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There will be more murder, mayhem, and mystery aboard the Bárbara de Braganza when Spanish period mystery drama High Seas returns with its third season.

High Seas S3
High Seas — Photo by Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

Featuring new intrigues, new characters, and new mysteries, the third season of High Seas (Alta mar) will launch globally on Netflix on Friday, August 7th.

After a year and a half in Argentina, the good ship Bárbara de Braganza reunites the Villanueva sisters on a journey that will take them from Buenos Aires to Veracruz.

Both have changed. Carolina (Alejandra Onieva, El secreto de Puente Viejo) owns another ship, and Eva (Ivana Baquero, Pan’s Labyrinth) is keeping secret a mission that she will carry out with Fabio, a Brazilian spy who wants to stop the scientist traveling aboard with a powerful lethal weapon. One that others want to get their hands on. Even kill for it…

Returning to the series are Jon Kortajarena (Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga), José Sacristán (Velvet), Eloy Azorín (Grand Hotel), Begoña Vargas (Paquita Salas), and Eduardo Blanco (Cannibals).

Joining the cast of the six-episode new season are Marco Pigossi (Tidelands) and Nicolás Francella (Las Estrellas), whose characters will be essential to solving the new mystery.



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High Seas: Netflix Sets Premiere Date for Season 3 of Spanish Mystery Series
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