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MHz Choice has announced its slate for July 2024, which includes the North American premiere of Belgian drama Under Fire, new travel documentaries, and more.

Under Fire (Onder Vuur)
Under Fire (Onder Vuur) — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

With July 2024 comes Paris 2024, aka the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, as well as le 14 juillet, better known as Bastille Day. So, if you’re not physically traveling to the City of Light next month, let MHz Choice transport you there with its programming!

But first, Belgium and Germany…

Under Fire (Onder Vuur) (Belgium)

A bilingual Flemish- and Dutch-language series, this drama centers on a tight-knit, headstrong group of firefighters, who, in the ten-episode first season, get shaken up by an abrupt change of leadership. Then, after a fatal error during an intervention, they come under scrutiny and must fight for the survival of their beloved East Bank Fire Station.

Under Fire (Onder Vuur)
Under Fire (Onder Vuur) — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

The cast includes Louis Talpe (Hotel Beau Séjour), Lien de Grave (Professor T), Wouter Bruneel (Hidden Assets), and Aimé Claeys (The Twelve), amongst others.

Under Fire: Season 1 premieres Tuesday, July 2.

Alice Nevers: Season 7 (France)

Marine Delterme (Coco Chanel) and Jean-Michel Tinivelli (Murder in Tahiti) return as criminal prosecutor Alice Nevers and her personal and professional partner, police captain Fred Marquand, in new episodes of this crime drama, derived from the long-running series Le juge est une femme. (Video is from Season 6)

Alice Nevers: Season 7 premieres Tuesday, July 9.

At Our Neighbour’s Table (Zu Tisch in…) (Germany)

This travelogue serves up culinary treasures by the people who know them best: farmers, winegrowers, chefs, and fishermen, amongst others. The first season’s thirteen episodes explore regional cuisines across Europe — including rural France, Spain, southern Italy, and islands off the coasts of Germany and Denmark — showcasing how personal and local the art of cooking can be. As we visit these people and accompany them through their everyday life, we get to see their soup-to-nuts process of making a local meal, from gathering the ingredients to prepping and cooking.

At Our Neighbour's Table (Zu Tisch in...)
At Our Neighbour’s Table — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

At Our Neighbour’s Table: Season 1 premieres Tuesday, July 9.

Five days after the first season of At Our Neighbour’s Table drops stateside, Francophiles across the globe will celebrate Bastille Day on July 14. With or without a bit of French wine, a baguette, and some Camembert, dig into some of the best French TV series available in the US and Canada on MHz Choice, such as the wine-related Blood of the Vine, historical dramas A French Village and Paris Police 1900, smart and quirky whodunit series Alexandra Ehle and The Art of Crime, gritty crime drama series Spiral, period mystery-crime drama series Nicolas Le Floch, and comedy-drama series Nona and Her Daughters, amongst others.

Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day
Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day 2016 — Photo by Lettucecup (CC BY-SA 4.0), resized

The Sea Beyond: Season 4 (Mare fuori) (Italy)

Set in Naples, this drama follows the lives of the young men and women serving time in a juvenile detention center, centering on Filippo (Nicolas Maupas, Un professore) and Carmine (Massimiliano Caiazzo, Filumena Marturano), who have each made tragic mistakes that landed them behind bars. Filippo comes from a wealthy family in Milan while Carmine is a Naples local who got caught up with his family’s criminal rival. They would never have had reason to meet outside of the juvenile detention walls, yet here they form a bond and alliance to survive. (Video is from Season 3)

The Sea Beyond: Season 4 premieres Tuesday, July 16.

Versailles: Life Behind the Scenes (France)

Whether you’ve visited the Palace of Versailles, seen it in the aforementioned Nicolas Le Floch, or neither, it’s a good bet that you know about it. But here’s what you might not have thought about: Behind this historical marvel are hundreds of workers, invisible to visitors, who ensure that the chateau and its grounds are impeccable. For the first time, the curators, gardeners, painters, transporters, photographers, musicians, site managers, watchmakers, and technicians at Versailles reveal the secrets of their crafts in this six-episode docuseries.

Versailles: Life Behind the Scenes
Versailles: Life Behind the Scenes — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Versailles: Life Behind the Scenes, an MHz Choice Exclusive, premieres Tuesday, July 16.

Captain Marleau: new episodes (Capitaine Marleau) (France)

Corinne Masiero (The Last Panthers, The Churchmen) returns as the offbeat Captain Marleau in new feature-length episodes of this fan-favorite mystery-crime dramedy series, in which the quirky cop investigates crimes, pieces together the truth, and solves murder mysteries in her own inimitable style. (Video is from Season 4)

The new episodes of Captain Marleau premiere on Tuesday, July 23.

Eiffel Tower: Life Behind the Scenes (France)

As with the Versailles series above, this three-episode docuseries gives viewers a first-ever behind-the-scenes look at the everyday life of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Believe it or not, a whopping 620 people work daily at la tour Eiffel — from cashiers, cooks, carpenters, shop assistants, and elevator/lift operators, to mechanics, electricians, maintenance workers, security agents, and even mountaineers(!). Through their eyes and their passion, we discover how they care for the most famous French landmark and keep its magic alive.

Eiffel Tower: Life Behind the Scenes
Eiffel Tower: Life Behind the Scenes — Photo © Getty Images, courtesy of MHz Choice

Eiffel Tower: Life Behind the Scenes, an MHz Choice Exclusive, premieres Tuesday, July 23.

Grand Tour of Switzerland (Germany)

This travelogue takes viewers past palms in the South, snow in the Alps, and the crystalline lakes and untamed rivers of the hinterlands. Via trips on train, ship, and mail van, as well as the cable railway along the famous Grand Tour de Suisse (which winds through both town and country), the three-part program takes viewers on a 1,600-kilometer journey across four language regions, five Alpine passes, eleven UNESCO World Heritage sites, two biospheres, and 22 lakes, with stops to explore the cities of Basel, Zurich, Lucerne, Lausanne, and Locarno. In other words, the best that Switzerland has to offer!

Grand Tour of Switzerland
Grand Tour of Switzerland: Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau Mountains — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Grand Tour of Switzerland, an MHz Choice Exclusive, premieres Tuesday, July 30.

Legendary Grand Hotels (Germany)

Travel back in time with this docuseries and visit the greatest luxury hotels in the world, known as the Grand Hotels, which stand out as true legends for their opulence, not to mention the numerous myths and legends regarding their famous guests. Across four episodes, the program whisks us off to the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem, Le Bristol in Paris, Hotel Adlon in Berlin, and Beau-Rivage in Geneva, using rarely-seen archival film and photos — revealing the surprising stories that make the hotels the marvels they are today.

Legendary Grand Hotels
Legendary Grand Hotels: American Colony Hotel — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Legendary Grand Hotels, an MHz Choice Exclusive, premieres Tuesday, July 30.

Murder in…: Season 13 (France)

This popular mystery anthology series returns with a new season that takes viewers to more beautiful locations across France. (Video is from Season 12)

Murder in…: Season 13 premieres Tuesday, July 30.

All of the above titles are set to premiere in the US and Canada on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Prime Channels, starting on the dates shown above. (Scheduling changes can occur at any time and without prior notice.) Also, unless otherwise noted, all programs are shown in their original language(s) with English subtitles.


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MHz Choice in July 2024 Brings Belgian Drama “Under Fire” & More to the US & Canada