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MHz Choice announced today its slate of Euro TV programs for May 2021, which includes the US and Canada premieres of three dramas from Germany and one from Spain.

MHz Choice May 2021
August Diehl in ‘Bauhaus: A New Era’ and Lina Wendel in ‘The Fox’ — Photos courtesy of MHz Choice

MHz Choice is launching four Euro TV titles in the US and Canada in May 2021, including the 2020 New York Festivals Gold Medal Winner Bauhaus: A New Era and Hierro, the 2020 Feroz Award winner for Best Drama. Other premieres include the German crime dramas The Fox and Charlotte Link.

Each series premiere will be accompanied by Mhz Choice’s release of a French telefilm in its ongoing “Movie of the Week” series.

Bauhaus: A New Era (Die Neue Zeit) (Germany)

Set in 1919 after the end of World War I, this historical drama tells the story of the early days of Bauhaus, the German school of art that would shape the 20th century like no other. Amongst the students flocking to Bauhaus — a breeding ground for modernity, jazz, innovative architecture, and feminism (not to mention love and betrayal) — is a young woman, Doerte Helm (Anna Maria Mühe, Dogs of Berlin). She follows the call after hearing architect Walter Gropius (August Diehl, Perfume), the founder of Bauhaus, give his first speech about it. As she becomes a student and part of the movement that challenges both artistic conceptions and societal structures, she and Walter fall in love while fighting for the school that conservative forces threaten to dissolve.

Costarring Trine Dyrholm (The Legacy), Valerie Pachner (The Ground Beneath My Feet), and Ludwig Trepte (1864), Bauhaus: A New Era premieres in the US and Canada on May 4.

Hierro: Season 1 (Spain-France)

In this mystery-crime thriller, judge Candela Montes (Candela Peña, Torremolinos 73) is transferred to El Hierro, the smallest and most remote of the Canary Islands, where she investigates the death of a young man who was murdered the day before his wedding. Locals in the small island community think the killer is Diaz (Darío Grandinetti, Rojo), a rich and rather shady businessman and the father of the bride. Both Candela and Díaz share the same goal — to find the real killer — but for different reasons: hers, to deliver justice; his, to prove his innocence.

Costarring Kimberley Tell (45 rpm), Yaiza Guimaré (Elite), Vicente Ayala (The Minions of Midas), and Juan Carlos Vellido (Someone Has to Die), Hierro premieres in the US and Canada on May 11.

The Fox (Die Füchsin) (Germany)

Set in in Düsseldorf, this crime drama follows the investigations of private detectives Anne Marie Fuchs (Lina Wendel, Silvi), a 50-something woman with a painful past as a Stasi spy, and her business partner, Youssef El Kilali (Karim Cherif, Turkish for Beginners), an import/export trader with useful connections who fancies himself the next Sherlock Holmes. They team up after Anne Marie offers to help Youssef’s wife, café owner Simone Papst (Jasmin Schwiers,Wilsberg), whose brother disappeared at the same time that his best friend was found murdered. Meanwhile, Anne Marie’s former boss in the GDR, Olaf Ruhleben (Torsten Michaelis, We Children from Bahnhof Zoo), is trying to recruit her to work for his security company.

Costarring Robert Dölle (Babylon Berlin) and Florian Bartholomäi (Deutschland 83), The Fox premieres in the US and Canada on May 18.

Charlotte Link (Germany)

This trilogy of crime dramas is based on the novels by acclaimed German author Charlotte Link. In the first episode, “Cheated” (“Die Betrogene”), Scotland Yard detective Kate Linville (Peri Baumeister, The Heavy Water War) organizes the funeral of her father, a retired police chief who was murdered, and launches her own investigation into his killing. Local police chief Caleb Hale (Dirk Borchardt, Rivals Forever) doesn’t seem to be making much progress on the case until his assistant determines that Denis Shove (Daniel Sträßer, Charité), a violent, psychopathic criminal, is the prime suspect. Now the police are in a race against the clock to find Denis, lest there be more victims.

Charlotte Link
Charlotte Link — Image courtesy of MHz Choice

Charlotte Link premieres in the US and Canada on May 25.

Here is the full May 2021 schedule, with titles being available for streaming on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon Channels, on the dates shown below.

  • May 4 — Bauhaus: A New Era (Die Neue Zeit) (Germany)
  • May 4 — Movie of the Week: Thirst for Life (La soif de vivre) (France)
  • May 11 — Hierro (Spain)
  • May 11 — Movie of the Week: A Smell of Blood (Un parfum de sang) (France)
  • May 18 — The Fox (Germany)
  • May 18 — Movie of the Week: Unveiled (Dévoilées) (Switzerland-France)
  • May 25 — Charlotte Link (Germany)
  • May 25 — Movie of the Week: One Thing at a Time (L’affaire de Maître Lefort) (France)


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