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Two new episodes of Danish crime drama Unit One (Rejseholdet) debut tomorrow evening on MHz Networks, so there are only a couple more days to catch series costar Mads Mikkelson acting alongside older brother Lars in the previous two.

Unit One
Unit One (Rejseholdet), courtesy of MHz Networks

More than a decade before audiences began eating up Mads Mikkelsen as the serial killing cannibal and forensic psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal, and before Lars Mikkelsen made viewers’ skin crawl as the mind-palace nemesis Charles Augustus Magnussen in Sherlock, the brothers costarred together as cop and criminal in Unit One.

Specifically in Episodes 21 and 22 (the fifth and sixth of Series 3), in which Lars (The Killing) portrays Ivan, a skeevy, cocky and hypnotic criminal mastermind, to Mads’ (Casino Royale) Allan Fischer, the ambitious, sensitive, lady’s man of a detective with Denmark’s elite mobile police task force Unit One.

Lars Mikkelsen
Lars Mikkelsen, courtesy of MHz Networks

“Daddy” is found dead on a train in Århus right after being released from prison, and evidence points to Ivan as his killer. When Ivan’s close friend Kåre (Thure Lindhardt, Mads’ costar in Flame and Citron) murders two people and wounds another, Unit One members are sure Ivan was involved, but proving it is proving difficult.

The 2002 International Emmy Award winner for Best Drama, Unit One follows the mobile Unit One team as they assist local police forces across Denmark in investigating cases that require more manpower or expertise. Their Rejseholdet office on wheels is a souped-up tractor trailer.

In addition to Mads Mikkelsen as Unit One’s interrogation lead Allan Fischer, the cast includes Charlotte Fich (Wallander) as unit commander Ingrid Dahl , Lars Brygmann (Borgen) as crime scene specialist Thomas La Cour, Trine Pallesen (The Killing) as reports officer “Gaby” Levin, Waage Sandø (Better Times) as “everything else” cop “I.P.” Sørensen, Erik Wedersøe (The Kingdom) as senior police official Ulf Thomsen, and Lars Bom (Max) as pro footballer turned Rejseholdet driver Johnny Olsen.

Unit One Episodes 21 and 22 are available for streaming (gratis) in the US at the MHz Networks catch-up page through Friday, 27 June 2014. Episodes 23 and 24 debut tomorrow, 26 June, at 9 PM ET on the MHz Worldview channel, which you can also watch live online or on telly with a Roku.

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Mads and Lars Mikkelsen: See Them Together in Unit One
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