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The brand new Spanish drama series La Última has premiered in the US on Hulu.

La Última
La Última: Aitana Ocaña as Candela, Miguel Bernardeau as Diego — Photo courtesy of Hulu

Platinum recording artist Aitana and award-winning actor Miguel Bernardeau (1899, Elite) lead the cast of the music-filled La Última, a series about overcoming obstacles and disappointment and experiencing hope, love, and friendship.

The five-episode drama follows Candela (Aitana), a young woman who works at a logistics company and is pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. Her life changes when Fede Ariza, an important record company executive, hears her sing in a bar and decides to take a chance on her. On that same night, Candela is surprised to see and ends up reconnecting with Diego (Miguel Bernardeau), an old classmate from high school, who now is fighting to become a professional boxer. Will their dreams become reality?

La Última, a Hulu Original, is now streaming in the US exclusively on Hulu.

Aitor Luna (Valeria, Cathedral of the Sea, Velvet) costars as Fede Ariza. Additional cast members include Luis Zahera (Wrong Side of the Tracks), David Castillo (El Cid), Jorge Motos (Feria: The Darkest Light), Sandra Cervera (El secreto de Puente Viejo), Michael John Treanor (García!), and Óscar de la Fuente (45 rpm), amongst others. Guest stars include Jorge Perugorría (Now and Then) and María Isabel Díaz Lago (Locked Up).


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La Última: New Spanish Drama Series Now Streaming in the US on Hulu
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