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Netflix announced today that production has just started in Stockholm on its latest Swedish Original series Tore.

Tore on Netflix
William Spetz in Tore — Photo Credit: Petter Johansson / Netflix

Created, written by, and starring William Spetz (Quicksand, Day by Day, Filip and Mona), Tore is a Swedish feel-good-and-bad coming-of-age story about running away from all the things that hurt while trying to figure out who you are. It’s also about wanting to be loved, trying to bulletproof friendship, and stealing back your Labrador from a family with small children.

The dramedy centers on 27-year-old Tore (Spetz), who loses the most important person in his life in a garbage truck accident. Rather than allowing himself to mourn, he does everything he can to suppress his grief. During the day, he continues to work at his father’s funeral home as if nothing has happened, and even starts flirting with the new florist. At night, he establishes himself on a gay boat in the city and experiences alcohol, sex, and drugs for the first time. A new and beautiful but risky world suddenly opens up to Tore, but his best friend, Linn, and his colleagues at the funeral home start to worry that Tore will soon lose his footing in his desperate attempts to escape reality.

Said series creator and actor William Spetz:

“I don’t think we’re built to be able to cope when a loved one dies. It’s like it creates this glitch in your brain, and you don’t know who you are anymore. I think that glitch is the source of a lot of pain, but also a lot of comedy – and it’s probably that glitch that inspired me to write TORE. I am so incredibly happy and grateful that I get to work with this team and ensemble. I can’t believe that it’s happening now.”

The cast of the six-episode series also includes Sanna Sundqvist (Bonus Family), Peter Haber (Beck), Hannes Fohlin (The Restaurant),  Lotta Tejle (30 Degrees in February), Per Svensson (Death of a Pilgrim), Karin Bertling (Love & Anarchy), Victor Iván (Huss), Carlos Romero Cruz (Dumped), and Doreen Ndagire (Toppen), amongst others.

A production of B-Reel Films (Before We Die), Tore is directed by Erika Calmeyer (Young Royals) and produced by Anna-Klara Carlsten (The Bridge).

Tore will premiere globally on Netflix in 2023. Stay tuned for updates.


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Tore: Netflix Announces New Swedish Dramedy Series
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