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Swedish crime thriller Modus will be returning to PBS stations with its second season starting next week.

Modus S2
Modus — Image courtesy of Walter Presents

The first season of Modus was the first Euro TV series from Walter Presents that was broadcast on PBS stations as well as streamed on PBS Passport.

Roughly a year later, Modus: Season 2 is set to make its broadcast debut in the US on PBS stations.

Loosely based on the “Vik/Stubo” crime novels by Norwegian author Anne Holt, the second season of this Swedish thriller series finds psychological profiler Inger Johanne Vik (Melinda Kinnaman, The Bridge, The Eagle) happily pregnant and living with her partner, Detective Ingvar Nyman (Henrik Norlén, Johan Falk, The Fourth Man).

But their world gets turned upside down after newly-elected American President Helen Tyler (Kim Cattrall, Sex and the City), while making a State Visit to Sweden, disappears soon after arriving in Stockholm. She has been kidnapped, and the carefully conceived and meticulously executed nature of the abduction points to an inside job.

As part of the Swedish Police’s efforts to find the President, Ingvar is assigned as the special FBI liaison officer to work alongside Warren Schifford (Greg Wise, The Crown), Special Advisor to the President. Schifford is no stranger to Inger Johanne. Quite the opposite. They know each other from her time with the FBI in Washington, and their reunion is not a happy one for Inger Johanne at all. Worse yet, he requests that she join the investigation.

Little do the FBI and Swedish Police know they are up against an enemy far more powerful than they can imagine. The conflict will draw them into a global network of terrorists, and Inger Johanne will cross paths with Madame President, causing dark secrets from their past — ones that both women thought were buried and long forgotten — to re-surface.

Returning cast members include Simon J. Berger (Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves), Annika Hallin (The Truth Will Out), and Gerhard Hoberstorfer (Jordskott).

Season 2 features Billy Campbell (Cardinal), Samuel Fröler (Rebecka Martinsson), Paprika Steen (Below the Surface), and Anja Lundqvist (Honour).

Modus: Season 2 airs on PBS stations starting Thursday, February 13. (Check your local listings or contact the station that serves your area for broadcast dates and times.) It will also be available for streaming on PBS Passport.

If you need to catch up on Season 1, it is currently available for streaming on PBS Passport and the PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon, as well as on the Walter Presents digital channels.


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Modus: Season 2 of Swedish Crime Thriller Set to Air on PBS Stations
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