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To paraphrase Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, “Quel week.” And with torrential rains all weekend, I plan to stay in and binge-watch the latest season of Witnesses. You?

Witnesses S2 (Les Témoins)
Witnesses: Season 2 (Les Témoins): (L-R) Audrey Fleurot as Catherine Keemer and Marie Dompnier as Sandra Winckler — Image © Cinétévé

I just finished the first episode of Season 2 of Witnesses (Les Témoins) and will resume my viewing shortly. (No spoilers here! lol)

Whereas Thierry Lhermitte (The Dinner Game, The Closet) featured prominently in Season 1, it is Audrey Fleurot (Spiral, A French Village) who costars alongside series lead Marie Dompnier (Caïn, Détectives, The Tunnel) in Season 2.

Dompnier reprises her role as Lieutenant Sandra Winckler of the Lille police force for this eight-part noir crime drama/mystery, in which Sandra investigates another puzzling and disturbing series of murders in northern France.

The first involves “a ghost bus” — a stolen and abandoned bus with the corpses of fifteen men inside. Hearkening to the mise-en-scènes in Season 1, the bodies are posed and dressed in new clothes and shoes, as if going to a formal affair. What’s more, they’re frozen.

Sandra and co’s investigation turns up a link between three of the men at first, and later all of them: Catherine Keemer (Fleurot), a photographer, wife, and mother of two whose husband had reported her missing three years ago.

Now she’s resurfaced, wandering in the city center in a state of confusion and despair and suffering total amnesia — having no recollection of her husband and children, of what happened to her for the past three years, or of the baby she gave birth to six months ago. (Or so she says.) Nor does she know if she killed the fifteen men aboard the bus or not.

Justin is convinced that Catherine is the killer. Sandra, not so much. Soon she has circumstantial evidence of what could be a methodical serial killer, one who’s been playing a long game, on the loose…

Created and written by the team of Hervé Hadmar and Marc Herpoux (Beyond the Walls, Pigalle, la nuit), and featuring Jan Hammenecker (Hotel Beau Séjour) as Sandra’s colleague Justin, Judith Henry (Xanadu) as Police Commissioner Maxime Dubreuil, and Steve Driesen (Section zéro) as Catherine’s husband, Oliver, Witnesses: Season 2 is now streaming in the US exclusively on Netflix.


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Euro TV to Watch: Season 2 of French Noir Crime Drama Witnesses
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