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North American streaming service MHz Choice has set its slate of Euro TV and international programs for January 2023. Check out the list!

Le Code
Le Code — Photo by Gilles Gustine, courtesy of MHz Choice

Viewers in the US and Canada have several new series to become addicted to in the new year, plus new seasons of returning series to enjoy. The full list of titles is as follows:


Alice Nevers: Season 1 (France)

The first season of this crime drama is actually Season 24 of the hugely-popular, long-running series Le juge est une femme, which finished its 29-year run earlier this year. (Ask me not why it was spun off as a separate show from the original series, because je ne sais pas.)

The show centers on criminal prosecutor Alice Nevers (Marine Delterme, Coco Chanel), who leads murder investigations in Paris with police captain Fred Marquand (Jean-Michel Tinivelli, Murder in Tahiti), who happens to be her partner in both professional and personal matters. The crimes often shed light on larger societal issues; for example, in Season 1 of Alice Nevers, episodes touch on mental health treatment, Catholic church dogma, and workplace harassment, amongst other topics.

Alice Nevers
Alice Nevers: Marine Delterme as Alice Nevers, Jean-Michel Tinivelli as Fred Marquand — Photo by Christophe Chevalin / TF1, courtesy of MHz Choice

The cast of the six-episode first season includes Guillaume Carcaud (Le Code), Gary Mihaileanu (Off the Hook), and Loïc Legendre (Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games).


Inspector Rex: Season 2 (Kommissar Rex) (Austria)

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen new episodes of the original Inspector Rex, but the wait for them will soon be over. (Local versions of this popular series have been made in Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, and Slovakia.) The light police drama follows police dog Rex, as he investigates crimes and solves mysteries with his human partner, Richard Moser (Tobias Moretti, Bad Banks), on the streets of Vienna — protecting the innocent, catching criminals, and stealing the occasional ham roll.

Le Code (France)

This legal drama explores the flaws of the French judicial system alongside the ups and downs of the lead characters as they navigate their share of victories and defeats. After successful lawyer Idriss Toma (Daniel Njo Lobé, Mongeville, Murder in Albi) narrowly escapes the attempted murder on his life, he is left with an inoperable bullet in his head, which could kill him at any time. Wanting to make the best of however much time he has left, Idriss decides to redirect his talents and cobble together a legal dream team with Nadia Ayad (Naidra Ayadi, Black Spot) and Jeanne Vanhoven (Christiane Millet, Speakerine) to help those who have been left behind by the justice system.

Le Code
Le Code — Photo by Gilles Gustine, courtesy of MHz Choice

Additional cast members include Barbara Probst (Speakerine), Théo Frilet (Time Is a Killer), Catherine Demaiffe (Blood of the Vine), and Wendy Nieto (Perfect Murders).


Berlin Legal (Germany)

Lavinia Wilson (The Billion Dollar Code, Deutschland 86/89) stars in this legal drama as Leo Roth, a successful media lawyer who represents high-profile, well-connected clients in their headline-making cases. Her only purpose is to win, even as treacherous intrigue threatens to spill into public view.

Berlin Legal
Berlin Legal: (L-R) front row: Niels Borman as Cecil, Maryam Zaree as Elena, Michaela Caspar as Mimi, Lavinia Wilson as Leo | back: Aaron Altaras as Adrian — Photo © ARD Degeto / RBB / Kerstin Jacobsen, courtesy of MHz Choice

The cast of the eight-episode drama also includes Maryam Zaree (4 Blocks), Niels Bormann (Deutschland 89), Aaron Altaras (Unorthodox), Michaela Kaspar (Luna & Sophie), Stefan Kurt (Allmen), Annika Kuhl (Shades of Guilt), Rainer Sellien (Baltic Crimes), Sebastian Hülk (All Quiet on the Western Front), Sophie Rois (Barbarians), and Jacob Matschenz (Babylon Berlin), amongst others.


Barcelona Crime (Der Barcelona Krimi) (Germany)

This crime drama follows the detective duo of Inspectors Xavi Bonet (Clemens Schick, Das Boot) and Fina Valent (Anne Schäfer, Marnow Murders). He’s a Barcelona native who knows the city and its underworld like the back of his hand; she’s a single mum who brings confidence and gumption to their investigative work. Together they pursue criminals of all kinds in the beautiful Catalan metropolis, from the suburbs to the heart of the medieval city.

Barcelona Crime
Barcelona Crime: Clemens Schick as Xavi Bonet, Anne Schäfer as Fina Valent — Photo by Andrea Resmini / ARD Degeto, courtesy of MHz Choice


Mongeville: Season 2 (France)

In sixteen new episodes of this new fan-favorite light mystery series, Francis Perrin (Surveillance) returns as former investigating judge Antoine Mongeville, who teams up with a no-nonsense police detective to solve tricky mysteries in Bordeaux. (Video is from Season 1)

Grassroots (South Africa)

Visit The Global TV Place for details about this program.

These titles are set to premiere in the US and Canada exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon, on the dates shown above. (Note that circumstances could cause the scheduling to change at any time and without prior notice.)


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French Legal Drama ‘Le Code’ Toplines January 2023 Slate on MHz Choice
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