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Modern Love Amsterdam, the brand new romantic dramedy series from the Netherlands, is set to premiere globally on Prime Video.

Modern Love Amsterdam
Modern Love Amsterdam — Photo © NL Film, courtesy of Prime Video

Based on true stories from the popular, long-running “Modern Love” column in The New York Times, Modern Love Amsterdam is the Dutch version of the American Amazon Original anthology series Modern Love. It follows other localized versions that debuted earlier this year, including Modern Love Mumbai, Modern Love Hyderabad, and Modern Love Tokyo.

Set in various parts of Amsterdam, from the Central Station and the Amstel, to Amsterdam North and South East, Modern Love Amsterdam follows six stories about love and everything that comes with it: romance, doubts, choices, family, and much more. Across six episodes, the characters face various life challengers and tough situations — from realizing a wish to have children and struggling with the challenges of an open relationship, to mourning a lost love from the past and accepting new love and adapting to the future — and demonstrate that love, in all its forms, is universal.

Modern Love Amsterdam, an Amazon Original series, premieres globally on Friday, December 16, exclusively on Prime Video. (You can add it to your watchlist now.)

The ensemble cast includes Fedja van Huêt (Speak No Evil, The Adulterer), Jack Wouterse (Moloch, Hotel Beau Séjour), Noortje Herlaar (The Oldenheim 12, The Body Collector), Rifka Lodeizen (Fenix, The Adulterer), Eva van de Wijdeven (Black Widow, Borgman), Arjan Ederveen (Trecx, Flikken Maastricht), Hanna van Vliet (Anne Plus, Toon), Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing (Forever Rich, Black Lightning), Hannah Hoekstra (Blackout, Amsterdam Undercover), Jonas Smulders (Forever Rich, Undercover), Werner Kolf (Commandos, Swanenburg), and Romijn Conen (Flikken Rotterdam, Caps Club).

A production of NL Film, the series is produced by Sabine Brian and showrun by Robert Alberdingk Thijm. The writers are Robert Alberdingk Thijm, Roos Ouwehand, Maud Wiemeijer, Anne Barnhoorn, and Esther Duysker. The directors are Mijke de Jong, Boudewijn Koole, Mischa Kamp, Mustafa Duygulu, and Norbert ter Hall.


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Modern Love Amsterdam: Dutch Dramedy Series Set for Global Premiere