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The new year kicks off with the US (and other territory) premieres of 30 new Euro TV series, seasons, and films from 12 countries, and more besides!

January 2023 Euro TV Premieres

To see the complete list of Euro TV shows available in the US and UK, see the Euro TV Shows by Language section. Viewers in the US can check the ongoing updates of titles released throughout each month on the Euro TV Viewing Guide page.

All programs listed here are shown in their original language with English subtitles, except where noted. The trailers below, which may or may not have English subtitles, might not be suitable for all audiences; viewer discretion is advised.

Programs and dates are subject to change without prior notice.

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Alice Nevers: Season 1 (France)

The first season of this crime drama is actually Season 24 of the hugely-popular, long-running series Le juge est une femme, which finished its 29-year run earlier this year. The show centers on criminal prosecutor Alice Nevers (Marine Delterme, Coco Chanel), who leads murder investigations in Paris with police captain Fred Marquand (Jean-Michel Tinivelli, Murder in Tahiti), who happens to be her partner in both professional and personal matters. The crimes often shed light on larger societal issues, such as mental health treatment, Catholic church dogma, and workplace harassment.

The cast of the six-episode first season includes Guillaume Carcaud (Le Code), Gary Mihaileanu (Off the Hook), and Loïc Legendre (Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games).

Alice Nevers: Season 1 premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, January 3, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon. (You can add it to your watchlist now.)

How I Became a Gangster (Jak zostalem gangsterem. Historia prawdziwa) (Poland)

This crime drama film follows an ambitious gangster, who works his way up the ranks of Warsaw’s criminal underworld and ultimately takes his shot at the big time.

Starring Marcin Kowalczyk (Alpha), Tomasz Włosok (Raven), and Natalia Szroeder, How I Became a Gangster, a Netflix Film, premieres globally on Wednesday, January 4, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

The Lying Life of Adults (La vita bugiarda degli adulti) (Italy)

Set in 1990s Naples, this coming-of-age story — based on Elena Ferrante’s (My Brilliant Friend) best-selling novel The Lying Life of Adults — follows Giovanna (newcomer Giordana Marengo), a sheltered teen who befriends Vittoria (Valeria Golino, The Morning Show, Rain Man), the estranged aunt her parents detest, in order to better understand herself and the city she comes from. As Giovanna transitions from adolescence to young adulthood, a period when every problem seems unsolvable, she uncovers her family’s lies while discovering an unprecedented Naples.

Costarring Alessandro Preziosi (Masantonio) and Pina Turco (Gomorrah), The Lying Life of Adults, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Wednesday, January 4, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Christian (Italy)

This six-part supernatural thriller follows Christian (Edoardo Pesce, The Hunter, The Guest Room), a thug who lives in a crime-ridden neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome, where he serves as the henchman for the local crime boss, Lino (Giodano De Plano, The Trial). One day Christian starts having pain in his hands, so bad that he is physically unable to do Lino’s dirty work. Then stigmata appear and his hands begin to bleed. initially frightened and confused, Christian begins to realize that he has gained mysterious healing powers in his hands, especially after he saves Rachele (Silvia D’Amico, The Man Without Gravity), a drug-addict neighbor, from a fatal overdose with a simple touch.

This miraculous gift of saint-like powers could be the proverbial answer to Christian’s prayers for a better life, if he uses them the right way. With Rachele’s help, Christian does healing work while preparing to fight Lino. Meanwhile, Matteo (Claudio Sanatamaria, They Call Me Jeeg), a mysterious Vatican postulator, begins to track Christian as he searches for signs and confirmation of a miracle that changed his own life as a child — while carrying a truth that could devastate not only Christian but the rest of the world.

Additional cast members include Antonio Bannò (Suburra: Blood on Rome), Francesco Colella (ZeroZeroZero), Lina Sastri (The Promised Life), Milena Mancini (The Teacher), Gabriel Montesi (Romulus), Selene Caramazza (The Hunter), and Ivan Franek (Astrid), amongst others.

Christian premieres in the US and Canada with three episodes on Thursday, January 5, exclusively on Topic and its digital channels, including Topic on Amazon. New episodes will drop weekly through January 26.

Copenhagen Cowboy (Denmark)

Told across six episodes, the story of this neon-drenched noir series follows enigmatic young heroine, Miu (Angela Bundalovic, The Rain). After a lifetime of servitude and on the verge of a new beginning, she traverses the ominous landscape of Copenhagen’s criminal netherworld. Searching for justice and enacting vengeance, she encounters her nemesis, Rakel (Lola Corfixen, My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn), as they embark on an odyssey through the natural and the supernatural. The past ultimately transforms and defines their future, as the two women discover they are not alone, they are many.

Copenhagen Cowboy, a Netflix Original, premieres globally on Thursday, January 5, 2023, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now at netflix.com/copenhagencowboy.)


Woman of the Dead (Totenfrau) (Austria-Germany)

Adapted from Book 1 Bernhard Aichner‘s best-selling “Totenfrau” trilogy, this thriller stars Anna Maria Mühe (Bauhaus – A New Era, Dogs of Berlin) as Brunhilde Blum, a loving wife and mother who lives in a popular ski resort where she owns a funeral home, works as the undertaker, and deals with death on a daily basis.

But when it’s her husband who dies, Blum is shaken to her core. Killed in front of her eyes, he was the victim of a hit and run. Only it wasn’t an accident. When Blum realizes that her husband was murdered because he was in the process of uncovering terrible secrets, she sets out on a quest for revenge. But soon after starting her pursuit of the murderers, Blum becomes increasingly cornered, is forced to face her own harrowing past, and turns from being the predator to the prey.

The cast of the six-episode series includes Felix Klare (Faster than Fear), Yousef Sweid (Baghdad Central), Shenja Lacher (Detective Ellen Lucas), Robert Palfrader (Hotel Sacher), Simon Schwarz (Altes Geld), Gregor Bloéb (Murder by the Lake), Michou Friesz (Vienna Blood), Gerhard Liebmann (Anatomy of Evil), Hans-Uwe Bauer (Marnow Murders), Sebastian Hülk (All Quiet on the Western Front), Andrea Wenzl (Detective Ellen Lucas), Wolfram Koch (Dark), Britta Hammelstein (Tatort), and Peter Kurth (Babylon Berlin).

Woman of the Dead, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Thursday, January 5, 2023, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Cosmic Love France (France)

Hosted by Nabilla Benattia, better known as simply Nabilla, this dating reality-competition series is the Frenchified version of the original American series Cosmic Love. The premise of the show is billed as a one-of-a-kind social experiment in which four individuals attempt to find their perfect spouse via astrological matchmaking. Each person represents one of the four elements of astrology — air, fire, water, and earth — and their romantic adventure takes place at the Astro Chamber, a retreat run by a mystical guide. Here they mingle, match, date, eliminate, and eventually make the biggest decision of their lives: Will they marry their match, based solely on their astrology?

Cosmic Love France, an Amazon Original, premieres globally on Friday, January 6, exclusively on Prime Video.

Luna & Sophie: Season 3 (SOKO Potsdam) (Germany)

In Season 3 of this buddy-cop crime drama, childhood best friends and detective duo Luna (Caroline Erikson, Tatort) and Sophie (Katrin Jaehne, Tatort: Weimar) set out to solve a variety of murders mysteries, starting with the shooting death of a prepper. The man had created a secret bunker to help himself, his wife, and their three children to survive the end of the world on “Day X,” but he had more stashed there besides survivalist gear, and now it’s gone — and soon Luna and Sophie find themselves in danger… Luna & Sophie: Season 3 premieres in the US and Canada on Friday, January 6, exclusively on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel and the Walter Presents digital channels.

The Ultimatum: France: Season 1, Part 2 (Ultimatum : On se marie ou c’est fini) (France)

Part 1 of this French version of the American reality series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On debuted yesterday. It follows six couples on the cusp of lifelong love being hit with an ultimatum: Get engaged or break up. However, before they decide, they’ll swap partners for three weeks. Part 2 reveals what happens with the couples post-swap.

The Ultimatum: France: Season 1, Part 2, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Friday, January 6, exclusively on Netflix.

Le Code (France)

This legal drama explores the flaws of the French judicial system alongside the ups and downs of the lead characters as they navigate their share of victories and defeats. After successful lawyer Idriss Toma (Daniel Njo Lobé, Mongeville, Murder in Albi) narrowly escapes the attempted murder on his life, he is left with an inoperable bullet in his head, which could kill him at any time. Wanting to make the best of however much time he has left, Idriss decides to redirect his talents and cobble together a legal dream team with Nadia Ayad (Naidra Ayadi, Black Spot) and Jeanne Vanhoven (Christiane Millet, Speakerine) to help those who have been left behind by the justice system.

Le Code
Le Code — Photo by Gilles Gustine, courtesy of MHz Choice

Additional cast members include Barbara Probst (Speakerine), Théo Frilet (Time Is a Killer), Catherine Demaiffe (Blood of the Vine), and Wendy Nieto (Perfect Murders).

Le Code premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, January 10, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

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Inspector Rex: Season 2 (Kommissar Rex) (Austria-Germany)

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen new episodes of Inspector Rex, but the wait for them will soon be over. (This is the original version of the popular series. Local versions have been made in Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, and Slovakia.) The light police drama follows police dog Rex, as he investigates crimes and solves mysteries with his human partner, Richard Moser (Tobias Moretti, Bad Banks), on the streets of Vienna — protecting the innocent, catching criminals, and stealing the occasional ham roll.

Inspector Rex: Seaspn 2 premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, January 10, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

Sexify: Season 2 (Poland)

The new season of this dramedy finds the three young friends and entrepreneurs — Natalia (Aleksandra Skraba, High Water), Paulina (Maria Sobocińska, Raven), and Monika (Sandra Drzymalska, The Getaway King) — being forced to balance their tumultuous personal lives, a bitter rival, and a demanding investor, as the future of their startup is in flux.

Sexify: Season 2, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Wednesday, January 11, exclusively on Netflix.

The Big Soirée (El Gran Sarao) (Spain)

In this reality-documentary series, event organizer La Puta Suegra has put together something special to help Spanish actresses Sílvia Abril (Spy Time) and Toni Acosta (Dangerous Moms) celebrate their joint 50th birthday: a journey filled with adventures that the two women will go on without knowing any of the details.  Along the way, they share their feelings, their fears, and their zest for life!

The Big Soirée, a Max Original, premieres in the US on Friday, January 13, exclusively on HBO Max and its digital channels, including HBO Max on Amazon.

I Don’t Like Driving (working title w/t) (No Me Gusta Conducir) (Spain)

This six-episode comedy series follows Pablo (Juan Diego Botto, White Lines, Lifeline), a rather grumpy and somewhat self-absorbed 40-year-old university professor who is forced to get his driver’s license. A know-it-all, Pablo has a bit of a comeuppance when he enrolls in the driving school and discovers that he has a lot to learn about driving and about life.

When the driving classes start, Pablo meets Yolanda (Lucía Caraballo, Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War), who’s also his student at the university. The two soon establish a curious relationship as uni prof and student and as fellow driving students who set off together on a adventure with Lorenzo (David Lorente, Cable Girls), an involved and joking kind of guy, as their driving instructor.

I Don’t Like Driving (w/t), a Max Original, premieres in the US on Friday, January 13, exclusively on HBO Max and its digital channels, including HBO Max on Amazon.

Seaside Hotel: Season 9 (Badehotellet) (Denmark)

Opening in May 1945, four years after the events in Season 8, the new season of this fan-favorite period comedy-drama series sees Amanda (Amalie Dollerup, Borgen), now a single mum, return to the hotel with her young daughter. Although the place was drastically changed by the German soldiers who lived there during the war, its doors soon reopen to the hotel’s regulars, some of whom are unable to put the occupation behind them. In the midst of it all, Mrs. Fjeldsø (Birthe Neumann, The Kingdom) arrives with her 16-year-old Swedish granddaughter, Sarah (Ella Hammarsten Liedberg), who has never been told that her real father is actor Edward Weyse (Jens Jacob Tychsen, Borgen).

Seaside Hotel: Season 9 premieres in the US and Canada on Friday, January 13, exclusively on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel and the Walter Presents digital channels.

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Sky Rojo: Season 3 (Spain)

In the final season of this action-crime thriller, Coral (Verónica Sánchez, Morocco: Love in Times of War), Gina (Yany Prado, La Reina Soy Yo), and Wendy (Lali Espósito, The Accused) have made a new life — and found love — in Almería. But with Romeo (Asier Etxeandia, Velvet Colección) bent on revenge, their peace and quiet won’t last long.

Costarring Miguel Ángel Silvestre (30 Coins) and Enric Auquer (La Línea Invisible), Sky Rojo: Season 3, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Thursday, January 13, exclusively on Netflix.

Suzan & Freek (Suzan & Freek: Als Het Avond Het Is) (Netherlands)

This documentary follows musical duo and real-life couple Suzan Stortelder and Freek Rikkerink, better known as Suzan & Freek — who went viral from posting covers on social media — as they navigate their remarkable success and accompanying fame. Suzan & Freek, a Netflix Film, premieres globally on Friday, January 13, exclusively on Netflix.

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Berlin Legal (Germany)

Lavinia Wilson (The Billion Dollar Code, Deutschland 86/89) stars in this legal drama as Leo Roth, a successful media lawyer who represents high-profile, well-connected clients in their headline-making cases. Her only purpose is to win, even as treacherous intrigue threatens to spill into public view.

Berlin Legal
Berlin Legal: (L-R) front row: Niels Borman as Cecil, Maryam Zaree as Elena, Michaela Caspar as Mimi, Lavinia Wilson as Leo | back: Aaron Altaras as Adrian — Photo © ARD Degeto / RBB / Kerstin Jacobsen, courtesy of MHz Choice

The cast of the eight-episode drama includes Maryam Zaree (4 Blocks), Niels Bormann (Deutschland 89), Aaron Altaras (Unorthodox), Michaela Kaspar (Luna & Sophie), Stefan Kurt (Allmen), Annika Kuhl (Shades of Guilt), Rainer Sellien (Baltic Crimes), Sebastian Hülk (All Quiet on the Western Front), Sophie Rois (Barbarians), and Jacob Matschenz (Babylon Berlin).

Berlin Legal premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, January 17, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

The Silence (Zlomovchannya / Šutnja) (Ukraine-Croatia)

Based on real events, this mystery-crime drama follows Inspector Vladimir Kovač (Darko Milas, The Paper, Rest in Peace), a detective investigating three murders, possibly by a serial killer. The victims were girls; the first one drowned, the second overdosed, and the third was hit by a car. No one can identify them, and Kovač is having a hard time solving the case.

Plagued by personal hardships, it is Stribor (Goran Bogdan, Black Sun), a reporter, who points Kovač toward a maze of corruption, trafficking and politics, where vulnerable girls are victimized. When Ukrainian expat Olga (Kseniya Mishina, The Heiress), the wife of a powerful Croatian politician, learns her niece is one of the victims, the three form an unlikely team.

Together they plunge into the dark depths of child trafficking that crosses Eastern European borders. The more the trio uncovers, the more it becomes clear: This web of criminal activity spins uncomfortably close around the highest echelons of power, including Olga’s husband, Ivan (Leon Lucev, Success). Soon, the lives of Olga, Kovač, and Stribor are threatened to completely fall apart.

The Silence premieres in the US and Canada in its entirety on Thursday, January 19, exclusively on Topic and its digital channels, including Topic on Amazon.

Women at War (Les combattantes) (France)

Set in France in 1914, this historical drama follows four women — Marguerite (Audrey Fleurot, Spiral), a mysterious Parisian prostitute; Caroline (Sofia Essaïdi, The Promise), who is propelled to the head of the family factory; Agnes (Julie De Bona, Fear by the Lake), the Mother Superior of a requisitioned convent; and Suzanne (Camille Lou, The Bonfire of Destiny), a feminist nurse — whose destinies intersect as German troops advance, men leave for the front lines, and they are forced to grapple with the devastating consequences of war at home.

Costarring Sandrine Bonnaire (Monsieur Hire) and Tchéky Karyo (Baptiste), Women at War, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Thursday, January 19, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

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Astrid: Season 2 (France)

The fan-favorite crime-fighting duo of autistic criminal records archivist Astrid (Sara Mortensen, Plus belle la vie) and “neuro-typical” police detective Raphaëlle (Lola Dewaere, Fear by the Lake) return in eight new episodes of this hit whodunit series. In this season, Astrid and Raphaëlle must figure out a magician’s sleight of hand, outwit a witch’s evil spells, and determine if a man was murdered by a mythical Golem. They also take on a Japanese yakuza (mafia), investigate a potential alien abduction, and get to the bottom of a crime where the victim was found in the organ at the Paris headquarters of Radio France.

While the cases force Raphaëlle to confront her past, Astrid must get used to a life of being completely on her own, now that her guardian is gone — and the pair’s friendship is invaluable as they each tackle emotional traumas in the new season.

Astrid: Season 2 premieres in the US and Canada on Friday, January 20, exclusively on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel and the Walter Presents digital channels.

Represent (En place) (France)

This new comedy stars series creator Jean-Pascal Zadi (Carrément craignos) as Stéphane Blé, a youth center leader from the suburbs of Paris, who accidentally becomes a finalist in the presidential election.

Costars include Éric Judor (Platane), Benoît Poelvoorde (How I Became a Super Hero), Fadily Camara (Mythomaniac), Marina Foïs (Polisse), Fary (Fary: Hexagone), Panayotis Pascot (Irma Vep), and Pierre-Emmanuel Barré (Studio Bagel).

Represent, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Friday, January 20, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Shahmaran (Türkiye)

In this fantasy drama series steeped in mythology, Şahsu (Serenay Sarikaya, Medcezir) goes to Adana for a lecture, giving her the perfect opportunity to confront her estranged grandfather, who had abandoned her mother. But soon after her arrival, she finds herself in the midst of a mysterious community — and crossing paths with the dreamy Maran (Burak Deniz, Kaçak). From that moment on, nothing in their lives will ever be the same again…

Shahmaran, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Friday, January 20, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Narvik (Kampen om Narvik) (Norway)

Set in 1940, this war drama revolves around Narvik, the Norwegian city from which Hitler gets the iron ore that keeps the Nazi war machine going. When German soldiers enter Narvik, 200 Norwegian soldiers bluff their way out of the city and take up the fight against the occupiers. Amongst the soldiers is Gunnar Tofte (Carl Martin Eggesbø, Pørni), a young corporal whose baptism by fire occurs in battle against professional German Alpine hunters in the mountains. Back in Narvik, the Germans’ new headquarters is the Royal Hotel, where Gunnar’s wife, Ingrid (Kristine Hartgen, Beforeigners), has been working as a maid and interpreter — and now as a spy…

Costarring Henrik Mestad (Occupied), Stig Henrik Hoff (Wisting), Holger Handtke (Babylon Berlin), and Christoph Bach (The Heavy Water War), Narvik, a Netflix Film, premieres globally on Monday, January 23, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

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Barcelona Crime (Der Barcelona Krimi) (Germany)

This crime drama follows the detective duo of Inspectors Xavi Bonet (Clemens Schick, Das Boot) and Fina Valent (Anne Schäfer, Marnow Murders). He’s a Barcelona native who knows the city and its underworld like the back of his hand; she’s a single mum who brings confidence and gumption to their investigative work. Together they pursue criminals of all kinds in the beautiful Catalan metropolis, from the suburbs to the heart of the medieval city.

Barcelona Crime
Barcelona Crime: Clemens Schick as Xavi Bonet, Anne Schäfer as Fina Valent — Photo by Andrea Resmini / ARD Degeto, courtesy of MHz Choice

Barcelona Crime premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, January 24, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

Love Never Lies: Poland (Love Never Lies: Polska) (Poland)

In this reality series where lies costs money and the truth nets you cash, six couples put their love and trust to the test while living together in a villa, where their truthfulness is checked by an eye-scanning lie detector. The couple that is most honest with each other wins.

Love Never Lies: Poland, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Wednesday, January 25, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

The Price of Family (Natale a tutti i costi) (Italy)

This comedy features centers on Carlo (Christian De Sica, Mozart in the Jungle) and Anna (Angela Finocchiaro, Welcome to the South), empty nesters whose children, Alessandra (Dharma Mangia Woods, Blackout Love) and Emilio (Claudio Colica, Vegan Chronicles), have moved to the city and all but forgotten about them. Convinced their kids won’t be home for Christmas, Carlo and Anna concoct a story to ensure that Alessandra and Emilio show up: They lie about inheriting six million euros.

The Price of Family, a Netflix Film, premieres globally on Wednesday, January 25, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Rocco Schiavone: Ice Cold Murders: Season 4 (Italy)

Following the events in Season 3, the fourth and final season of this excellent crime drama series, based on the “Rocco Schiavone Mysteries” novels by Antonio Manzini, finds Rocco (Marco Giallini, Forgive Us Our Debts) at the beach with his buddies Brizio (Tullio Sorrentino, The Miracle) and Furio (Mirko Frezza, Solo), having fled after he was accused of murder. An interesting turn of events allows him to be declared innocent and to return home, but he’s still plagued with doubts.

Back in Aosta, Rocco is ready to solve a still unsolved murder (from Season 3), but he’s weighed down by the ghosts of the past that are haunting him day and night — and then wounded during a shooting, for which he is operated on. On top of all this, he receives shocking news and a warning from a former colleague, so now has to watch his back, lest he become not just a wounded victim but a dead one. While recuperating, he learns of an incident that leads him to investigate what he believes is a murder committed at the hospital. For a bit of good news, as it were, there’s journalist Sandra Buccellato (Valeria Solarino, Maltese: The Mafia Detective)… (ahem).

Rocco Schiavone: Ice Cold Murders: Season 4 premieres in the US and Canada on Friday, January 27, exclusively on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel and the Walter Presents digital channels.

The Snow Girl (La chica de nieve) (Spain)

Adapted from Javier Castillo‘s best-selling novel La chica de nieve, this mystery thriller series, set in 2010, follows the search for Amaya, the Martin family’s young daughter, who goes missing during the magical Three Wise Men parade in Malaga. Miren (Milena Smit, The Girl in the Mirror), a fledgling but intrepid journalist, begins an investigation that runs parallel to that of Inspector Millán (Aixa Villagrán, Vida perfecta). For Miren, this rouses aspects of her past that she would rather forget. Still, with the help of her journalist colleague, Eduardo (José Coronado, Wrong Side of the Tracks), Miren will not stop until she finds the girl.

Costars include Tristán Ulloa (Warrior Nun), Loreto Mauleón (Patria), Julián Villagrán (Once Upon a Time… But Not Anymore), Raúl Prieto (Velvet Collleción), and Cecilia Freire (The Longest Night), amongst others.

The Snow Girl, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Friday, January 27, 2023, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Mongeville: Season 2 (France)

In sixteen new episodes of this new fan-favorite light mystery series, Francis Perrin (Surveillance) returns as former investigating judge Antoine Mongeville, who teams up with a no-nonsense police detective to solve tricky mysteries in Bordeaux. (Video is from Season 1)

Mongeville: Season 2 premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, January 31, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

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Salamander: Season 1 (Belgium)

Filip Peeters (Strike Force, The Team, Black Widow) stars in this action-packed crime thriller as Chief Inspector Paul Gerardi, who leads the federal police investigation into the robbery of a small yet influential and highly-discreet bank in Brussels. The loot? The documents in 66 safe deposit boxes belonging to some of the most powerful and prominent people in Belgium — individuals holding high positions in industry, finance, the military, the law, politics, and the unions. As Gerardi delves deeper into the case, he discovers the connection between the victims… and becomes the target of both the criminals and the authorities.

The English-dubbed version of Salamander: Season 1 begins streaming Thursday, January 19, exclusively on Topic and its digital channels, including Topic on Amazon.

The Killing: Season 1 (Forbrydelsen) (Denmark)

Arguably the series that put Scandi noir on the map outside of the Nordic countries and made it the go-to sub-genre of international crime dramas (not to mention starting the Faroese sweater craze), this BAFTA winner for Best International series and two-time International Emmy® nominee is finally going be available with English-dubbed audio instead of English subtitles.

Sofie Gråbøl (Fortitude, The Restaurant) leads the cast as Inspector Sarah Lund, whose plan to leave the Copenhagen Police and move to Sweden to start her new life with her fiancé is thwarted when she’s assigned to lead the investigation into the murder of a teen girl. As she and Inspector Jan Meyer (Søren Malling, The Investigation) delve into the case, they find evidence that links local politician Troels Hartmann (Lars Mikkelsen, Ride Upon the Storm) to the murder.

The English-dubbed version of The Killing: Season 1 begins streaming Thursday, January 26, exclusively on Topic and its digital channels, including Topic on Amazon.



La Otra Mirada: Season 2 (Spain)

Following the events in Season 1 of this drama set in 1920s Seville, the second and final season sees girls’ boarding school teacher Teresa (Patricia López Arnaiz, Intimacy) declared innocent of murder and released from prison. But the whole ordeal, including spending four months behind bars, has left her weak and exhausted. Still, she returns to teaching, and also enrolls Inés (Dariam Coco, Welcome to Eden), a young hustler living on the street, so the girl can get an education.

Meanwhile, Manuela (Macarena García, The Ministry of Time) has to give into a group of new investors in order to get funding for the school, and accepts that they’ve hired an old friend and classmate, Carmen (Melina Matthews, The Girls at the Back), as the new administrator at the school. Given its financial situation, Carmen wastes no time in implementing drastic changes in how the school is run.

La Otra Mirada: Season 2 has its linear TV debut on Thursday, January 5, on PBS (check your local listings). (Viewers with access to PBS Passport can stream Seasons 1 and 2 as part of your membership benefits.)

Fallen Angel (Galantuomini) (Italy)

Set in the 1990s, this crime drama finds Ignazio (Fabrizio Gifuni, The Catholic School), an esteemed judge, recently returned to his hometown after having worked in the North for many years. Growing up, Ignazio, his friend Fabio, and his secret love Lucia (Donatella Finocchiaro, Trust) were an inseparable trio, but their different backgrounds put them on divergent paths.

Soon after Ignazi’s return, Fabio is found dead from a drug overdose and Ignazio is assigned the case. But in trying to unmask the people behind the local drug business, he makes a shocking discovery: Lucia is not a perfume salesperson but the right-hand woman of crime boss Carmine Za (Giorgio Colangeli, Imma Tataranni) and a mafiosa in her own right. So how surprised is Ignazio, then, when Lucia knocks on his door, wanting his help…

Fallen Angel has its US linear TV debut on Saturday, January 21, at 8:30 PM ET, on Eurochannel.

Tightrope (Landkrimi Tirol: Das Mädchen aus dem Bergsee) (Austria)

In this crime drama, the body of a woman is found at the bottom of a mountain lake in Tyrol, a tragedy made to look like a suicide but was a homicide. Police officer Lisa Kuen (Patricia Aulitzky, Anatomy of Evil) spent her childhood in this area, and although she is on holiday, she takes over the investigation. Her inquiries lead her to a brothel in Innsbruck, where the victim had worked as a prostitute. The deceased woman’s partner becomes a suspect — and so, too, does Lisa’s estranged father… Costarring Dominik Raneburger (Tatort) and Maresi Riegner (Tatort: Munich), Tightrope has its US linear TV debut on Friday, January 27, at 9 PM ET, on Eurochannel.

The Naples Heist (Italy)

This crime drama sees five men concoct a plan for a major heist: robbing the Bank of Naples. They are Gaetano (Gaetano di Vaio, Gomorrah), a a depressed gangster; Peppe (Peppe Lanzetta, Inspector Ricciardi), a former thief recovering from a heart attack; Ruocco (Salvatore Ruocco, Gomorrah), a disgraced boxer; Sasa (Salvatore Striano, Caesar Must Die), a wedding photographer of ill repute; and Carmine (Carmine Paternoster, Gomorrah), a plumber and gambling addict. The thing is, they have nothing in common (aside from money) and they don’t exactly click. Then one of them disappears with all of the loot… The Naples Heist has its linear TV debut on Saturday, January 28, at 8:30 PM ET, on Eurochannel.

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Public Enemy: Season 1 (Ennemi public) (Belgium)

For folks who missed this dark, atmospheric mystery-crime drama when it premiered in the US in 2017, here’s your chance to watch it. (Ditto viewers who want to re-watch it.) Set in the Belgian Ardennes, Season 1 revolves around Guy Béranger (Angelo Bison, Resistance), a convicted serial killer of children, who is paroled into the care of the monks at Vielsart Abbey after spending 20 of his 30-year sentence in prison. Everyone in the small town of Vielsart, including the monks, are upset that a child killer is now living in their midst — except Frère Lucas (Clément Manuel, Ganglands), whose compassion is mixed with curiosity about the man whose prison doctor asserts is already manipulating the monk.

Another outsider in town is Chloé Muller (Stéphanie Blanchoud, Spiral), an investigator who’s been seconded to the Vielsart police force to supervise the Béranger operation alongside the town’s chief officer, Michaël Charlier (Jean-Jacques Rausin, Into the Night). Together they work to ensure that Béranger stays firmly on the abbey’s grounds. When a young girl goes missing and is later found dead, Béranger is the prime suspect, with the villagers blaming Chloé, as well.

Meanwhile, Lucas’s estranged brother, Patrick Stassart (Philippe Jeusette, Spiral), is on a tear, because Béranger’s stay in Vielsart is jeopardizing his plans to revitalize his brasserie and brewery, and his other brother, Vincent (Vincent Londez, Lupin), is sabotaging his efforts for a better life. With tempers flaring, resentment growing, and townspeople fearing for the safety of their children (amongst other things), getting rid of Béranger seems the only thing to do. Enter vigilante justice. And more victims…

Public Enemy: Season 1 begins streaming Sunday, January 1, on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Charité: Season 2 (Germany)

Set during World War II, between 1943 and 1945, roughly a half century after the events in Season 1, Season 2 of this period drama finds more military and civilian patients being admitted to the famed Charité hospital in Berlin due to war-related injuries. At the same time, staff members are clashing due to their criticism of, or allegiance to, the Nazi regime, while some of the country’s euthanasia programs are being carried out at the Charité.

The completely new cast includes Mala Emde (Oh Hell), Ulrich Noethen (Berlin Dance School), Jannik Schümann (Tribes of Europa), Artjom Gilz (Das Boot), Jacob Matschenz (Babylon Berlin), and Lukas Miko (Pagan Peak).

Charité: Season 2 begins streaming Friday, January 27, exclusively on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel and the Walter Presents digital channels.


Header photo credits: Top row (L-R): Rocco Schiavone: Ice Cold Murders courtesy of Walter Presents / PBS Distribution; Alice Nevers (photo by Christophe Chevalin / TF1) courtesy of MHz Choice | Bottom row: The Silence courtesy of Topic; Copenhagen Cowboy (photo by Magnus Nordenhof Jønck) courtesy of Netflix

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