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More dark, spooky, creepy Scandi series are headed to this side of the fjords thanks to Shudder, including the US premieres of Black Lake and the second season of Jordskott.


International SVOD platform Shudder — currently the US home of French horror-mystery series Beyond the Walls, German mystery-thriller The Valley, and French sci-fi thriller Missions (whose second season is co-produced by Shudder and will debut in 2018) — is where you’ll be able to get more of your spook on later this month and next, starting with…

Black Lake: Season 1 (Svartsjön)

This supernatural-horror-thriller series revolves around the mysterious goings-on at Black Lake, a remote and neglected ski resort near the border of Norway in the north of Sweden.

Johan (Filip Berg, Blue Eyes, Spring Tide) invites his girlfriend Hanne (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, The Bridge, 1864) and a group of their friends to the abandoned resort to do a test run, as it were, as he is thinking of reopening it. Their fun, though, turns frightening when they are plagued by a series of disturbing events. Hanne learns that Black Lake was shuttered after a family was murdered on the property 20 years ago, and now she thinks the place is haunted.

Murders that occur in the present day cause fractures in the friendships and raise the question of who, if not each other, they can trust. Then there’s the question of who will survive…

Black Lake
Black Lake — Poster art courtesy of Shudder

Co-produced by Viaplay, the Nordic region’s leading streaming service, and TV3, the free-TV channel in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, Black Lake features Anna Åström (Viva Hate), Mathilde Norholt (2900 Happiness), Aliette Opheim (Thicker than Water), Philip Oros (Beck), Valter Skarsgård (Arn: The Knight Templar), Victor von Schirach (Arne Dahl), and Odin Waage (Eyewitness).

Production has started on Season 2 of Black Lake, whose eight-part first season gained critical praise and was the most-viewed series on TV3 in 2016.

Black Lake: Season 1 premieres exclusively on Shudder in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, and Austria on Thursday, December 21st.

Jordskott: Season 2

The first season of Jordskott, the award-winning Scandi supernatural mystery-thriller, combined a missing-person investigation with murder and mysticism while the lead character, Detective Eva Thörnblad (Moa Gammel, Irene Huss, Annika Bengtzon, Beck), tried to solve the disappearance of her own daughter seven years earlier.

Season 2 opens two years after the Season 1 events and finds Eva back at work with the police in Stockholm, attempting but failing to put the events she experienced in Silverhöjd behind her. It seems Eva’s past is still haunting her, a sense compounded by her investigation into the discovery of a mutilated corpse floating beneath the ice of a suburban lake.

Like the case in Silverhöjd, this one is also linked to Eva’s past — opening old wounds and forcing her to confront the mythological world she left behind physically but not mentally or emotionally. Not only that, Göran Wass (Göran Ragnerstam, Ängelby, Death of a Pilgrim), the detective from Sweden’s national police who worked on the case in Silverhöjd, joins the Stockholm Police. Meanwhile, Tom Aronsson (Richard Forsgren, Before We Die, Beck) is investigating more mysterious events in Silverhöjd…

Featuring Ana Gil de Melo Nascimento (Gåsmamman), Happy Jankell (The Fjällbacka Murders), Henrik Knutsson (Beck), and Gustav Lindh (Spring Tide), the second season of Jordskott is about to complete its run in the UK on ITV Encore.

Jordskott: Season 2 premieres exclusively on Shudder in the US and Canada on Thursday, January 18th, 2018.


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Shudder to Premiere Scandinavian Noir Thrillers “Black Lake” & “Jordskott: Season 2” in the US
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