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Netflix announced today the period drama Dirty Lines, its latest Original series from the Netherlands.


Inspired by the book 06-Cowboys by Fred Saueressig, Dirty Lines is about the rise of erotic phone lines in the late 1980s.

The story follows Frank Stigter, a young businessman whose attempts to start his own business have been unsuccessful — until he launches one using the newly-introduced premium-rate numbers from PTT, the national telephone company. With help from his brother and sister and some dubious investors, Frank starts the first telecom sex company in Europe, which begins as a clumsy improvised experiment in their parents’ garage and quickly develops into a multi-million dollar industry.

Set at the end of the Cold War, the series inspires a young generation to shake off the doomsday thinking of the ’80s and to focus instead on how to celebrate life to its fullest. Amsterdam becomes the center of this cultural revolution with house music, a radical new genre, and ecstasy (or XTC), a new so-called love drug. The erotic phone lines offer callers the chance to experience anonymous sex in a new way — changing the morality of the consumers and of the people creating the experience, both of whom are looking for new ways to express their hidden erotic fantasies.

Dirty Lines is produced by Amsterdam-based production company Fiction Valley and written by Pieter Bart Korthuis (Black Widow), who said:

Dirty Lines gives you a glimpse into the late 80s when the Netherlands underwent huge changes. The rise of the club scene in Amsterdam with its fast money and inevitable darker underbelly provides the perfect backdrop for a show that grapples with sexuality and power.”

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Dirty Lines: Netflix Announces New Dutch Original Series
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