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In addition to one of our favorite detective duos investigating more crimes, new series from Austria and Germany feature Sigmund Freud and another French village with Germans.

Tatort: Cologne
Tatort: Cologne: Dietmar Bär as Freddy Schenk & Klaus J. Behrendt as Max Ballauf in the TV movie “Familien” (“Families”) for ARD — Photo © WDR / Thomas Kost, courtesy of Bavaria Fiction


This period crime thriller is the first Austrian Netflix Original series.

Set in 1886 Vienna, the narrative follows young psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who, after meeting war veteran and policeman László Kiss and notorious medium Fleur Salomé, unwittingly becomes part of a nerve-racking investigation into a murderous conspiracy — all while his revolutionary theories are being met with strong opposition from colleagues and the broader Austrian society.

Freud, a co-production of Satel Film and Bavaria Fiction for Austria’s ORF and Netflix, will blend a period setting with a contemporary style in a a modern, sexy, and suspenseful take on the life of the celebrated doctor.

With casting currently underway, the eight-episode series is expected to begin production this fall with Marvin Kren (4 Blocks) directing. Kren is also co-writing the drama with Stefan Brunner (Vienna Crime Squad) and Benjamin Hessler (4 Blocks). The Executive Producers on Freud are Heinrich Ambrosch (Vienna Crime Squad) for Satel Film and Moritz Polter (Das Boot) for Bavaria Fiction.

Stay tuned for updates about when Freud will debut in the US.

Germanized (aka Deutsch-Les-Landes)

This German- and French-language comedy series tells the story of Jiscalosse, an idyllic village in southwestern France with a small community of 1,800 locals. The village is on the brink of financial ruin, thanks to Madame the Mayor, and she is desperate for money to save both her town and her reputation (bien sûr). So when an opportunity presents itself in the form of an eccentric German CEO of a Bavarian automobile design company, Madame the Mayor sells out. Literally. Now the historical French properties all over the village belong to a thriving German company.

The French villagers begrudge the German employees, who begrudge their CEO and only moved to the French countryside to keep their jobs. And while the French enjoy hosting German tourists during the summer months, they now have an entire company of 200 Germans — 10% of the current population of Jiscalosse —  living in their midst 365 days a year. Mon dieu!

Germanized (aka Deutsch-Les-Landes)
Germanized (aka Deutsch-Les-Landes): (L-R) Marie-Anne Chazel, Sophie Mounicot, Christoph Maria Herbst, Sebastian Schwarz, Sylvie Testud, Jasmin Schwiers, Philippe Lelièvre, and Roxane Duran — Photo © Christophe Brachet, courtesy of Bavaria Fiction

The cast of Germanized / Deutsch-Les-Landes includes Marie-Anne Chazel (Vanished by the Lake), Christoph Maria Herbst (Reformation), Roxane Duran (Witnesses), Sylvie Testud (Maximilian), Sebastian Schwarz (Frau Temme sucht das Glück), Jasmin Schwiers (Stolberg), Sophie Mounicot (Meurtres à Strasbourg), and Philippe Lelièvre (The Bureau).

Denis Dercourt (Lise and Andre) and Annette Ernst (Kiss and Run) direct the ten-episode series written by Alexandre Charlot (Welcome to the Sticks), Franck Magnier (Welcome to the South), Thomas Rogel (Heute Show), and Peter Güde (Falk). The Executive Producers are Moritz Polter (Arctic Circle), Oliver Vogel (SOKO Stuttgart), Peter Güde (SOKO Köln), and Sandra Ouaiss.

Amazon has partnered with Bavaria Fiction, Deutsche Telekom, and Newen Group’s Telfrance on the series — titled Germanized in Germany and Deutsch-Les-Landes in France. This is Amazon’s first Prime Original series in France, which will also stream on Prime Video in Belgium. (It is also the first original series for Deutsche Telekom, the German telecommunications giant.)

The series is expected to debut locally on Deutsche Telekom’s EntertainTV and Prime Video toward the end of 2018. What’s unknown at this time is whether Germanized / Deutsch-Les-Landes will screen in the US on Prime Video, another streaming service, or at all, so stay tuned for updates.

Tatort: Cologne

Two new feature-length episodes of Tatort: Cologne were filmed this past spring in its namesake city, bringing the current total of crime stories featuring investigators Max Ballauf (Klaus J. Behrendt) and Freddy Schenk (Dietmar Bär) to 75!

Tatort Cologne
Tatort: Cologne: Klaus J. Behrendt as Max Ballauf & Dietmar Bär as Freddy Schenk — Photo courtesy of Bavaria Fiction

In “Tiefer Sturz” (“Deep Fall”), the detective duo must determine whether a young man who fled from the police and into the path of a tram was being chased by someone, was in possession of drugs, or had another reason for such panic. It turns out one of the officers at the scene of the incident is an old friend of Schenk from the police academy, and he is confident a black vehicle had been pursuing the victim.

And in “Außer Kontrolle” (“Out of Control”), Ballauf and Schenk are called to a vacant house where one officer has been brutally murdered and his partner is found unconscious. Later a drug addict is killed execution-style at the same house. The investigation reveals the last victim was involved with two others in the earlier attacks, and the case becomes more complicated when another murder occurs, the surviving officer might know more than she’s saying, and the killer has one last target on their hit list.

Both of the new episodes are slated to premiere on ARD in Germany in 2019. It’s too early to say when they will be shown in the US. MHz Choice currently has 34 episodes available for binge-streaming, which means there are 41 more with Max and Freddy to come! Stay tuned for updates.


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Tatort: Cologne & More German-Language Series to Look Forward to Binge-Watching
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