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The new sci-fi mystery thriller series Vortex starring French TV and film star Tomer Sisley is heading to Netflix in the US and most of its other territories.

Vortex: (L-R) Éric Pucheu as Nathan Leroy, Tomer Sisley as Ludovic Béguin — Photo courtesy of Netflix

Award-winning actor Tomer Sisley (Balthazar, Messiah, Philharmonia) leads the cast of the new sci-fi mystery-crime thriller miniseries Vortex as Ludovic Béguin, a captain in the judicial police in Brest.

It’s 2025, and virtual reality (VR) technology has progressed to the point where it has become a valuable crime-solving tool for the police. Reminiscent of the holodeck in the Star Trek universe, this technology lets Ludovic analyze details large and small of the crime scene where a woman was found drowned on a beach — without having to be there. But the VR is not without glitches, and it is precisely because of a glitch that Ludovic is able to reconnect with Mélanie (Camille Claris, Caïn), the mother of his daughter, Juliette (Anaïs Parello, Parlement), and the love of his life — a woman long dead.

This glitch has allowed a temporal rift to open, so Ludovic can communicate with Mélanie before her death 27 years ago. Interestingly, she died on the same beach in Brest as the deceased woman in Ludovic’s current investigation. As he delves further into both cases, he discovers that the deaths of both women are connected: they were both murdered.

Ludovic desperately wants to save Mélanie from the killer, but changing the past has consequences in the present, thanks to the butterfly effect. For Ludovic, preventing Mélanie’s death could cost him his own life in the here and now, the one it took him so long to rebuild and that has given him his new wife, Parvana (Zineb Triki, The Bureau), and their son, Sam.

The six-part series is created and written by Camille Couasse (Nina) and Sarah Farkas (Munch), and costars Éric Pucheu (The Bonfire of Destiny).

Vortex premieres in the US and others of Netflix’s territories (outside France) on Friday, June 2, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)


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Vortex: French Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller Starring Tomer Sisley Heading to Netflix
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