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Spy City, the new AMC+ Original Cold War spy thriller series starring Dominic Cooper, is set for its exclusive US premiere.

Spy City
Spy City: Dominic Cooper as Fielding Scott — Photo Credit: Dusan Martincek/AMC+

Set in 1961, in the months leading up to the construction of the Berlin Wall, Spy City follows Fielding Scott (Dominic Cooper, Preacher, Fleming), an English spy who is sent to Berlin to find a traitor. This will not be his first trip to the German city, but it might be his last.

Scott had been in Berlin in 1960, when the hand-over of an envelope nearly got him killed. His higher-ups at MI6 didn’t care that his killing his attacker was an act of self-defense, as the man was a British national. A year later, Fielding, since booted from MI6 and demoted to a desk job at the Royal Institute of Military History, is still trying to clear his name.

He gets his chance when he is forced to return to Berlin for another risky assignment — a joint operation with American and French intelligence operatives, centered on a German scientist working for Russia, that specifically requires Scott’s involvement. His colleagues on the “Beethoven” operation include American agent Conrad Greer (Seumas Sargent, Tom of Finland) and French agent Severine Bloch (Romane Portail, Olivia) — both of whom Fielding has known for years. He has history with the scientist, too.

While the professional spies are developing their plans for “Beethoven,” German woman Elisa (Leonie Benesch, Babylon Berlin) is being forced to gather information that could be useful for the Stasi from her job as the secretary to Fielding and his boss at British Security Headquarters in West Berlin, lest her East German boyfriend be sent back to prison.

But the “Beethoven” operation goes sideways, and Scott is sent back to Berlin once again, this time to find out who leaked the information and then to eliminate the traitor. Meanwhile, many in Fielding’s orbit in Berlin want something outside the ordinary and are willing to do what needs must — from blackmail to murder — to get it. And he is no exception.

Created and written by William Boyd (Restless, Any Human Heart), the six-episode series costars Tonio Arango (We Children from Bahnhof Zoo) as Stasi officer Froben; Tom Ashley (Pennyworth) as British intelligence agent George Brotherton; Brian Caspe (Knightfall) as CIA agent Torrance Dunn; Adrian Lukis (X Company) as Aldous Petrie, Scott’s boss; Ben Munchow (Das Boot) as Reinhart, Eliza’s boyfriend; Constantin von Jascheroff (Dogs of Berlin) as West German detective Hempel; Johanna Wokalek (Redemption Road) as East German photographer Ulrike Faber; and Mark Zak (Maximilian) as KGB officer Kovrin.

Spy City, an AMC+ Original series, premieres exclusively in the US tomorrow, Thursday, April 15, on AMC+, the SVOD streaming bundle available on various digital providers, including Prime Video Channels. New episodes will debut weekly through May 20.


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Spy City: English-Language German Spy Thriller Set for Exclusive US Premiere
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