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MHz Choice has announced its slate for June 2023, which includes Euro TV series and telefilms from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, and Italy.

What Pauline Is Not Telling You
What Pauline Is Not Telling You: Ophelia Kolb as Pauline — Photo credit: Gilles Gustine / France Télévisions / Gaumont Télévision, courtesy of MHz Choice

The June 2023 slate on MHz Choice is filled with new and returning dramas, mysteries and thrillers, plus a comedy to round things out. Below is the full schedule.


Monterossi (Italy)

Based on the novels Questa non è una canzone d’amore and Di rabbia e di vento by Alessandro Robecchi, this limited series crime thriller stars Fabrizio Bentivoglio (The Name of the Rose, Rose Island) as Carlo Monterossi, a famous but unhappy now-former television writer in Milan who decides to leave the popular show he helped create. The first episode without him at the helm is about to debut when someone tries to murder him at home. No stranger to scripted drama and with time on his hands, Monterossi launches his own investigation into who tried to kill him and why. Potential suspects keep leading to more questions and increasingly dangerous characters, as Carlo becomes a less-than-welcome part of the detective team investigating the matter.

Movie of the Week: Family Business (L’esprit de famille) (France)

This drama sees brothers Max (Michaël Youn, Divorce Club) and Yvan (Ary Abittan, Serial Bad Weddings) called upon to be potential kidney donors for their little sister, Hélène (Marie Denarnaud, Black Butterflies).

What Pauline Is Not Telling You (Ce que Pauline ne vous dit pas) (France)

Ophélia Kolb (Rebecca, Call My Agent!) stars in this limited series drama as Pauline, the ex-wife of a man who dies in his garden, and the person who calls emergency services a bit too clumsily and way too late. She does a bad job of trying to justify her actions, and everything seems to point to her as his killer, to where even her eight-year-old son thinks she’s guilty. With a skilled police investigator on the case, the new examining magistrate quickly identifying a motive, the involvement of social services, and the hypocrisy and rage of her former in-laws, the fragile and unpredictable Pauline has no words left to defend herself, so she chooses to remain silent. Does this mean she did it?

Costars include Sylvie Testud (Capitain Marleau), Kévin Azaïs (Laetitia), Hélène Alexandridis (Alter Ego), Guillaume Marquet (The Inside Game), Pierre Arditi (Blood of the Vine), and Grégoire Oestermann (UFOs), amongst others.


Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games: The ’70s (Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie) (France)

Under the umbrella series Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie comes this 1970s-set series of whodunits, which follows the the 1930s-set The Little Murders of Agatha Christie and the colorful, 1950s-set Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games.

Here the collars are wide, the sunglasses are huge, and flares are everywhere. Captain Annie Gréco (Emilie Gavois-Kahn, Le Code) shows up at the Lille police department as its first female captain. The chauvinism is ever-present even as Gréco immediately runs circles around her hapless male underlings. She acquires her first trusted investigative partner with the unlikely Max Beretta (Arthur Dupont, Osmosis), who was marooned in the archives after some hothead behavior following a perceived slight by a colleague. He’s always a hair-trigger away from throwing a punch (or worse) but he’s observant and motivated. Rose Bellacour (Chloé Chaudoye, The Paris Murders) rounds out the mismatched trio as a gifted amateur psychologist. Her outfits may scream peak 1970s fashion, but her mind is built for a more modern age. Rose is rich and doesn’t technically need a job, but she’s too smart to settle for being a rich guy’s wife.

As with its predecessors, the decade of the ’70s is a character unto itself in this series, with richly decorated sets in tones of orange and brown, vintage cars, and a distinctly psychedelic feel accompanying each mystery. The burgeoning field of psychology and emergence of more women in traditionally male roles provides some light humor and obstacles the characters often face. Each of the four feature-length episodes is based on a work by the Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie.

Movie of the Week: Secret Mountain (Ein Dorf wehrt sich: Das Geheimnis von Altaussee) (Austria)

Set in the last days of WWII, this historical drama sees brave miners save Europe’s largest stolen art treasure from being destroyed by Nazis, after Gauleiter Eigruber (Philipp Hochmair, Charité) orders the salt mine where the art is stored to be blasted. The cast includes Fritz Karl (Maximilian), Brigitte Hobmeier (Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood), Harald Windisch (Vienna Blood), Norman Hacker (Corsage), and Verena Altenberger (Murder by the Lake), amongst others.


Inspector Rex: Season 5 (Kommissar Rex) (Austria-Germany)

This popular light police drama series, which has spawned Canadian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Slovak remakes, returns with another season that follows police dog Rex as he investigates crimes and solves mysteries with his human partner on the streets of Vienna. (Video is from Season 4)

Movie of the Week: In the Shadow of Fear (Im Schatten der Angst) (Austria)

Julia Koschitz (Hotel Sacher) stars in this thriller as Dr. Karla Eckhardt, an intuitive psychiatrist who is hired by the public prosecutor to assess the behavior of Carsten Spanger (Justus von Dohnányi, Charité), after the twisted architect kidnapped and abused a woman.

The New Nurses: Season 5 (Sygeplejeskolen) (Denmark)

Following on from the events in Season 4, the latest season of this popular period drama, set in Copenhagen in summer 1954, sees Fredenslund Hospital being renovated to prepare for the merger with Saint Helene, and the hospital’s Governor breathing down the necks of the construction workers to get them to finish on time.

Anna (Molly Blixt Egelind, The Lawyer), Bjørn (Jesper Groth, Riders of Justice), Peter (Mikkel Hilgart, DNA), Aksel (Jakob Åkerlind, Darkness: Those Who Kill), and Marie (Andrea Heick Gadeberg, Chosen) have started their second year of nursing studies, which means an ever-greater workload and more responsibility for the patients. The students also learn more about the profession in England when a small group of English nursing students comes to visit Fredenslund.

At the hospital, Anna finds herself in situations that force her to make quick, difficult, and critical choices to save her patients. In life outside Fredenslund, she and Ole (Kasper Dalsgaard, Rita) are happy, but beneath the surface, Anna worries about the direction of their future life together. And Nina (Katrine Greis-Rosenthal, Face to Face) and Bent (Jens Jørn Spottag, DNA) hide just how far along Nina’s pregnancy is to cover up the fact that she is expecting Dr. Neumann’s (Jon Lange, Couple Trouble) child. But when John announces that he is a bachelor again, it leads to longing gazes between him and Nina. Meanwhile, Bent is thrilled at the prospect of becoming the father.


Alice Nevers: Season 5 (France)

Marine Delterme (Coco Chanel) and Jean-Michel Tinivelli (Murder in Tahiti) return as criminal prosecutor Alice Nevers and her personal and professional partner, police captain Fred Marquand, in ten new episodes of this crime drama, derived from the long-running series Le juge est une femme. (Video is from Season 4)

Homicide Hills: Season 3 (Mord mit Aussicht) (Germany)

In this long-running crime comedy series, Detective Sophie Haas (Caroline Peters, Tatort) is transferred from Cologne to the (fictional) rural town of Hengasch in the Eifel mountains, where she leads a police force of two officers — Sergeant Dietmar Schäffer (Bjarne Mädel, Crime Scene Cleaner) and Officer Barbel Schmied (Meike Droste, Tatort: Cologne). Bummed at the lack of cases, Haas pursues every tiny lead for every small infraction. When actual crimes and murders happen, Haas is at her best and her happiest, while her officers get to do some real police work, even if Haas has to show them how. (Video is from Season 2)

Movie of the Week: Hospital Alert (Peur blanche) (France)

Alexandra Vandernoot (Perfect Murders, Highlander) stars in this thrillers as Claire Casey, an anesthetist at a mountain hospital in the French countryside, where she becomes embroiled in strange happenings and must prove her innocence after the suspicious death of a patient.

All of these titles will stream in the US and Canada exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon, starting on the dates shown above. (Note that scheduling changes can occur at any time and without prior notice.)


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Monterossi, The New Nurses, What Pauline Is Not Telling You & More on MHz Choice in June 2023