagen).

Fang Rung is set in 2095, in a world of ecological disaster where the seas have risen and Copenhagen, behind fortified dams, has survived the flood… for now. Meanwhile, all natural fresh water has disappeared.

But scientists experimenting with time travel have discovered a possible way to remedy the situation. So the Ministry of Defense sends the head of scientific security, Fang Rung (well, they send half of him), back in time to 2015, where he contacts scientist Mona Lindkvist about her discovery of a protein that can transform saltwater into freshwater.

Fang Rung succeeds in sending Lindkvist’s groundbreaking research forward in time to 2095, and everything is copacetic until contact between the two periods is broken, and the half of Fang Rung that got sent to 2015 is stranded in the past. Now with a bigger personal problem than than the societal one he solved, he must travel back to 2015 to retrieve his lost half and bring it home to the future-now.

Currently filming in Copenhagen, Fang Rung will include special effects that transform the capital of Denmark into a changed city — an underwater one that the audience will recognize, but where everything has changed.

The film also features Marijana Jankovic (The Keeper of Lost Causes), Dragomir Mrsic (Crossing Lines), Stina Ekblad (Wallander), Thomas Hwan (Someone You Love), and Joseph Mawle (The Tunnel).

Dunja Gry Jensen (Terribly Happy, Unit One) wrote the screenplay for Fang Rung, which is produced by Birgitte Skov (The Good Heart) for SF Film Production with support from the Danish Film Institute.

The film is co-produced with Tre Vänner, Yellow Film & TV in cooperation with Nordisk Film Shortcut, Chimney and Red Rental Ystad. The film has also received support from the Nordic Film & TV Fund, the Swedish Film Institute, the Finnish Film Foundation, SVT, YLE, and Creative Europe MEDIA.

Fang Rung is expected to premiere in Denmark in the fall of 2016.

Source: Danish Film Institute


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Carsten Bjørnlund, Sofia Helin Filming Sci-Fi Thriller Fang Rung
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