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Netflix has announced that production is set to start on the second season of Valeria, its Original dramedy from Spain.

Valeria S2
Valeria — Photo: Netflix

Based on the popular “Valeria” novels by Elísabet Benavent, the new season of this contemporary dramedy series is set to begin filming in Madrid.

Returning cast members include Diana Gómez (45 rpm, I Know Who You Are) as struggling writer Valeria; Silma López (Cosas de la vida, Private Sales) as Lola, Paula Malia (The Neighbor, If I Hadn’t Met You) as Carmen, and Teresa Riott (Barcelona Summer Night, Cuéntame) as Nerea, Valeria’s best friends; Maxi Iglesias (Velvet, Ingobernable) as the flirty Victor; and Ibrahim Al Shami (El secreto de puente viejo) as Adrián, Valeria’s husband.

In Season 2, Valeria must face a decision that could mark her future as a writer: either hide behind a pseudonym and finally make a living from her chosen profession, or renounce the publication of her novel and continue squeezing herself through the inexhaustible world of junk contracts. The rest of Valeria’s life continues to have highs and lows, but she is fortunate in that she has the support of the three pillars of her life: her crazy friends Lola, Carmen and Nerea, who concurrently go through crucial moments in their own lives.

(Trailer is for Season 1)

Season 1 of Valeria, a Netflix Original series, is currently available for streaming globally exclusively on Netflix.

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Valeria: Production to Begin on Season 2 of Spanish Dramedy
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