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Netflix has released a teaser for Ferry, the prequel film about Ferry Bouman, the drug lord in the hit series Undercover.

Undercover Frank Lammers
Frank Lammers as Ferry Bouman in Undercover — Photo by Jo Voets, courtesy of Netflix

In the Dutch-Flemish crime drama series Undercover, Frank Lammers (Floodland, The Swell) stars as Ferry Bouman, the largest producer of the drug ecstasy in the Netherlands and Belgium. Elise Schaap (I.M., Familie Kruys) costars as Ferry’s wife, Danielle.

Both actors reprise their roles for Ferry, which finds Ferry Bouman working in Amsterdam in 2006 for his mentor, Ralph Brink, a powerful criminal and drug lord. One day the gang is brutally attacked and Ralph’s son is severely injured. When all leads point to a group of campers in Brabant, Ferry is sent there to find the attackers — returning to his beloved Brabant, from which he had fled many years before.

The difficult reunion with his estranged family, the return to the camper life he had forsaken, and the meeting with his charming neighbor, Danielle, all gradually get under Ferry’s skin. And his journey will lead to unexpected outcomes and put Ferry’s loyalty to the test.

Ferry, a Netflix Film, will be released globally, exclusively on Netflix (date tba). (You can set a reminder for it now on the film’s Netflix page.)

Stay tuned for updates.


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Ferry: Netflix Drops Teaser for Prequel Film About ‘Undercover’ Drug Lord
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