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Topic released today the English-subtitled trailer for the 1980s-set crime thriller The Spectacular. Check it out.

The Spectacular

Based on a true story, The Spectacular follows the criminal investigation by Dutch police into a series of violent IRA attacks on British soldiers stationed in the international border region of Limburg, an area in the Netherlands that borders Belgium to the west and (what was in the 1980s) West Germany to the east. Leading the investigation is Detective Jeanine Maes (Hadewych Minis, Van der Valk, Borgman), who has a tough time with it, owing to the lack of cooperation from the Belgian and German authorities.

But Jeanine presses on. As more attacks occur, her hunt for the culprits continues — bringing her face-to-face with her main suspect: the ruthless and extremely dangerous Fiona Hughes (Aoibhinn McGinnity, Smother, Love/Hate), the only female member of the IRA cell responsible for the attacks.

Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, British security service MI5 coerces IRA volunteer Patrick Lynch (Kerr Logan, C.B. Strike, North Sea Connection) to infiltrate the inner circle of legendary bomber Declan Moore (Declan Conlon, The Tudors, Proof), who, encouraged by his older brother-in-arms Corey O’Keefe (Ian Beattie, Game of Thrones, Gangs of London), is expected to lead a cell in mainland Europe.

Will Jeanine risk disrupting the peace process between Britain and Northern Ireland with her obsessive pursuit of Fiona? And will Declan’s rift with Corey mean it’s down to him to show that the IRA are still as powerful as they were ten years ago?

The Spectacular premieres in the US and Canada in its four-episode entirety on Thursday, December 15, exclusively on Topic and its digital channels, including Topic on Amazon. (You can add it to your watchlist now.)

The award-winning series costars Michel Sluysmans (The Adulterer), Jochum ten Haaf (Commandos), Jacob Derwig (The Blood Pact), and Porgy Franssen (Women of the Night).


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The Spectacular: Topic Drops English-Subtitled Trailer for Dutch Period Crime Thriller
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