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Netflix announced today its new Norwegian film Royalteen, a young adult romance drama.

Royalteen — Photo courtesy of Netflix

Based on the novel The Heir (Arvingen), the first title in the acclaimed “Royalteen” young adult book series by Randi Fuglehaug and Anne Gunn Halvorsen, the film Royalteen is a love story about living with your mistakes, conquering your fears, and breaking the internet.

It stars Ines Høysæter Asserson (Heirs of the Nights) as Lena, Mathias Storhøi as Prince Kalle, Elli Müller Osborne (Hope) as Margrethe, Filip Bargee Ramberg (The Games) as Arnie, Amalie Sporsheim (Rådebank) as Ingrid, Ina Dajanna Ervik as Tess, Hannah Larsen Walberg as Fanny, Vår Sørensen Grønlie (Home for Christmas) as Astrid, Niels Skåber (Snøfall) as Gunnar, and Carmen Andrea Høilund as Guro.

Written by Ester Grenersen, the film will be directed by Per-Olav Sørensen (Quicksand, Home for Christmas, Nobel) and Emilie Beck (22 July, Wisting), and produced by Janne Hjeltnes (Hotel Cæsar) at The Global Ensemble Drama.

When prince Karl Johan, better known as Kalle amongst friends, and newcomer Lena start to develop warm feelings for each other, Lena is both charmed and skeptical for many reasons. Prince Kalle is a partyer and regularly features in the tabloids and the gossip blogs — one of which was run anonymously by Lena herself until she was exposed. She is painfully aware that dating the future king might put them both in an impossible situation, and she has not told Kalle or anyone else about her even bigger secret — which is also the reason why she moved away from her hometown.

Said director Per-Olav Sørensen:

“We need to create more content for young adults showing love in both authentic, shy, helpless, vulnerable and sensitive ways. With Royalteen we’re hoping to fill some of that gap. This story covers many relevant topics for young people today and together with my directing partner Emilie Beck we hope to tell a contemporary love story filled with humour, vulnerability and passion. This modern Cinderella-story is both fascinating and entertaining.”

Added Claire Willats, Director, International Original Film Nordics:

“I am thrilled to introduce our first YA film from Per-Olav. He has a unique ability to fill his stories with heart and soul and I can’t wait for him and Emilie to work their magic and bring this modern fairy tale to life.”

Royalteen, a Netflix Film, will be release globally in 2022 exclusively on Netflix. You can set a reminder for it now at www.netflix.com/royalteen.


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Royalteen: Netflix Announces New Norwegian Romance Drama Film
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