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Walter Presents is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month and giving stateside Euro TV fans three freebies related to the US premiere of Norwegian mystery series The River.

The River (Elven)
The River (Elven): Ingeborg Raustøl as Mia Holt and Espen Reboli Bjerke as Thomas Lønnhøiden — Photo courtesy of Walter Presents

Walter Presents invites you to join in its first anniversary celebration by offering three ways, all gratis, to watch the US premiere of the Scandinoir crime drama series The River (Elven).

The first is the free sneak-peek live stream of The River‘s first episode on the Walter Presents Facebook page. This happens tomorrow, March 14, from 8 PM EDT until 3 AM on March 15 — giving you seven hours to watch the 42-minute episode.

The second is the free one-week access, from March 15 through March 22, to the first episode of The River on Walter Presents proper, including the streaming service’s website and its supported mobile apps and streaming platforms.

The third is the free 30-day access to Walter Presents, which allows first-time subscribers to (binge) watch all eight episodes of The River as well as all the other international programs currently available on the streaming service.  To take advantage of this offer, valid through March 31, 2018, use the code THERIVER during the sign-up process.

The River (Elven)
The River (Elven) — Photo courtesy of Walter Presents

As for the series, The River (Elven) is a layered murder mystery-crime drama series based on actual events. It is set in and around the small village of Djupelv, located in the far north of Norway near the border with Russia.

Everyone knows everyone in Djupelv, except Thomas Lønnhøiden (Espen Reboli Bjerke, Mammon, The Heavy Water War/The Saboteurs, Eyewitness) — a cop relocated to this tight-knit community from Oslo, who’s described by one local as “the perpetual outsider.”

But Thomas’ status as such is a lesser reason as to why villagers, including his fellow officers and military personnel from the nearby army facility, stonewall him in his investigation of the sudden disappearance of Silja, a ten-year-old girl who earlier in the day had found a severed human hand by the edge of the river near her home. Rather, the driving force for these people is ensuring that the truth about their past remains a secret.

Their efforts are complicated when Silja’s lifeless body is discovered on army property, close to where Sergeant Mia Holt (Ingebord Raustøl, Maniac, Hotel Cæsar) had first encountered Thomas and prevented him from going further into the restricted area to search for the girl. Not only that, it seems one of the cabal’s trusted accomplices has gone rogue.

The little that Thomas knows about Silja’s death screams foul play, so even though the investigation is being turned over to the military intelligence service, he continues to search for answers that actually make sense. And what he finds at the end of Episode 2 is shocking.

Shown in Norwegian with English subtitles, the Scandinoir thriller features Dennis Storhøi (Nobel), Ánne Mággá Wigelius (Monster), and Stig Henrik Hoff (Borderliner).

The River premieres in the US its entirety on Thursday, March 15, exclusively on Walter Presents and the Walter Presents channel on Amazon.

Viewers in the UK and Australia will be able to watch The River on Walter Presents in these territories later this year. Stay tuned for updates about the debut dates.


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The River: Free Live Stream of Nordic Noir Crime Drama’s Premiere Episode
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