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Netflix has announced A Nearly Normal Family, a Swedish limited drama thriller series based on the novel of the same name.

A Nearly Normal Family
A Nearly Normal Family: (L-R) Lo Kauppi, Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors, Björn Bengtsson — Photo credit: Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann / Netflix

A Nearly Normal Family is based on Mattias Edvardsson’s best-selling novel of the same name, which was lauded by the New York Times Book Review as a “page-turner” and by Booklist as an “intense legal thriller.” Originally published in Sweden, it has sold 550 000 copies across 35 territories worldwide.

In the leading roles of the Swedish limited drama thriller series are Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors, who is making her acting debut as Stella Sandell; Lo Kauppi (Modus, Real Humans) as Ulrika Sandell, Stella’s mother; and Björn Bengtsson (The Last Kingdom, Thicker than Water) as Adam Sandell, Stella’s father.

The Sandell family is a normal family, consisting of Adam, a pastor, Ulrika, a lawyer, and Stella, their 19-year-old daughter. They live a seemingly perfect life in a polished residential suburb outside of Lund. But one day, everything changes when Stella ends up in custody, accused of murder. Her devastated parents don’t know what to do. What has happened? They want to help Stella at any cost, but do they really know their daughter? Or each other?

A Nearly Normal Family will be a production of Jarowskij, directed by Per Hanefjord (Agent Hamilton, Rig 45). The scriptwriters are Anna Platt (The Truth Will Out, Beck) and Hans Jörnlind (The Truth Will Out, Red Election).

Said director Per Hanefjord:

“I am deeply grateful to be the director of this title. Mattias’ novel, the script and the fantastic cast provide the best possible conditions for a strong TV series. From the first encounter with this story, I have appreciated that it really has something at heart. It raises complex issues, offers depth of character and all the while with engaging suspense. I am in awe of the actors and I have that feeling of being part of something big, when new film stars are born.”

Author Mattias Edvardsson, who also serves as an Executive Producer on the series, commented:

“I’m overwhelmed! It is a dream come true to see my book come to life as a Netflix series. The script is very strong and Per Hanefjord is a fantastic director who’s passionate about the story. It has been important to me that it is filmed in Lund, where the book takes place. I also hope that some of the young, incredibly talented actors will get their breakthrough in this series.”

A Nearly Normal Family will launch globally on Netflix in 2023 (date tba). (You can set a reminder for it now on the show’s page at www.netflix.com/anearlynormalfamily.)

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A Nearly Normal Family: Netflix Announces New Swedish Thriller Series