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MHz Choice has set its lineup for November 2022, which includes crime dramas from France, Germany, and Italy, and much more besides.

MHz Choice

November 2022 is chock-full of crime-related mysteries, comedic goings-on, and interpersonal dramas in the programs headed to MHz Choice.

New series include crime dramas Enemies from Germany and The Promise from France, both of which revolve around missing girls, plus Petra and Voiceless from Italy. Also new is the French retro comedy series Cheeky Business.

Returning titles include new seasons of crime dramas Hunters (Sweden), Tatort: Lindholm (Germany), Murder by the Lake (Germany-Austria), and Wilder (Switzerland), Icelandic comedy-drama Ordinary People, and French comedy UFOs. Also streaming in November are more French telefilms under MHz’s Movie of the Week banner and the last two seasons of French political drama Spin.

Lastly, MHz Choice is also debuting its first series from South Africa in November, the Afrikaans-language drama Waterfront. You can read more about it on our newest website, The Global TV Place.

The full MHz Choice schedule for November 2022 is below. (All dates shown are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.)


Enemies (Ferdinand von Schirach: Feinde – Das Geständnis) (Germany)

From acclaimed German author Ferdinand von Schirach comes this high-concept, two-part crime drama that is told from two different perspectives. One follows police inspector Peter Nadler (Bjarne Mädel, Crime Scene Cleaner), the other follows defense attorney, Konrad Biegler (Oscar® nominee Klaus Maria Brandauer, Out of Africa).

Following the kidnapping of a wealthy family’s daughter and demand for a ransom, it’s up to veteran investigator Peter Nadler (Mädel) to find the girl quickly and bring her home safely. There’s only circumstantial evidence pointing to a suspect, yet Nadler’s intuition and experience tell him he has his guy. But the suspect isn’t talking and the clock is ticking, so Nadler decides to take the law into his own hands. Defense attorney Konrad Biegler (Brandauer) thinks Nadler overstepped his bounds and went too far, and sets about turning the tables on the case to save his client.

Samuel Finzi (Flemming, Allmen) and Ulrike Kriener (Detective Ellen Lucas) costar.

The Hunters: Season 2 (Jägarna) (Sweden)

In the new season of this crime drama, new revelations about a case from 15 years ago cause former police officer Erik Bäckstrom (Rolf Lassgård, Death of a Pilgrim, Wallander) to revisit it, as he and the other cops involved question whether they found the right suspect. (Available in the US only) (Video is from Season 1)

Mongeville (France)

The made-for-TV movies Magellan et Mongeville and Mongeville et Magellan: Un Amour de Jeunesse spawned two mystery-crime drama series. One is Magellan, starring Jacques Spiesser as Inspector Simon Magellan, which has become a fan-favorite show on MHz Choice. The other is this one starring Francis Perrin (Surveillance), who reprises his role as former investigating judge Antoine Mongeville.

Set in Bordeaux, the series sees a “retired” Mongeville investigating from home rather from the office, currently focusing on the recent disappearances of several young women in the area. He crosses paths with Axelle Ferrano (Marie Mouté, La vie devant nous), an ambitious young officer from the judicial police, who is disturbed by the inexplicable suicide of a local businessman. Could the two cases be linked?

Movie of the Week: Hortense

Based on the eponymous novel by Jacques Expert, this thriller stars Catherine Jacob (Life Is a Long Quiet River) as Sophie, a woman who has been hiding a secret heartbreak for twenty years: Her daughter, Hortense, was abducted at the age of three, leaving Sophie bereft — until she sees a twenty-something woman and recognizes her as Hortense. The young woman, Jeanne (Pauline Bression, Plus belle la vie), happens to be an orphan seeking the truth about her origins; she even has the same birthmark as Hortense. It must be her — how serendipitous! But soon a shadow threatens to engulf everything…

Spin: Season 2 (Les hommes de l’ombre) (France)

The second season of this political drama finds the new French president calling on PR guru Simon Kapita (Bruno Wolkowitch, Murder in the Morvan)  to handle a scandal involving a cabinet minister. As other crisis situations arise and certain truths come to light, Ludovic Desmeuze (Grégory Fitoussi, Spiral), Simon’s former protégé, makes him an offer that he can refuse to his peril…


Movie of the Week: Mom Is Missing (Maman a disparu) (France)

This drama sees two sisters reunite after their mother goes missing in the mountains. Convinced that foul play was involved in her disappearance, they decide to investigate and end up exposing family secrets that had been well-buried. The movie stars Claire Keim (Unfaithful), Claire Borotra (Antigone 34), and Loup-Denis Elion (Murder in Lille).

Ordinary People: Season 3 (Venjulegt fólk) (Iceland)

This fast-paced comedy series centers on the friendship of Vala (Vala Kristin Eiriksdottir, Happily Never After) and Júlíana (Júlíana Sara Gunnarsdóttir, Cop Secret). Best friends since drama school, they have taken different paths in life, with Vala pursuing (unsuccessfully) an acting career, while Júlíana has stepped away from acting to have two children with her husband. In the first season, after Vala is invited to co-host a TV talk show with Júlíana, Vala ends up relegated to sidekick status. Everything is tested — friendship, marriage, motherhood, ambition — as success is unevenly distributed between the two friends. (Video is from Season 1)

Petra (Italy)

Based on the best-selling novels by Alicia Gimenéz-Bartlett, this character-driven procedural crime drama follows the ingenious and unconventional Petra Delicato (Paola Cortellesi, Figli). While working a tiresome desk job, she is suddenly thrust onto the front line, tasked with solving violent crimes alongside old-school policeman Antonio Monte (Andrea Pennacchi, Suburra). The two couldn’t be more different, but their shared determination to uncover the truth leads to a surprisingly successful partnership, whether they’re grappling with the stark realities of Genoa’s criminal underworld or exploring the meaning of life.

Waterfront (South Africa)

Visit The Global TV Place for details.


Cheeky Business (3615 Monique) (France)

Set in the Parisian suburbs in the early 1980s, this comedy series tells the (fictional) tale of the invention of the first adult messaging service using the Minitel, an online videotex service accessible through telephone lines in France. The series follows three friends — college students Stéphanie (Noémie Schmidt, The Break), Simon (Arthur Mazet, Perfect Murders), and Tony (Paul Scarfoglio, Skam France) — who find themselves short on cash but full of visionary knowledge about how to turn the new messaging technology into a business. With comic trial and error, they start a sex-chat telephone service and unknowingly create the first social network in history.

Spin: Season 3 (Les hommes de l’ombre) (France)

In the final season of this political drama, there is another assassination as more scandals and crises rock the French government. As various players fight for their political, if not mortal, survival, spin doctor Simon Kapita (Bruno Wolkowitch) grows increasingly disillusioned by what he sees as the quest for and manipulative use of power at any cost. Regardless, life within and aspirations for the Elysée Palace continue…


Tatort: Lindholm: Season 2 (Germany)

In this crime drama’s new season opener, detective and single mother Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwängler, Commissario Brunetti) is transferred to Göttingen, where she and her new partner, Anaïs Schmitz (Florence Kasumba, Deutschland 89), investigate the birth of a baby to a teen girl on school grounds and the disappearance of both the mother and the newborn. (Video is from Season 1)

Voiceless (Bella da morire) (Italy)

Cristiana Capotondi (The Ignorant Angels) stars in this mystery-crime drama as Eva Cantini, a police inspector who returns to her hometown to support her sister, Rachele (Benedetta Cimatti, Inspector Coliandro), a single mother. As soon as Eva starts her new job, she and her colleague, Marco Corvi (Matteo Martari, The Bastards of Pizzofalcone), as well as chief prosecutor Giuditta Doria (Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, Donna Detective), get busy with the case of the mysterious disappearance of an aspiring showgirl.

Voiceless: Cristiana Capotondi as Eva Cantini — Photo © Maria Marin, courtesy of MHz Choice

Wilder: Season 3 (Switzerland)

Set in a remote and picturesque Alpine village, this mystery-crime drama series stars Sarah Spale (Night Train to Lisbon) as Swiss cop Rosa Wilder. In the third season, Wilder investigates the death of a fellow officer, which looks suspiciously like murder. (Video is from Season 2)


Murder by the Lake: Season 3 (Die Toten vom Bodensee) (Germany)

In the new season opener of this cross-border crime drama set around Lake Constance, German homicide inspector Micha Oberländer (Matthias Koeberlin, Charité) and his Austrian partner, Hannah Zeiler (Nora von Waldstätten, The Team), investigate a murder that seems to be connected to a long-forgotten curse. (Video is from Season 2)

The Promise (La Promesse) (France)

Olivier Marchal (The Crimson Rivers) leads the cast of this mystery-crime drama as Police Captain Pierre Castaing, who is in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of 11-year-old Charlotte Meyer during a storm on Boxing Day 1999. Meanwhile, a few hundred kilometers away, Sarah Castaing (Sofia Essaïdi, Kepler(s)), an investigator in the Juvenile Brigade and Pierre’s daughter, is likewise confronted with the disappearance of a young girl — and it involves the same suspect as in Pierre’s case…

The Promise
The Promise: Olivier Marchal as Pierre Castaing — Photo © Marie Etchegoyen / Sortileges Productions / TFI / Les gens / RTBF, courtesy of MHz Choice

UFOs: Season 2 (OVNI(s)) (France)

Set in 1978, this sci-fi comedy series follows Didier Mathure (Melvil Poupaud, Laurence Anyways), a space engineer whose expensive government-funded rocket explodes on takeoff. With his career on the verge of imploding, Didier is given the chance to get back into the good graces of the national space program through a new role: as the head of an eccentric research group tasked with finding scientific explanations for UFO sightings. Then an extraordinary event upsets his certainties and opens the door to a world where nothing is impossible… (Video is from Season 1)

Unless otherwise noted, all of the above shows will stream on MHz Choice in both the US and Canada. All are currently set to premiere / begin streaming on the dates shown above, so mark your calendars! (Just remember that circumstances could cause the scheduling to change at any time and without prior notice.)


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MHz Choice in November 2022: New Euro TV Series Include Mongeville, Enemies, Petra & More