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Netflix has set the global premiere date for, and released a few details about, Season 2 of its German Original sci-fi thriller Biohackers.

Biohackers 2
Biohackers 2: Luna Wedler as Mia — Photo Credit: Marco Nagel © 2021 Netflix, Inc.

Directed and executive produced by showrunner and head writer Christian Ditter (Turkish for Beginners, Love, Rosie), Biohackers: Season 2, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, July 9, exclusively on Netflix.

Said Christian Ditter:

“The second season of Biohackers will be quite fast-paced and offers a more serious, grown-up look. We are very happy about the great reception of season 1 by the audience and about the fact that we now have the chance to answer open questions. Our intention is to surprise viewers with season 2. We are looking forward to the release on Netflix.”

In Season 1, Mia (Luna Wedler, The Team) is a freshman at the prestigious medical school of Freiburg University. Her interest in revolutionary biohacking technology isn’t purely based in science: She aims to gain the trust of star lecturer Prof. Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz, You Are Wanted), as both women are connected by a dark secret. To learn about the mysterious death of her brother, Mia enters a dangerous world of illegal genetic experiences. When she meets genius biologist Jasper (Adrian Julius Tillmann, SOKO Potsdam) and his roommate, Niklas (Thomas Prenn, 8 Days), Mia is forced to decide between her principles and her feelings, between avenging her family and protecting her new friends.

(Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen Season 1.)

Season 2 opens with a blackout. Months after Mia was abducted, she regains consciousness, but without any recollection of what happened. However, when she discovers a message she wrote to her future self, she comes to realize that her life is in imminent danger if she doesn’t solve the mystery of her own disappearance. In order to do so, she has to team up with Prof. Lorenz, who seems to know more about what’s been going on and apparently is the only person who can help Mia. But can the two women trust each other after everything that’s happened?

Returning cast members include Benno Fürmann (Babylon Berlin), Caro Cult (Babylon Berlin), Jing Xiang (Tatort), and Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer (Niemandsland).

Joining the Season 2 cast is Thomas Kretschmann (Das Boot, Avengers: Age of Ultron).

The six-episode second season is written by head writer Christian Ditter, Miriam Rechel (Passenger 23), and Tanja Bubbel (Morden im Norden), and directed by Christian Ditter and Tim Trachte (Close to the Horizon).

A production of Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion GmbH, Biohackers is executive produced by Jakob Claussen and Uli Putz, along with Christian Ditter and Jake Coburn. The associate producers are Thomas Klimmer and Veronika Ackermann.


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Biohackers: Netflix Sets Global Premiere Date for Season 2 of German Sci-Fi Thriller
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