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If you’re in North America, you could have streaming access to 140+ Euro TV seasons and telefilms — on demand without costs or ads attached — with hoopla digital.

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hoopla digital is the bomb diggity for free Euro TV in North America.

A service of Midwest Tape, hoopla partners with public libraries across the US and Canada — more than 1,600 as of this writing — and provides free online and mobile access to thousands of movies, TV shows, music, ebooks, audiobooks, and comics to their patrons.

Folks with a valid library card at a participating library can borrow, instantly stream, and download loads of dynamic content — including literally hundreds of hours of Euro TV, gratis and sans ads.

Here are most of the Euro TV titles that are currently available on hoopla digital:

  1. The Accident (L’accident) (France)
  2. Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games: Season 1 (Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie) (France)
  3. Agatha Christie’s Family Murder Party (Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie) (France)
  4. Anno 1790 (Sweden)
  5. Arabian Nights (As Mil e Uma Noites) (Portugal)
  6. Arne Dahl: Season 1 (Sweden)
  7. Baantjer Mysteries: Seasons 1-4 (Netherlands)
  8. Blood of the Vine: Seasons 1-2 (Le sang de la vigne) (France)
  9. Blue Eyes (Blå ögon) (Sweden)
  10. Borgen: Seasons 1-3 (Denmark)
  11. Braquo: Seasons 1-2 (France)
  12. The Bridge: Seasons 1-3 (Bron/Broen) (Sweden/Denmark)
  13. Burning Bush (Horící ker) (Czech Republic)
  14. Caïn: Seasons 1-2 (France)
  15. Camilla Lackberg: Season 1 (Sweden)
  16. Camilla Lackberg’s Fjällbacka Murders: Season 1 (Fjällbackamorden) (Sweden)
  17. Charterhouse of Parma (La Chartreuse de Parme) (Italy, shown in French)
  18. Codename Hunter: Seasons 1-2 (Kodenavn Hunter) (Norway)
  19. Crime Scene Cleaner: Seasons 1-2 (Der tatortreiniger) (Germany)
  20. Crime Stories (Verbrechen) (Germany)
  21. Crimes of Passion (Sweden)
  22. Detective De Luca (Il commissario De Luca) (Italy)
  23. Detective Montalbano (Il commissario Montalbano) (Italy)
  24. Detectives: Season 1 (France)
  25. Donna Leon’s Brunetti Mysteries: Season 1 (Commissario Brunetti) (Germany)
  26. The Eagle: Seasons 1-3 (Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé) (Denmark)
  27. Enemy’s Enemy (Fiendens fiende) (Sweden)
  28. Fantomas (France)
  29. Fog and Crimes: Seasons 1-3 (Nebbie e delitti) (Italy)
  30. A French Village: Seasons 1-7 (Un village français) (France)
  31. Georges Simenon Mysteries (France)
  32. Guilty as Charged (Main courante) (France)
  33. The Half Brother (Halvbroren) (Norway)
  34. The Heavy Water War (Kampen om tungtvannet) (Norway)
  35. Henning Mankell: Homo narrans (Sweden)
  36. Hooked (Koukussa) (Finland)
  37. I Love You 2 (J’ai 2 Amours) (France)
  38. In the Face of Crime (Im angesicht des verbrechens) (Germany)
  39. The Inspector and the Sea: Seasons 1-2 (Der Kommissar und das Meer) (Germany)
  40. Inspector Nardone (Il commissario Nardone) (Italy)
  41. Inspector Rex: Season 1 (Kommissar Rex) (Austria)
  42. Inspector Winter (Kommissarie Winter) (Sweden)
  43. Johan Falk: Season 1 (Sweden)
  44. Johan Falk Trilogy (Sweden)
  45. Kaboul Kitchen: Seasons 1-2 (France)
  46. Ken Follett’s Dangerous Fortune (Die Pfeiler der Macht) (Germany)
  47. Legacy: Season 1 (Arvingerne) (Denmark)
  48. The Little Murders of Agatha Christie (Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie) (France)
  49. The Limit (Raja) (Finland)
  50. Lulu the Bankrobber’s Wife (Lulu & Leon) (Denmark)
  51. Magellan: Seasons 1-2 (France)
  52. Maigret: Season 1-9 (France)
  53. Maison Close: Seasons 1-2 (France)
  54. Mammon: Season 1 (Norway)
  55. Mamon (Czech Republic)
  56. Maria Wern: Season 1 (Sweden)
  57. Marie’s Mind for Murder (Marie Brand) (Germany)
  58. Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries (France)
  59. Miss Sophie’s Instinct (Sophie – Schlauer als die Polizei erlaubt) (Germany)
  60. Murders at Barlume: Season 1 (I delitti del BarLume) (Italy)
  61. Nero Wolfe: Season 1 (Italy)
  62. Nicolas Le Floch: Season 1 (France)
  63. The Norden (Tiden kommer att visa att ni har fel) (Norway)
  64. Paris (France)
  65. The Passenger (Le passager) (France)
  66. Private Eye Vares: Season 1 (Vares – yksityisetsivä) (Finland)
  67. The Queen and the Cardinal (La reine et le cardinal) (France)
  68. Rebecka Martinsson: Season 1 (Sweden)
  69. Salamander: Season 1 (Belgium)
  70. The Scent of Rain in the Balkans (Miris kise na Balkanu) (Serbia)
  71. Second Chance (Toisen kanssa) (Finland)
  72. Sophia (Sofiya) (Russia)
  73. Spiral: Seasons 1-5 (Engrenages) (France)
  74. Tellus* (Finland)
  75. Ten (10) (Switzerland, shown in French)
  76. The Tunnel: Season 1 (France/UK)
  77. Turkish for Beginners: Seasons 1-3 (Türkisch für Anfänger) (Germany)
  78. Umbre (Romania)
  79. Undercover: Seasons 1-4 (Pod prikritie) (Bulgaria)
  80. The Undertaker: Seasons 1-4 (Der Bestatter) (Switzerland, shown in German)
  81. Unit One: Seasons 1-3 (Rejseholdet) (Denmark)
  82. Van Veeteren: Season 1 (Sweden)
  83. Vanga* (Russia/Ukraine)
  84. Vendetta (Sweden)
  85. Wallander: The Original Episodes (Sweden)
  86. Wallander: Seasons 2-3 (Sweden)
  87. The Weissensee Saga: Seasons 1-3 (Germany)
  88. The Young Montalbano: Seasons 1-2 (Il giovane Montalbano) (Italy)

(You’ll notice that, with the exception of a couple titles — the ones with a red asterisk in the above list, which to my knowledge are exclusive to hoopla digital in the US — the majority of these shows had their stateside premieres on MHz Networks or MHz Choice.)

So, how do you get hoopla digital? As mentioned above, you need a valid library card at a library that offers hoopla, then a hoopla digital account, which is also free. Once you have both, accessing content is as simple as visiting hoopladigital.com, downloading and installing the hoopla mobile app for Android or iOS devices, or firing up hoopla on Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, or Chromecast.

hoopla gets new titles on a weekly basis. When you find a Euro TV title that you’d like to watch, best to check it out as soon as you can, as availability can be for a limited time only.

By the way, if you’re also a fan of British TV and Down Under TV shows, hoopla digital has a large selection of titles from Acorn TV and PBS, too.

Visit hoopla digital for more information and to get started with the service.


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