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Fans of Nordic TV programs and films, rejoice! The Viaplay streaming service is now available in the US on The Roku Channel!

Huss: Karin Franz Körlof as Katarina Huss — Photo courtesy of NENT Group

Viaplay Group announced today its multi-year partnership with Roku, which makes a broad range of Viaplay’s premium Nordic content available on The Roku Channel in the US.

Starting today, viewers with access to The Roku Channel can add a Viaplay subscription ($4.99/month or $49.99/year, both after a 7-day free trial) through Roku’s Premium Subscriptions to start enjoying more than 1,500 hours of Viaplay’s most acclaimed series and films and curated third-party content. Television content currently includes:

  1. 22 July (22 Juli) — historical drama (Norway)
  2. 100 Code — crime thriller (Sweden)
  3. Acquitted (Frikjent) — drama (Norway)
  4. Alex (Viaplay Original) — crime thriller (Sweden)
  5. The Ambassador (Ambassadören) (Viaplay Original) — comedy-drama (Sweden)
  6. Anna Pihl — crime drama (Denmark)
  7. Bad Apples (Mädät omenat) — period drama (Finland)
  8. Below (Nede) (Viaplay Original) — comedy-drama (Norway)
  9. Beneath the Surface (Gidseltagningen) — crime thriller (Denmark)
  10. Better Times (Krøniken) — period drama (Denmark)
  11. Black Lake (Svartsjön) (Viaplay Original) — horror thriller (Sweden, Denmark, Norway)
  12. Black Lake: Dystopia (Viaplay Original) — horror (Sweden)
  13. Blue Eyes (Blå ögon) — mystery thriller (Sweden)
  14. Box 21 (Roslund & Hellström: Box 21) (Viaplay Original) — crime thriller (Sweden)
  15. The Boys (Pojkar) (Viaplay Original) — drama (Denmark)
  16. Cargo (Rahti) — drama (Finland)
  17. Catch and Release — thriller (Norway)
  18. Catwalk (Catwalk – Serien) (Viaplay Original) — documentary (Sweden)
  19. The Chosen Ones (Den utvalde) — crime thriller (Sweden)
  20. A Class Apart (Zebrarummet) (Viaplay Original) — mystery-crime drama (Sweden)
  21. Conspiracy of Silence (Ingen utan skuld) (Viaplay Original) — drama thriller (Sweden)
  22. The Copenhagen Killer (Viaplay Original) — true-crime docuseries (Denmark)
  23. The Councilman (Roeng) — comedy (Norway)
  24. Countrymen (Jordbrukerne) — comedy-drama (Norway)
  25. Crime Scene Sweden (Brottsplats Sverige) (Viaplay Original) — crime drama (Sweden)
  26. Crimes of Passion — mystery-crime drama (Sweden)
  27. Delete Me (Viaplay Original) — short-form drama (Norway)
  28. Dicte — mystery-crime drama (Denmark)
  29. Dips — comedy (Sweden)
  30. DNA — mystery-crime drama (Denmark, France)
  31. The Dying Detective (Den döende detektiven) — mystery thriller (Sweden)
  32. The Eagle (Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé) — crime drama (Denmark)
  33. Eagles — drama (Sweden)
  34. Exit — drama (Norway)
  35. Fallet — crime comedy (Sweden)
  36. Farang: Dead Man Running — crime thriller (Sweden)
  37. Furia (Viaplay Original) — crime thriller (Norway)
  38. Grow — thriller (Denmark)
  39. Hammarvik (Lyckoviken) — mystery-crime drama (Sweden)
  40. Harmonica (Viaplay Original) — drama (Sweden)
  41. Home Invasion (Viaplay Original) — sci-fi comedy (Sweden)
  42. Honour (Heder) (Viaplay Original) — crime drama (Sweden)
  43. Huss (Viaplay Original) — crime drama (Sweden)
  44. Ida Takes Charge (Ida tar ansvar) (Viaplay Original) — comedy-drama (Norway)
  45. In the Mind of a Murderer (I huvudet på en mördare) (Viaplay Original) — true crime documentary (Sweden)
  46. In the Mind of a Perpetrator (I huvudet på en gärningsman) (Viaplay Original) — true-crime documentary (Sweden)
  47. Johan Falk — crime thriller (Sweden)
  48. Jordskott — crime-fantasy drama (Sweden)
  49. The Last Journey of the Vikings (Vikingernes sidste rejse) (Viaplay Original) — documentary (Sweden)
  50. The Lawyer (Advokaten) (Viaplay Original) — mystery-crime drama (Sweden)
  51. The Left Wing Gang (Blekingegade) — crime drama (Denmark)
  52. The Legacy (Arvingerne) — drama (Denmark)
  53. Liberty — crime drama (Denmark)
  54. Love Me (Älska mig) (Viaplay Original) — drama (Sweden)
  55. Maria Wern — mystery-crime drama (Sweden)
  56. Max Anger – With One Eye Open (Viaplay Original) — mystery thriller (Sweden)
  57. Midnight Sun — mystery-crime drama (Sweden, France)
  58. Modus — crime thriller (Sweden)
  59. Operation Cannabis (Viaplay Original) — true-crime docuseries (Sweden)
  60. Palme: The Murder Investigation (Palme, träsket och mordrättegångarna) (Viaplay Original) — true-crime documentary (Sweden)
  61. Park Road (Lærkevej) — comedy mystery (Denmark)
  62. Partisan (Viaplay Original) — crime thriller (Sweden)
  63. Penoza Sweden (Gåsmamman) — crime thriller (Sweden)
  64. Pernille (Pørni) (Viaplay Original) — comedy-drama (Norway)
  65. The Prize of Silence (Viaplay Original) — true-crime docuseries (Sweden)
  66. The Protectors (Livvagterne) — mystery-crime drama (Denmark)
  67. Real Humans (Äkta människor) — sci-fi thriller (Sweden)
  68. Ride Upon the Storm (Herrens veje) — drama (Denmark)
  69. A Royal Secret (En Kunglig Affär) — historical drama (Sweden)
  70. The Sandhamn Murders (Morden i Sandhamn) — mystery drama (Sweden)
  71. The Seaside Hotel (Badehotellet) — comedy-drama (Denmark)
  72. Snow Angels (Snöänglar) — mystery-crime drama (Sweden)
  73. The Spider (Edderkoppen) — period crime drama (Denmark)
  74. Sthlm Requiem (Sthlm Rekviem) — mystery-crime drama (Sweden, Germany, Belgium)
  75. Summer with the In-Laws (Sommaren med släkten) — comedy (Sweden)
  76. Sunny Side (Solsidan) — comedy-drama (Sweden)
  77. Surrounded by Enemies (Viaplay Original) — documentary (Norway, Sweden)
  78. The Swedish Terrorist (Viaplay Original) — true-crime docuseries (Sweden)
  79. Swiping (Dejta) — comedy-drama (Sweden)
  80. The Team — crime drama (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden)
  81. Thicker than Water (Tjockare än vatten) (Viaplay Original) — drama (Sweden)
  82. Thin Blue Line (Tunna blå linjen) — crime drama (Sweden)
  83. The Third Eye (Det tredje øyet) — crime drama (Norway)
  84. Threesome (Viaplay Original) — drama (Sweden)
  85. Thunder in My Heart (Viaplay Original) — drama (Sweden)
  86. Top Dog — crime thriller (Sweden, Germany)
  87. Trom (Viaplay Original) — mystery thriller (Denmark, Germany, Faroe Islands, Iceland)
  88. The Truth Will Out (Det som göms i snö) — mystery drama (Sweden)
  89. Try Hard (Viaplay Original) — comedy (Denmark)
  90. Two Sisters (Två systrar) (Viaplay Original) — drama (Sweden)
  91. Unit One (Rejseholdet) — crime drama (Denmark)
  92. Until Death Do Us Part (Tills döden skiljer oss åt) — true-crime documentary (Sweden)
  93. Veni Vidi Vici — drama (Sweden)
  94. The Viking – Downfall of a Drug Lord — true-crime drama-biopic (Denmark)
  95. Wallander — mystery-crime drama (Sweden)
  96. Where Were You (Håber du kom godt hjem) (Viaplay Original) — crime drama (Denmark)
  97. Witch Hunt (Heksejakt) — thriller (Norway)
  98. Wozniacki & Lee (Viaplay Origina) — reality-documentary (Denmark)
  99. Young and Promising (Unge lovende) — drama (Norway)

Note: Content might not include all seasons of multi-season titles.

Said Vanda Rapti, Viaplay Group Chief Commercial Officer, North America and Viaplay Select:

“Launching on The Roku Channel offers Viaplay outstanding reach in the world’s largest streaming market. Our award-winning series and films, many with internationally recognised stars, are an ideal fit for The Roku Channel’s diverse line-up of Premium Subscriptions. Premium Nordic content has a dedicated audience in the US, and fans can now experience the most stylish and thrilling stories that the region has to offer.”

A Viaplay subscription available through The Roku Channel gives stateside fans of Nordic noir crime dramas, Scandi thrillers, young adult dramas and more, a second option for accessing Viaplay content in the US. Viaplay launched in the States a year ago this month on Comcast’s Xfinity platforms. A third option will become available in early 2023, when Viaplay launches its own direct-to-consumer Viaplay app. (Stay tuned for updates.)


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Viaplay: Nordic Streaming Service Now Available on The Roku Channel in the US
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