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Work in the diplomatic corps can be demanding and rewarding, and in some cases dangerous if not actually deadly. Welcome to the world of The Diplomat.

The Diplomat
The Diplomat: Natalia Wörner as Karla Lorenz — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

The Diplomat (Die Diplomatin) stars Natalia Wörner (Berlin Station, Line of Separation) as Karla “Charlie” Lorenz, a diplomat with the Federal Foreign Office who travels all over the world to help German citizens in emergency situations.

Lorenz had been Germany’s ambassador to Bahrain, but she was yanked from the post after her actions — worthy as they were — resulted in a political crisis between the two countries. Now senior officials don’t trust her, but Thomas Eick (Thomas Sarbacher, Unsolved), her boss at the Foreign Office in Berlin, does.

It is Eick who sends Lorenz on her first special assignment — to the Philippines, where two German men went missing more than a week ago. Government and military officials in Berlin are concerned that the men were taken hostage, and that another civil war in the Philippines could erupt as a result.

But it isn’t her job to find out who might have taken the men or why they would be held captive. Lorenz is tasked solely with bringing the men home, and she’s perfect for the job, as she knows the country and has contacts there.

However, her contacts won’t help. Neither will the German ambassador. What assistance Lorenz receives comes from Nikolaus Tanz (Jannik Schümann, Charité), the young consulate secretary, as well as a surprise source.

Then the question becomes, will Lorenz be able to find and get the two men safely back to Germany while preventing any possible bloodshed from occurring?

Costars in the first episode include Rolf Kanies (Einstein), Corinna Kirchhoff (Flemming), Susanna Simon (Wilsberg), Udo Wachtveitl (Tatort: Munich), and Anian Zollner (Wilsberg).

In the second of three episodes, Lorenz is overseeing a security exercise at the embassy in Tunis when armed terrorists storm the complex, and Eick is sent from Berlin to negotiate the safe release of the hostages. And the final episode finds Lorenz, now ambassador to the Czech Republic in Prague, offering to protect an American soldier who has deserted.

The Diplomat premieres in the US tomorrow, Tuesday, December 10, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.


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The Diplomat: Tense German Thriller Set to Debut in the US
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